This is a Story
1 What will you do when the world ends?
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This is a Story
Author :Tethien
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1 What will you do when the world ends?

Qu Yan was like any other MC in novels, he had a tragic backstory, betrayed, his family was killed, his lover was killed in front of him, but none of that matters now, he overcame all of that but he... he... he was bored.

Very bored, he did what every MC did, became the strongest, and now he had nothing to do, he had no lover, no family, no responsibility but he could not die. His power was so strong that he literally could not die and it was a very frustrating thing for him.

Qu Yan was meditating under a bonsai tree, he had to live, so why not enjoy it peacefully? He sat under that tree for trillions upon trillions of years and he was never awoken, he was just in a dream like state reliving his memories.

He meditated until the universe died of heat death and the bonsai tree over him died but he was still there.

So what did he do when the world ended? He did nothing, he just sat there, he sat there for another couple trillion years until another universe was born.

In the complete darkness that Qu Yan was in, 2 beings appeared, they were both female babies.

The one on the left was universe shattering beauty with black hair, the one on the right was as beautiful as the one on the left but with whit hair.

The thing about these babies where that they did not cry, no they were very intelligent. Since they made no noise and Qu Yan was in a deep sleep, he did not wake up and the two girls grew up silently next to him.

Since they had almost universal intelligence, they knew that Qu Yan was something like a father, they did not know why he was sleeping but they did not disturb him.

They went on like that for around 500 billion years and they were getting bored, so they created some planets to watch.

The commotion of creating those planets woke up Qu Yan, when he slowly opened his eyes he saw to beauties looking around 14 years old waving their arms around gathering primordial chaos to create a planet.

"Who are you?" He asked in a calm voice, even though he did not know what was going on, the time he spent alive matured him to the point where almost nothing could faze him.

"We are your daughters!" The two girls said in unison with their cute voices, the one with white hair was more lively while the one with black hair was more mature.

He may be calm during most situations but what they said stunned him, when did he get daughters? And such beautiful ones at that?


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