The Immortal Mutant Teen
97 Chapter 96- Another Main Even
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The Immortal Mutant Teen
Author :AinzOolGown0601
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97 Chapter 96- Another Main Even

Akeno and Sakura walked into the classroom followed by 4 girls. The Big Pervert, the student council duo, and the musical goddess.

The classroom went quiet as the top 6 most popular girls walked into their classroom. Amazoness slowly made her way to the teachers' podium just a few feet away. She stood behind the podium, slammed her hand on it and simply said,

"Everyone, get out"

All the males scrambled for the door at the back of the classroom followed by the girls, even Sora quickly left as he had no intention of going against this human-shaped tank that called itself a girl.

Acheron smiled and got up also heading for the door. Seeing that he was leaving, President Akira quickly called out,

"Except you, Acheron"

Acheron stopped before turning to look at them,

"Six girls and one man all alone in a classroom… naughty, naughty, people will talk you know?" Acheron said,

Five of the girls blushed at Acheron's comment, while one licked her lips in relish. Rumors of Acheron being a Harem King had already spread across the campus and this situation did not help diminish them.

Amazoness quickly made her way towards Acheron, the desks and chairs had no chance as she moved them out of her way before standing right in front of him.

"It matters not what they think! My heart, body, and soul now belong to you!..." Amazoness words caused a couple of grumbles to appear from behind her.

Amazoness extended out her hand,

"Is a little late but I would like to formally introduce myself, I am Amazoness, please take good care of me… Master~"

Acheron smiled and took her hand,

"Nice to meet you and please don't call me 'Master', you perverted girl," Acheron said,

As Acheron went to let go, Amazoness's grip suddenly tightened considerably. Acheron retaliated with strength just slightly above what she was displaying.


A moan filled with pleasure escaped the lips of Amazoness taking the girls behind her by surprise and causing another round of blushing to go around.

Amazoness used more strength and Acheron equally matched it. Her breathing sped up and started to pant, her breaths audible to all nearby.

Amazoness stared at Acheron's calm and smiling face, her eyes slowly losing focus as she reveled in the feeling of Acheron's grip. She was using enough strength to crush a man's hand into a paste and the Acheron seemed unfazed by it.

Suddenly, Amazoness saw Acheron's smile grow a little wider before she felt the crunch and the pops in her hand as she crushed Acheron's hand into oblivion.

The lust burning in her heart quickly turned ice-cold as panic began to set in as she quickly let go of the now destroyed hand. She was just about to ask if he was okay when she noticed that the smile on Acheron's face never left.

Acheron chuckled before raising his hand, displaying a hand crushed and distorted, fingers that looked like sausages as they contained more meat than they should have.

Right before her eyes, Acheron's hand twitched and contorted in all directions as she could slightly hear the sounds of bones cracking and popping underneath his skin quickly putting themselves back together. She watched as Acheron's skin stretched and wormed as muscles, tendons, and ligament, she believed to be putting themselves back together.

Within seconds, Acheron's hand was back to normal as if nothing ever happened. Acheron leaned in towards Amazoness who stood there shocked and covered in a cold sweat before whispering,

"Don't mess with me Princess, you are not ready…"

A chill ran down her spine causing goosebumps to cover every inch of her body. This was the second time Amazoness has ever felt such fear, the first time being the day she met Acheron in the Archery building.

Since everything was blocked by Amazoness's back, the other girls never witnessed the events that just transpired.

Acheron calmly walked past Amazoness who suddenly plopped to her knees clearly out of breath. The other girls just ignored her as they were well aware of her disposition.

"Well, well, if it isn't President Akira," Acheron said as he walked up to VP Yui.

"She's not the President! I am!" Said President Akira,

Acheron turned to the president in shock,

"Oh? Is that right? You both look so alike, maybe you should wear some name tags or something" Acheron said,

Both the president and vice president pointed towards their sleeves, where 'President' and 'Vice President' where embraided in gold letters on a black band.

"Oh, was that always there?" Acheron asked,

The five girls in front of him all nodded.

"Oh well, so what can I help you with? I'm sure you didn't just come to visit my handsome self" Acheron asked,

"I did" Kotone simply said,

Acheron turned to Kotone giving her a quick pat on the head and a smile before turning back to the duo from the student council.

"*sigh* We were here to inform you the Hoshiko Kotone-san has decided to split her time as the sole main event…" President Akira said with exhaustion.

It was clear to Acheron that she had been trying to change her mind but had no success.

"So, what does that mean for me?" Acheron asked,

"You will be the last one to perform, so you will come on right after Kotone-san," said the President.

"That's fine, I was already planning on showing a performance no one will forget in this lifetime but are you okay with this?" Acheron directed the question towards Kotone,

Kotone nodded,

"As long as you watch my performance.." said Kotone softly and expressionlessly.

"Sure, I'll watch. I'm sure it will be great" Acheron said with a smile.

"Is there anything else then?" Acheron asked looking towards the other girls.

Sakura and Akeno had been quiet this whole time as they were doing a favor to the other by showing them the way to Acheron.

"How about we make some babies?" A question was asked from behind Acheron.

At this time, Amazoness had already gained her composure and was quickly walking back to the group.

Acheron didn't even turn around before rejecting her.


A collective 'No' rang out throughout the classroom from the whole group causing Amazoness to falter in her steps.

"If there is nothing else, I'll be going back to my seat, I'm pretty busy at the moment," Acheron said,

"With what? I've never seen you do anything in class" Sakura chimed,

Acheron chuckled,

"You know what they say, 'Nap Hard, Play Hard'"

The girls were left speechless at Acheron's shamelessness.

The rest of the day went uneventful and Acheron went home with a Rose that was bubbling with excitement. Acheron was to brief her tonight on the events that will be transpiring tomorrow on Halloween night.

Not only is this going to be a date to Rose but gaining another level of trust from Acheron as she has never been allowed to interact too much with the hidden side of the world.


Papa Ainz The Bone Daddy's Announcements:

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