The way to godhood
1 I wish your powers
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The way to godhood
Author :Zhongshan
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1 I wish your powers

the sky is the limit, one would say those words when he doesn't know what martial arts is.

Gabriel was laying in his sleeping bag when he blacked out.

in a plain field where you can't see the end, just grass on all sides, there was a boy about 11 years old, he was very handsome, nothing could be compared to his beauty.

the heavens would sing a music of praise to him, and would too worship him as the most handsome of all.

he was looking around of him, but couldn't understand where he was, he was clueless about anything.

he only remembered that he was in his sleeping bag ready to sleep when suddenly he fell unconscious.

walking far off in the distance he realized something, although everything seemed similar, there were some differences on the ground.

some places the grass was slightly darker, he followed these clues and about 3 hours later he saw in the distance something which seemed a village.

but the more he walked the further seemed the village was.

he was flustered about it, but was not thinking of giving up, he wanted to get there, he started running and getting more angry about all this.

"what the heck is going on, the more I walk the further is this fuck vilagge"

he knew there was nothing he could do about it anyway, so he sat down and breathed out and in, and as he was doing so he got startled.

he was sure he sensed something different in the air getting in his body, this was a kind of energy.

he tried this again, and he could feel more of this energy.

he had never felt it before, he was sure though, that it was the so called Qi, cultivated by cultivators in novels he had read back on earth.

this energy made him feel really good, as if his energy was replenishing, in no time he was full of disposition.

he stand to his feet, and pouring all his energy to his legs he ran toward the village very fast.

it seemed this time he was not getting further from the village, but nor was he getting nearer, it appeared to him that he was stopped.

"shit, what I'm gonna do, this way I will die out of boredom"

he was thing out loud when he heard a voice from behind calling for him, turning around all he saw was a grass field with no one there.

"I'm already hallucinating, this is probably because of this sun on my back, the hot could kill me"

while he was talking out loud, he heard someone calling his name he almost choked to death hearing his name being called like that.

he was not seeing anyone, he didn't think of anything just ran with all his strength, but not everything goes according as planned, because he heard the voice again and was near his ear, it was a whisper carried by the wind.

he fell to the ground, this thing scared the shit out of him, he knew he was going against something that couldn't be avoided, so he stopped running and acted as tough guy.

"what the heck do you want, if it's not something important consider yourself a dead guy"

while he said this words he was sweating, his forehead and back was soaked on sweat.

what the hell was he saying, he was so near to his death and still acted as though he was a tough person.

he was digging his own grave this way, but soon he was flabbergasted about the laughter he heard.

"Hahahaha hahaha, how long has it been since anyone dared talk to me like that, you're really funny young one, I say, you have the guts, cause I found you a funny person, I'll give you a wish, whatever you want will be given"

that moment various things crossed into his mind, many wishes of which he could ask, on his mind it was a matter of life or death, if he chose something good, he would become someone very powerful otherwise he would be a trash.

he was unsure what he should choose, something flashed in his eyes as he asked with wicked smile.

"you said I can wish whatever I want, right?".

"sure, that was what I said, I will never go back on my word, that's for sure".

"I see, I was asking myself, are you the strongest God?" asked Gabriel.

"the strongest God? hahahaha, you think too poorly of myself, I'm not only the strongest, I'm the only existing God" said god.

"well then my wish is simple, I want all your powers, all of them."

Gabriel felt the atmosphere getting colder and colder, God was not laughing anymore as all he could see was a serious expression on God's face.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, I screwed everything up, he looks angry, he's gonna kill me for sure'

while Gabriel was thinking several ways he could escapee from this situation, God was thinking other things.

'hahaha, this human sure is interesting, he knows what to ask for, this way he can really get powerful, but I can't just let it be, I'll take him to another world where he will the unlock his powers'.

"HUMAN, I'll say this, I will take you to another world where you will unlock my powers stedyly, don't think it's easy to be omnipotent,omniscient and omnipresent, you will take at least 100 years before you are those things."

Gabriel swallowed hard, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent? he was lucky this God is a good one, otherwise he would be dead.


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