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Virtual World Peerless White Emperor
Author :Would It Be Possible To Stay
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Chapter 916

The Chrysanthemum Cup

The preparation of war was almost done. Goddess Jam was going to build a temporary fortification around the office in the Ravine of Death. The official fortification would only be built by the army later when they arrived. On the other hand, one of the Glory Entertainment Competition, the Chrysanthemum Cup was about to begin. Frustratedly, ThornyRose was explaining that the competition would be a free fall battleground. Every Chrysanthemum Cup would always be an individual competition as players were not allowed to be forming teams. Meanwhile, the Shadow Cup was either in a battleground mode or a challenge mode, depending on the flip of a coin and getting teamed up with a random teammate would be a usual thing in that competition. However, the Power Cup was only in challenge mode.

“What is a free fall battleground mode?” Lin Le asked.

“A type of mixed battles. Like I mentioned, from the Evolve Island (the first Chrysanthemum Cup’s setting) to the latest ones, they would randomly pick a place to hold a last-man-standing kind of killing game. The previous setting was the Valley of Samurai. It is a super old killing game.” Zhang Zhengxiong immediately understood ThornyRose’s words, “So that means the three of us would be bound to kill each other?”


“Hehe, Brother Lil’White, Brother Lil’Xiong, you guys have to be careful yo…” Lin Le had an evil smile written on his face.

“Hmph, Lele, I’ll show you your Brother Xiong’s escape and kill talent!” Zhang Zhengxiong patted his chest, “Brother, don’t die before you meet me, alright…”

Ye Cang stared at them with crossed arms, “Don’t blame me for being cruel when the time comes…”

It was past 12 midnight. In DiFeng City, the Chrysanthemum Cup had begun. The top 100 players around the world were invited to join this competition and the China region alone had occupied a third of the participation. As the flame dragon swam in the sky, an enormous red crystalized spider chrysanthemum bloomed in the center of the stage. There were flames burning in the Spider Chrysanthemum Cup in the middle of the flower.

“I feel like talking about something but I’m not the emcee…” Zuo Yiyi appeared and shrugged his shoulder. Brother Zhao and Brother Zhong had also made their arrival, “Of course, Big Sis Ariel is taking the stage. We’re just here as special guests... Quick.”

Zuo Yiyi made an ugly face and jogged to her seat. On the guest seats were the most outstanding commentators and artists from different nations. A mature-looking lady in a dark red pleated transformer skirt walked out from the flames. She may be slightly old but she was still beautiful. She was full of confidence, “In the past year, a few shocking incidents have happened in the gaming world. For example, the China region... Originally, I thought Flame Emperor was already a monster but who would have expected that there was another group of real monsters that could bring such a shock to the world. They managed to get up on the world’s biggest stage, succeed in challenging the legendaries and became emperors… Even though I’m half Chinese, I could feel the glory of being one…”

Thunder-roaring claps filled the atmosphere.

“Who is this lady?” Ye Cang asked.

“You don’t know her? She is the famous Dark Red Queen - Ariel from the Flame Dragon in the Hall of Fame. China’s legendary professional player before Flame Emperor got to where he is. Beauty and strength in one. She won four world championships representing Flame Dragon even though it was not a continuous one. She was also one of the few vice presidents with a different surname. She was famous for her courageous attacking style. Most of the purely offensive formations currently in use have copied the Fire Power Rules she used to apply. Well, in short, she is a very strong player. Brother Zhao and Brother Zhong are her hardcore fans. It was the Dark Red Queen’s most glorious times when they debuted as commentators,” ThornyRose rolled her eyes.

“And who are Brother Zhao and Brother Zhong?” Lin Le asked out of nowhere.

ThornyRose stunned for a second. Hey, hey, hey, they have been commentating since your first competition until now. They had also become your hardcore fans. Brother Zhao even had a glow-in-the-dark image of you revealing your elephant on his pyjamas while Brother Zhong had a letter B tattoo on his back. Wow, this is so hurtful. “The two commentators from China…”

“Oh, I know, I know. It’s just that I always forget their names...What are their names again?”

