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The Truth About the Universe
Author :jayPreak
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16 The Truth?

He grabbed a soldier by the neck and tossed him to our side, he then cocked his gun and fired the whole mag inside the building which had a single room. He then took out hos pistol and shot the guy he tossed over in the head. "Let's go! They know we're here, must've installed better tech that searches underground after I escaped", he said and lobbed over the broken window then thrusted the door open and started sprinting. We both followed him.

"Keep running I'll cover you!", Nosele said as he started shooting behind us. We kept running, the whole camp was full of tents and military cars and mobiles, weapons and heavy armory, we were running through a flat field with cars parked randomly on it, I saw many people with guns shooting at us. Without a second thought I trusted Nosele and kept running. I'd never run this fast, "AHHHHHH", I screamed as I ran. A few cars started blowing up around us, I heard the rattling of the machine gun being used by the military. "WE ARE GOING TO DIE!", Sam screamed as he ran even faster, now he was going ahead of me. The shrapnel from the blowing up cars started flying towards me, I had to keep my hands in front of my face and run to protect my face at least. "KEEP RUNNING! INTO THE BUILDING!", Nosele said after he motioned to the huge building in front of us, I wondered how'd he traverse that much distance after standing and shooting. The building was as huge as the City Hall in Orma, we weren't in running towards the front entrance, because the door wasn't that big and neither was the protection because when Sam jumped and hit the door with his shoulders the door broke, literally unhinged from the walls.

I ran inside and saw Sam lie down breathing heavily, Nosele suddenly pushed me hard and screamed,"KEEP RUNNING, UP THE STAIRS LET'S GO!"

I was so tired, was bleeding from my leg in 2 places, a shrapnel was stuck in my thighs another on my arm and back. I removed the ones on my arm and thighs and screamed in pain. Sam couldn't het up. Nosele was the only one trying to push is further, but I just couldn't... I saw Sam get up, but then he looked dizzy and fell on the floor, soon after I passed out too.


"Get up kid!", I heard someone's voice, it was in a thick british accent. It was hard to.open my eyes, my nose hurt, my legs, my arm and my back. I finally opened my eyes and saw a guy standing in front of me, one of his hands were on my shoulders and he was leaning on to me. "Woke up, eh?", he said.

I looked at my left. Sam was sitting on a chair, his hands her tied to the armrest, mine were too. Sam's eyes were closed and his head was down with his chin touching his chest. Must be unconscious. I looked to my left Nosele was leaning in mumbling something because his mouth was taped off, his hands tied too, "Mff- Uff- Geefff- thfff offf mfff", he said as he tried to get up but was held down by two men twice his size. He was probably saying Get this off me.

"What is this", I asked. The guy in front of me moved away and I saw that we were in a compact room, probably on the highest floor of the main camp in Bonge, because I saw cars below through one of the two windows. There was an old man, no- it was the president of USA sitting in front of me behind a light brown desk. There were two men with guns standing on either side of him.

"My name is Seii, and this is you dear President, who led a Coup, a destruction on this entire Planet, Nexus 19 to be precise.", the man closest to me said. "But unfortunately, we just got the info, that he isn't the real President, so we started sending out Neumorian squadrons around the world to find the real president, hah, but we were in luck, he came running to us, with two Nexians, hahah", he laughed.

Neumorians? Nexus, again? Nexians? What the hell is going on, and who is Seii? Nosele mentioned him before, and if Nosele is the real president, that makes me and Sam the Nexians. "What the hell is going on?", I asked nervously. "Hah, I will explain everything, when we get all the Nexians off this Nexus and head to revive the Neumora.", Seii said.

"I'm sorry!", the old man, screamed as he got up pointed a pistol at Seii and fired. Seii turned around and saw the old man standing, his face turned into a brownish-white color as it grew horns and an extnded chin in an instant. I couldn't analyse it properly because it disappeared just as fast as it appeared. The bullet shot by the pistol fell to ground making a sound. The sound woke Sam up and Nosele on the left took advantage of this situation by breaking his chair and punching one of the two guys holding him. The old man fired the whole clip but Seii turned completely brown-white and deflected all the bullets. What the heck is he? Can he turn into rock? Seii advanced to the old man, but the two guys on his side screamed, "FOR AMERICA", and shot the two guys holding Nosele and then started shooting Seii. Sam got up and tore through the ropes he was tied with and with super human speed punched Seii with inhuman power that knocked him against the wall.

Seii flew up in the sky destroying the roof and started screaming, "AHHH LITTLE BRATS", as he started glowing white and the air around him turned into a wind stream.

What the hell was going on?


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