The way to godhood
3 Sword wielder sec
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The way to godhood
Author :Zhongshan
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3 Sword wielder sec

as they were talking, a commotion aroused in the restaurant, upon hearing this, Gabriel looked behind him and he saw there was a noble fighting over a table.

he had heard from Lucan that it was common occurrence here, noble people picked a fight over commoners.

he thought it was not as common to fight over that, and found it really amusing to see it happening in front of him.

after watching the noble fighting the commoner for a few seconds he was already bored.

it was such cliche where the strong and Noble bully the weak and commoner.

with a turn of his hand, a strong wind came blowing the noble who was swept away with no chances of struggle as if he was a leave in the rain.

everyone was shocked as No one saw where the wind came from and what happened, they were sure it was someone who did it, cause it was not usual to see such a strong wind in this city.

it was hard to imagine that such a wind would come just now when the noble was bullying the commoner.

as people were coming and going to see what happened, Gabriel saw a person coming from the sky, the person was very beautiful and majestic it made him feel as if a real goddess was in front of him.

It was not enough to use beautiful as this person was really out of this world, he was really envious of such a beauty.

he was flabbergasted about this person who was in the 7th realm 8th stage, it was really weird to have such a strong and beautiful person in this place.

his chest started to fill with vigor as his body reacted in way that made him feel ashamed of himself.

he looked away to distract fom such thoughts that would not make him any good if he couldn't even touch her.

it wasn't because he was weak but because he would go against his moral if he forced a woman onto his bed.

the woman who was flying crashed onto the ground and hole was left behind by her on the ground.

getting in the restaurant and picking a seat she ordered food to the waiter who was waiting at the side.

Gabriel sighed softly in relief as he wasn't into a fight, for a moment he thought she was the nobles boy's protector.

lucky he was wrong or else he wouldn't be able to keep low profile as he had planned but if worse came to worse he could just have ran away from this place.

he was now eating a large piece of beef he asked for the waiter earlier, the beef was one of the most delicious he had eaten so far in his life and it was probably because the wild boar had Qi in its body.

Lucan who hadn't eaten yet was salivating looking at the beautiful girl and wasn't paying attention to anything else around him.

the girl who seemed to take notice of his perverted look showed a disgusted expression as if looking at a trash.

at this moment nearly everyone had forgotten about the young noble who was swept by the wind before as he had already disappeared from the sight of everyone.

Lucan was in front of Gabriel and the beauty was at a table behind him, so Gabriel didn't see her much, but the way Lucan was looking he was sure that the more a person looked at her the more they would find her beautiful.

with a click of his fingers he "woken Lucan up"

Lucan looked at him in a trance, he was feeling akward as if he had slept for a long while, waking up from a good dream.

he blushed and looked down feeling ashamed, he didn't know what Gabriel had done or whether he had done something or not, but he was sure he was doing shameful things, or so he thought.

Gabriel stood to his feet and went to pay the bills he had taken from Lucan, he went past the beautiful girl who looked at him before continuing to eat, but with slight blush on her cheeks

after leaving the restaurant he went out with his friends while they showed off to him the city.

it was a big city and there was many houses, in the center of the village there was a big tower that was above 100 meters high, that tower was the biggest tower from this city and was where they would keep watch if there was any beasts rampage.

it was long ago since the last rampage, more than 20 years to be exactly and since then the city was a safe place where even humans could live in peace with no problems.

to the right of the tower was the sword wielder sect, the strongest of all the known sects in this city.

they were known because they were able to cultivate the sword intent to the heart intent and it would be as they were one with the sword.

they were proud of themselves and very above the second sect as their sect leader was a 5th realm 4th stage, the strongest of the whole city.

he was the only who had comprehended the heart intent, but it was a huge step to his foundation and he kept getting stronger as the time passed.

no one in the city had the courage to go against him, even if all sects were to go against him they would still lose with no chances of escaping, that's how the difference among them was.


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