The Big and Strong but Fragile Girl
1 The Big and Strong but Fragile Girl
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The Big and Strong but Fragile Girl
Author :AiTsuFam
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1 The Big and Strong but Fragile Girl

Everything that you see is not exactly everything. There are things that can't be seen outside and is hidden deep inside, That's a thing that she taught me.

My name is Shimi, A boy who had lived his life happily and carefree. I was always spoiled by my parents and was treated as a leader in the classroom. Everyone doted on me and i lived like a king.

i was indeed happy.

The're was one girl who is the tallest in our class and looks like everyday we look at her, she keeps on getting fat. Everyone bullied her and i was one of the people who bullies her. She just remains silent and stared blankly when someone picks on her. Her name was Eve.

"Piggy!" "Ugly!" "Giant!" "Goliath!" She was called with many unpleasant names but never have i seen her fight back. She just sit still on her chair and draw stuffs on her paper.

"Look! Piggy is drawing a prince and princess! Ahahaha! was the princess supposed to be you? Ahahaha!" A boy approached her and laughed at her

Later on, Many people have come and gathered at her...

"You don't look like a princess at all. You look more like the fairy god mother with that kind of body. Fatty." A girl said to her as this girl took the drawing and passed it to the girl next to her.

Eve tried to get back her drawing but they passed it to each other and ran. Eve desperately chased after the one who holds her drawing but she was too slow to catch them. All of us laughed at her as we watch her chasing us.

"Give it back!" She said, angrily

The passing continued and there is the time that it was passed on to me.

"Go Shimi! Rip it!" they told me to rip it

Rip it?... no matter how i think that teasing her is funny, I think that ripping it is going too far...

Everyone was shouting "Rip it! Rip it!" with a smile on their face.

She is finally running towards me. I was overwhelm with the shouts that they gave me... i unconsciously ripped her drawing with my two hands.

She stopped running and looked like shocked. She stared at my hands as i rip her drawing into pieces.Everyone just continued laughing at her and seems like, that i am the only one who feels guilty.

Eve knelt down and picked the pieces of paper that was scattered to the floor. She stared blankly as she picks every pieces.

A guy approached her and stomped on the pieces of paper that was scattered on the floor.

Eve stood up and punched the guy in the face! She was furious! Her face was full of anger. After punching the guy, She ran away from the class.

The teacher has arrived and saw her running away. The teacher asked us of what happened and everyone defended themselves.

"I saw her drawing something and so...i kindly asked her if i could see it. But she suddenly got angry and ripped her drawings to pieces" the guy who started this said...

Lies....They are all lying... i want to say it but i'm too afraid, that i can't say anything but just listen to them say their lies...

"She suddenly got angry and punched Bryan in the face!" a girl said

The teacher sighed and said that she will go after Eve. I stood up and volunteered to go after her instead. The teacher agreed and so, i ran as fast as i can to find her.

She was at the back of the school, crying all alone...

We always treated her as an animal, bullied her for fun... i almost forgot that she is also a human... She always looked so tough in front of us that made us make fun of her more...

As she shed tears, i came to realize that no matter how she looks, no matter how tough she is, She is still a person that can feel pain, She is still a girl that can easily be hurt... How fragile...

I mustered up my courage and approached her... As she heard my footsteps, she hurriedly wiped her tears away... The face that was crying a while ago, was replaced with face that looks like she have her guards up.

Without more hesitations, i apologized to her... I know that she might really hate me for ripping her drawing to pieces... at the very least, i still really want to apologize for the terrible thing that i have done to her.

She just sit still and asked me to go away. I can't just leave her alone and so, i walked towards her and sat beside her.

"Your drawing was nice that i felt bad for ripping it apart..." i said to her

"Then you should've just not rip it apart!" she shouted, angrily

"I know that i can't make any excuses to what i have done... But at the very least, i want to apologize..." i said to her as i hope for her to feel my sincerity.

She still stared at me, angrily... but i can feel that her anger has lessen up.

Later on, i told the teacher what had really happened and everyone was scolded. The teacher didn't told them who have told the truth and just made it unknown.

The teacher asked me to be friend with Eve and explained her situation to me.

"Eve is actually having home problems... She was a only child. Her parents always fights and it seems that due to the pressure and stress that she feels, she turned into a stress eater and keeps on getting fat. Her mother and father didn't even come when i called for them to talk about Eve's case... As your teacher, i was really worried for her... she seems to be unable to socialize and just sits on her chair to draw... Her grades gets falling down... She also have a weak body so i fear that she could collapse at any moment...Her aunt came and told me this but i was unable to do, i wan't your help, Shimi..." The teacher explained and asked me for help.

As i try to remember her story, i just can't help but think how much hard it must have been for her... I was so blessed that i am unable to feel what she is going through now. Slowly, a strong feeling of wanting to protect her was growing inside of me.

I agreed to help Eve and so, i started trying to get close to her everyday...

She didn't accept me at first but as time passes by, she was able to open up to me. Some of our classmates started to also make fun of me but their is also ones who decided to side with me and started to be friend with Eve...

I asked the teacher for her parent's phone number and told them how Eve has been suffering on her own and later on, i heard from Eve that her parents have finally decided to reconcile for her sake.

I became her friend for many years and noticed some changes happening to her.

She started to eat right and was able to socialize with the others than before. Her grades also seems to go up. She didn't became fat anymore and became more beautiful...

I gradually fell in love to her and and courted her... Just like before, earning her favor to be her friend was not that easy. The same goes in asking her to be my lover. I patiently waited for her until she agreed.

She finally agreed and our relationship lasted for long. Our relationship continued even at our college life. We went to get the same college courses to be a sea man and sea woman. Our course requires strong physics and that made me worried for she have a weak body but i'm glad that she was able to with stand the training that was given to us.

I proposed to her and decided to get married after graduating at college.

I felt really blessed to have met her... When i was just a child back then, i was so spoiled that i did everything that i want... even to the extent that hurting someone without knowing. She changed me into who i am today...

That big and strong but, fragile girl that i met was just like a flower that can be destroyed at any moment and yet, decided to stay strong in every storm that comes...

That figure of her's, looked so beautiful to me and made me want to protect that fragile flower...

As someone who will share your life, through happiness and suffering, I'll be the person that you drawn back then. The prince that will protect the princess...


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