“......” ThornyRose decided to remain silent.

Sitting on the Mahogany chair, CloudDragon mumbled, “Mixed battles…”

LordAsked smirked while shaking his legs. Ji Xiao laughed, “Haha, brother, you are getting nervous…”

LordAsked smacked his head and oppressed him on the ground. “Nervous?! Nervous?! Will anyone say you’re dumb if you just keep your mouth shut?!”

With his eyes closed, FlameEmperor was recalling the battles he had with Ye Cang. This time, I’ll be the last one standing...

In the resting room for the Africa region, a beautiful mixed blood female stared at Ye Cang who was yawning from afar. So, that’s Acting Emperor? An emperor ranked player once again appeared in the China region...

Aota was wiping his samurai sword as he stared at the Chinese players. This time I’ll make you guys pay a heavy price! I, Aota Hikoishi is not someone easy to deal with! Mixed battle is my best!

“Yiyi, can you replace me as the emcee?” Ariel smiled and Zuo Yiyi stared at her with confusion. “Sis Ariel, I don’t want to be flooded by comments from your supporters.”

“I wish to be the 101st participant. Being able to battle with emperor ranked players has always been my dream, even if I only had one chance,” Ariel smiled casually.

The smile opened the doors for Brother Zhao and Brother Zhong to see the beautiful being shining in the sea of flames, beautiful and strong. The dark red color was her signature. Tears started to fill their eyes.

“Hey, what was her reply to you when you wrote her a love letter the last time?” Brother Zhao recalled the moments when the both of them tried to tackle her.

“She said mine was not big enough. You?”

“She said mine was not long enough.”

The two of them exchanged bitter smiles. It was only after that when they knew their goddess was a lesbian and her crush was her greatest rival from The Knights of Round Table, the Blade of Light - Sia.

“Oh Rose, look at her. She is literally the glory of lesbians and you are totally the embarrassment of the industry,” ElegantFragrance sighed.

“I’m not a lesbian…”

“Don’t lie to yourself. Do you still remember what you said to me while touching my butt beside The Green Dragon Pond on Midsummer Night back when we were sophomores in universities?” FrozenBlood asked.

“......” ThornyRose felt like banging her head onto the wall. I could be drunk but why would I say such words? If I was a man, I would.... *cough* *cough* I think I just blurted out some cringy expressions.

ThornyRose did not bat an eyelid. Come to think of it, she was just sick of men looking upon her with disdain and said that she would neither ever fall in love with a man nor marry one for the rest of her life. She felt absolutely disgraced by such disturbing thoughts.

“What did she say?” Ye Cang craned his neck over and FrozenBlood whispered to his ears.

“So, you are such a person...I should have realized earlier…” Ye Cang sighed deeply.

“Brother, what’s it?” Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le came over and Ye Cang whispered to them. “Like this and like that…”

“Ungrateful lady…” Lin Le sneered at her.

“Sigh…” Zhang Zhengxiong patted FrozenBlood’s shoulders, “Cheer up, third sister-in-law…”

“It’s okay. I’ve seen through her way earlier. Thanks for cheering me up, brother-in-law.”

“......” ThornyRose facepalmed. Apart from smiling helplessly, she also had the urge to kill these bastards. My life is totally ruined by these people and also the two fellas at home who picked me from the trash bin.

Zuo Yiyi replaced Ariel as the emcee. The audience witnessed the Dark Red Queen enter the Flame Dragon area and the number of participants on the screen turned from 100 to 101 like numbers on a stock exchange billboard. The flashback moments of this lady battling in the competitions were shown on the screen. A middle-aged European blue lady sat beside her as they held hands. Each of them had a ring crafted with each other’s name on their ring fingers.

“We have known each other for 38 years and spent most of our time killing each other…” Ariel mumbled.

“And I love your beautiful heroic look during battles...and our home,” Sia smiled.

“I remember that it was here where you scolded me ‘bitch’ for the very first time…”

“Yeap, who asked you to be so annoying, Dark Red…”

“You have no rights to say that. Think of what you did back in the Shadow Cup…”

The two of them could not resist a smile at each other.


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