The way to godhood
2 Locked skills, new city.
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The way to godhood
Author :Zhongshan
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2 Locked skills, new city.

Opening his eyes after a flashlight that almost blinded him, Gabriel looked around, he saw several trees everywhere he looked.

[system created by God to help successor unlock all his powers that are now sealed]

"well, it seems that he hasn't given me his powers, I just will have all powers he has, but he won't get weak nor will he lose his powers because of it.


name: Gabriel

race: God

realm: foundation Qi

body: celestial body God

soul:celestial soul God

passive skills:

omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent (locked)


fire element

water element (locked)

earth element (locked

wind element (locked)

sword mastery (max)

qi mastery (max)

weapon mastery (max)

active skills:


fire ball

wind rotation

earth wall

servant creator

soul giver: can take a soul and put in a body

soul creator:can create a soul out of the blue

body creator: can create a body out of the blue

looking at his stats he was astonished, was he crazy? what are those things he was looking at, celestial body God.

he wasn't sure what was happening, but he knew he was in a planet where there existed profound Qi.

he felt the Profound Qi entering in his body through his pores, his cultivation was low but that apart, his soul and body were invincible, or so he thought.

after all, he knew there was a realm called god emperor, although it wasn't really the all knowing God, it was a realm to someone very powerful though.

he walked to the right and kept going this way, all he saw was trees upon trees and nothing more.

several days later he found a city, and it was near the place he first appeared, he was furious, he felt like a fool, walking past where he had already been made he feel like a waste of his time.

while he was walking he came to some conclusion about his status, it was just a way to show him his strength, because it didn't help him in any way.

except that he could see his status and skills, he had no cheat like abilities where he could kill a monster and get 20x XP or something alike.

he got a bit sad, he was much strong as his body and soul were at its peak, but his profound Qi would have to rise normally.

one thing he was sure though, he had a very pure profound Qi, it was pure and heavy, normal people had spiritual veins in their bodies, and this would difine if a person was a trash or a dragon.

he had no spiritual veins, he didn't need it as he was like the creator himself, he didn't need spiritual veins to absorb profound Qi as his own body and soul were like a black hole sucking in all Qi in its way to his body.

he was like the nature itself and there was no need for him to sit and meditate to cultivate.

obviously it would call upon attention from others and that wasn't what he wanted now as he needed to unlock the seal of his powers to use them, and for that he had to understand everything.

Going through anything, maybe his goal was to be a humble person, who knows, God said nothing to him about those things.

God may be just joking around and Gabriel might never be a omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, he could be angry with Gabriel, how would he know what are the plans of such a crazy God.

as he was walking to the city he found himself ready to break through to second stage of foundation Qi.

it didn't takek him more than 1 minute before breaking through to the second stage.

it was really easy to break through, he would need to cultivate to break through faster, but even if he didn't, he would keep raising his level to the peak.

after he entered the city he met with some guys, they helped him get in the city with no problems, and now they were at a restaurant.

"what is this thing you ordered?" Gabriel asked Lucan, in front of him who was one of his newfound friends.

"don't you know? thisis a wild boar that has the strength of 5th stage, it's in the first realm and it helps to consolidate the Profound Qi of cultivators, it is one of the weakest though, there are stronger wild boars in the dark forest where cultivators can hunt"

a shy girl who was among them said

"they do help us consolidate our profound Qi, but it's just the first time as after that it has no effect anymore but it's very hard to hunt them so they are very expensive, we usually hunt it to sell."

Her name was anastasia, she was a mature young girl who was very beautiful but she was too shy and talked just a few words.

since he met with them, he learned from them a lot of things about beasts and some things about cultivation and the city.

the wild boar was one of he weakest beast next to the city, it was located at the border of the forest, deeper in the forest there were many stronger beasts that could be in the third realm 5th stage.

they were only in the 1 realm 6th stage, so they had no hope of going deeper into the forest so soon.

they said the sect master in their sect was at least in the 2nd realm 9th stage, so neither their sect master could too far into the forest as he wasn't strong enough.

their sect was dark black sword sect, in the city it was one of the weakest among the top 5.

the sect wasn't the strongest, but all citizens respected them as they protected the city from beasts attack too.


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