Taiwan's Pretty Boy
1 A Girl and A Boy
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Taiwan's Pretty Boy
Author :Scenna8
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1 A Girl and A Boy

In a Da'an District, Taipei City there was a girl. She was a quiet girl, and quite cute. She loved to read, and went to the library every day. The regulars of the library knew her well, and she considered them her friends. One warm summer day she was on her way to the library as usual.

A street vendor saw her walking by and decided to give her one of his items.

"Hey! Girl! Come here I want to give you something." The vendor called out.

She was quite startled but made her way over there anyway.

"Here take this. It would look really pretty in your hair." She took the bow and placed it on her head. "Take a look in the mirror and tell me if you like it." The vendor told her. She looked into the mirror and thought to her self 'I'm very beautiful aren't I?' She started giggling and said thank you to the vendor then continued on her way to the library.

When she got to the library she greeted everyone as usual and walking towards her usual spot. Today was different though. There was a boy there. He was very handsome. A ray of sunlight was shining on his face and causing a glare off of his circular glasses. His hair was cascading over his eyes. He was the most alluring boy she has ever seen.

He finally noticed her standing there and looked up at her. She was beautiful. She had pale skin and hazel eyes. Her hair was black and down to her lower back. She had a calm aura and looked very nice. He blushed a little and got up quickly.

"Oh I'm sorry did I take your spot?" He asked her shyly.

"Yeah buy it alright we can share." She said quickly not want him to leave. He liked this girl she was refreshing and very pretty. He sat down again and watched as she picked a book and sat down next to him.

"So what your name?" He inquired. She was sort of shocked because no one usually asked her for her name. "It's um Julia." After she said it she blushed because she realized that she used her western name.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Julia my name is Toby. What's your Chinese name?" Toby said and laughed. She just stared at him.

"Ok ok I'll tell you my name first then you tell me yours okay?" She just simply nodded.

"My name is Mo Xinyi, now it's your turn." He smiled. Her heart fluttered, she loved his name and his smile. She couldn't believe that this God was talking to her and asking for her name.

"Niu Bai Rong, it's nice to meet you too." She said gracefully. "Wow" Xinyi thought to himself she has such a beautiful name.


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