Reincarnated In Nanatsu No Tazai With Five Wishes
2 Gummi and prepreplot.... plo
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Reincarnated In Nanatsu No Tazai With Five Wishes
Author :Jaykay2307
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2 Gummi and prepreplot.... plo

When he came to he was in a forest with notifications blaring in his face

{XAL SAMA WAKE UP YOU SLEEPY HEAD!!~} the fuck- Oh Gummi... well at least she's nice "Uhm hi Gummi can you show me my status?" {Oh yeah, Sure Xal Sama~}


Race: Demon (Prince rank)

Age: 3,300

Strength: 25,000

Magic: 25,000

Soul: 25,000

Level: 75,000

Innate Magic: Eclipse, Immortal soul, Copycat Conqueror, Power Of Darkness, Purgatory Fire, Soul Stealing, Assault Mode.

Learnt Magic: Full Counter (Physical), Full Counter (Magical), Onyx Storm, Ominous Nebula.

Skills: Natural Charm (MAX), Royal Demon Clan Hand To Hand Combat (MAX), Imperial Demon Clan Hand To Hand Combat (MAX), Human Hand To Hand Combat Mastery (MAX), Giant Hand To Hand Combat Mastery (54), Fairy Hand To Hand Combat Mastery (87), True Sword Combat Mastery (96), -

"Okay I get it I'm a bad ass we'll go through skills later" {Sure Xal Sama~} He now looked down at himself he made himself around 4'6", he was currently wearing a dark red almost black undershirt with a white blouse which had silver lining and embroidered on the back is a silver phoenix, with dark red shorts and black boots both in resemblance to Meliodas' shorts and boots from season 2.

"Hey Gummi do I have a starter pack?" {Oh yeah!}

[Received Starter Pack x1 Open Now Y/N]

"Yes" {By the way Xal Sama you can just think to talk to me and the system} Oh

[Received: Phoenix Katana Atsuta and Kurogame Tanto Kunasagi]

'So are these like my Sacred Treasures?' He mentally asked Gummi whilst looking down to his waist to the sheathed weapons {Pretty much} 'Cool. Uhm Gummi Do I Have Any Missions?' {Oh yeah tons}


1. Defeat A Monster

Task: Defeat a monster or beast

Reward: 10,000 sp, skin of the monster or beast in a cloak


5. Become a holy knight

Task: Become a holy knight of Liones

Reward:100,000 Sp, magic of a previous or current Great Holy Knight, attention of the goddess'


7. Grab the attention of a sin

Task: Get the attention of a sin

Reward: Mystery box (Platinum), favour of said sin, you're oldest brother realises you weren't sealed, attention of the goddess']

'Okay so game plan defeat a monster go to Liones, become a holy knight of a high rank, meet Merlin cause Merlin best girl' {hmph -and other pouty sounds} after a few minutes he had only seen normal beast and was about to call it quits when he saw a large wolf 'That's the one' in one leap he was over to it and one downwards kick over its neck it died.

[Mission Completed: Defeat A Monster, Rewards: 10,000 sp, Great Wolf Cloak]

'With that out the way Gummi how long until King kills helbram?' {uhm... About a couple of months to a year] 'So you have no idea?' [Exactly! ;D] He would sigh (A/N: Rn im trying to figure out true form Merlin's height may I say anytime I go on any site it has season 1 Merlin and it's very distracting this is only one reason Merlin is best girl) 'Gummi what can I do with SP?' [There's a shop where you can buy abilities all abilities bought from the system will start being max] 'Also what was the thing about Mastery and non mastery skills in my skills tab' [You will only get a mastery skill if you have all the requisite skills to synergize to create it Xal sama] 'Also what about the memories of the me in this body?' [Oh you want me to transfer them to you Xal Sama?] 'Yes please' [Okay hold on to your butt]. Pain.....Light.....Pain "OH FUCKING MOTHER OF FUCKS!!!" 'Gummi why did you not warn me?' [But i did Xal Sama] 'Gummi... Just never mind' [Okay! Where next?] 'Liones'

(A/N Tbh I was planning to put in holy knight part now but realised it could take a whole chapter, And i read comments whilst taking time out when my mum found me writing after not going to sleep at 4 in the morning, it is now 6, but anyways about harem. Maximum harem size 4 TOPS!! Though personally I'm planning him only to have proper relationships with Gummi and Merlin. I've seen some of you have your own plans. I WILL NOT COCK BLOCK ANYBODY I SWEAR UPON THE HEAVENLY BRO CODE!! Though King is a pussy. Also no Commandments they hate him as much as Meliodas and he doesn't have any real love for them (other than Zeldris or whatever his name is I haven't been asleep yet don't bulli if i got wrong please senpai) either. You can vote though. And whilst Romance will be a decent chunk of this story don't worry it won't be over saturated. I think a good example for what I'm going for Is Rei and Kenji from Naruto: Wraith Of Konoha, and a tad like Shadow and Neo/Blake From RWBY: Dark System Just realised it updated whilst I was writing so I'll be signing off. BAI!!!!! [YEAH BYE MR READER KUN!!])


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