1 extreme ch1:Kick star
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Author :flamedragonX
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1 extreme ch1:Kick star

In the city of Mappi the pupils are sitting in the classroom

Teacher: Well this is the last day

The teacher stands

Student 1: Well I am going to the Academy

Pupil 2: No, they will take only the first two

Student 1: The first is Levi?

Student 2: Yes, is there one else can open the gates of transmission?

Student 1: I will be the second

Student 2: strange ambition

Teacher: Is Muhammad delayed again, five minutes left for the end of the day

Levai whispers: That idiot, will not change

At that time in the courtyard of a building under construction Mohammed stands and is surrounded by three young men holding wooden sticks

Youngman 1: We told you that you are not allowed to cross from our area

Young 2: You will regret your coming to our sector

Mohammed: Five minutes left

Muhammad runs towards the first young man and hits him in the face and falls

Mohammed is smiling: Who is next?

The second young man runs towards him and tries to hit him with a stickMohammed takes one step and hits the young man on the back and falls on the first

Third young man: I will finish this

Mohammed: Try me

The young man runs towards Muhammad, and Muhammad pulls him from his hands and pulls him down and hits him with his knees. His teeth are broken and Muhammad leaves him.

The third young man: What?

The young man falls and Muhammad runs towards the school

Mohammed: Two minutes left

After a minute Mohammed enters the school and continues running

in class

Teacher: Well 40 seconds left

All the disciples stand except Levai

Teacher: Why do not you want to go, Livai?

Levai: Not yet, not before he arrives

The door falls on the ground and Muhammad stands on it

Mohamed: Sorry for my delay

Livai: I knew you would arrive

Mohammed: Where is the teacher?

Pupil 1: Stupid

Livai: Yes, it will never change

Muhammad sees the teacher under the door

Teacher: You've reached Muhammad

The teacher loses consciousness and everyone goes

Five minutes later, Mohammed and Levai are walking on their way home

We are now 15 years old. It's been eight years since I came here and we met Levai

Livai: I remember that

Mohammed: We have a lot of memories here

Livai: Let's go home and we'll miss dinner

Mohammed: What is today's dinner?

Livai: Grilled meat on charcoal

Mohammed: In this case ....

Mohammed runs the fastest speed

After 5 minutes in Levai's house, Mohammed enters and stands at the tableLevai sees Mohammed

Mohammed screams: How did you arrive before me?

Livai: You did not say we were racing

Mohammed: Wh?

Mother put food tour levy

levai s mother: men stop fighting

Started eating.

And then walks away in his food Mohamed.

Mohamed: Allah bless bless your hands, my aunt.

Mohamed goes to his room.

levii mother: go, levy

I am going

Within minutes of entering the room livai found Mohamed sitting on his bed mindless.

And why?

Mohamed: I'm fine.

He was sitting next to him.

Levy: 8 years , we became brothers at that time.

Mohamed: Yes great day.

Two hours later, Mohamed levy went to sleep.

But at the same time he dreamed of Mohamed in the orchard and a woman standing in front of him.

Mohamed: Elise

Mohamed begins to cry.

And why?

Elise wiping tears Mohamed

I thought it was gone forever.

Not saying it will stay with you forever.

Mohamed: really?

Alice: Yes

Suddenly, she burned the Grove and then disappeared, Elise

Mohamed becomes instead of black.

Where am I, Levi, Elise?

And see a man who looks like him standing in front of him and like him.

Mohamed: who are you?

This guy is flying towards Mohamed

Mohamed: I feel really really weird.

This person holds Mohamed from his neck.

Person: talk to lanav

Mohamed breathing hard.

Mohamed: I can't hear you.

Someone outside the fog of sitting in front of them.

Mohamed: who are you?

Person: I'm just a servant of fate

Someone sitting there, has qualities of fate?

Fate: who are you?

Mohamed: he was inside me you should know.

Fate: who are you? What is your goal in life? Why live? You can change me?

Mohamed: what do you mean?

Person: burn

Mohamed begins to burn.

Fate: you know the answer, and then you'll know what that means.

He wakes up from the dream, he is sweating.

Mohamed: I'm going for a walk.

Mohamed dressed and out of the House.

An hour later, levy wakes up and sees Mohamed

Levy: are you kidding?

At the same time Mohamed walking city streets Ishtar.

Remember the fate of what Mohamed.

Mohamed: what did he mean?

Mohamed looked to the sky

Mohamed: why live?

At the same time walking the street levy

Levy: midnight, where he goes at this time?

Levy finds a girl sitting on the sidewalk, crying.

He stands in front of her.

Levy: why are you crying?

Girl: mom, we were attacked by someone in the alley.

Go to the alley with her.

Levy: where?

Girl: I don't know.

Hodgeman full of muscle enters the alley.

Cyclops: well done

She goes to another place.

Giant: where is your friend?

levai:i dont know,iam looking for him

muhhamed enters the alley

levai:where have you been?

mohamed:we will disscuss this when we return home.

giant:so,you are the one who counted on my followers this morning mohamed.

Mohamed: you would be happy if I counted on them at night?

Giant: i will give you a lesson in manners.

Mohamed: try, Oh Levi how did he beat you? You are stronger the stronger in city.

Long black gloves like galaxy are shaped in the hands of livai then he destroys the robe then he disappear and Appears next to Muhammad

levai:i wanted to see what will happen.

then muhammed hands burn and a katana sword is formed with the flame.then the two stands back to back.

muhammad:lets show him our power.

levai:yes,lets do it.

After the morning police searched property alley and stands in front of the alley, a Chief Deputy Police zaratas property.

Zaratas: there is no evidence. giant is the son of a nobleman, who would do this to him?

zaratas leaves the location and stands on the bridge, then he looks at the river.

Zartas remembers his childhood days

Zaratas: this bridge, reminds me of the promise I made to my father to become a Chief of police this was before his death.

Zartas feel, large capacity close to him, he looks around.

Mohamed and Levi were on his side and then they go.

Zartas: just two kids.

Zaratas: poor

Two hours later, everyone sitting round for breakfast.

Levi: what will you do after graduating from the Academy?

Mohamed: you first.

Levi: well, I'll look for my other half, and then I'll buy a big house and live with her and mom.

Mohamed smiling: I will become the next King.

Levi: what!?

Mother: those are my children.

The adventure starts

The first chapter is over


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