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Progenitor of a Another World
Author :Shenxue
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12 Chapter 12

With an exhausted face Chris look at the boy that broke what he thought as common sense. He reach rank 3 in two month, made tremendous improvement on his Shadow, learn how to use magic and his evenly match with him in terms of physical strength.

" Two months is over now so let leave."

Chris said plainly and started walking toward to the area we arrive from.

We soon reach the open area and the mage name Jones began to chant. Jones was a space mage and could storage and teleportation magic. He isn't good in battle. Sadly it seem i don't have any affinity with space magic but I have good affinity with Darkness and Lightning. Jones had a spell book for the basic darkness spell so he gave it to me to study.

As we return back to earth we went to mansion where it seem Anya and Jessica was waiting on us. Seeing Anya had reach rank 1 Chris sigh in relief. He could take next freak appearing before him. He greeted them and went in the mansion. Me and the two girls began our conversation. Jessica was shock that I already reach her rank and felt pressure while Anya seem proud of me. After conversing with them I went to my room, took some clean clothes and head to the bathroom for a shower.

Night soon came and we sat in the dinning room and had dinner.

Over dinner Anya and I was given a detail lecture about Rose Field Academy by Jessica and Jenna.

First of all the school is located in a special location where the sun harm full rays can't penetrate the sky. So although it might be bright and sunny vampire can walk freely around.

School is one of the best in Europe and teach both human and vampire from excellent back ground.

The general uniform for humans are Black pants/ skirts and a white shirt with green and blue stripe vest. They also were a black tie.

For vampires is Black pants/ skirts , light red long sleeve shirt and a black and red stripe tie.

For no suspicion from the human the vampire class are said to be class for elite while the human class are just for normal person.

The vampire dorm and human dorms are separated from by a couple miles as the the whole campus is as large as a city.

We will learn basic Highschool subject in the morning and during the evening we learn about the supernatural community.

For us to grow stronger a hidden space is located on campus and vampire are allowed to enter twice a week.

About 70 percent of the staff population are vampire but it seem that Vampire hunter was given the principal position as the principal by the SU (Supernatural Union). This was to keep vampire from being arrogant all the time.

While I learn about the school it seem most of the vampire that attend this school parents are high in the human social society.

After dinner we went our bed.

The next day My, Jessica and Anya uniform arrive and I was intrigue by that material of the clothes. We then prepare to leave and left at noon. We arrive at the airport soon after and took a private jet. Although it seem the school is located in human it really on a island near. 50% of the island comprise of the school. Nothing interesting happen on our journey to the island.

I look though the jet window with earphone over my head and slowly slept.

Anya and Jessica were playing cards behind me and Chris and Jenna didn't come. They said the transfer was already complete and they had some thing important to do. Thinking about how long this flight will last I realize we will at least reach school two week before it start.

After a couple hour the jet landed and we exit the private jet. We were greeted by a slim beauty with black hair and black eyes. I look at her in wonder guessing this should be the school guide. Her job isn't simple to guide us thou. The Guide make the 30% of the staff that aren't vampire. They are the same age as us but act more like our supervisor than guide. They all have special weapon name curse weapons and are legit vampire hunters.Their race human.

"Good Morning miss Vander Waals and Mr and Miss Winston. My name is Renai Chambers and I will be your guide for this year."


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