One Piece: Marine
18 Chapter 18
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One Piece: Marine
Author :Elmer_Melendez
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18 Chapter 18

After waiting for about an hour Elliot and the crew had finally gotten back from the cave. Sage let them rest for about an hour before giving the order to set sail for the next outpost.

It took a month for Sage to finish his inspection on the North Blue Marine outpost. Most of the outpost were doing their job and upholding justice in the North blue, but Sage still across a couple of outpost that were abusing their power over the area they were supposed to be guarding.

Sage took care of those in the same manner he did with the outpost on Jukko island. Killing the ones in charge while arresting the underlings and taking them onto his ship before leaving them in the cells of the next outpost he checks.

Sage also came across a few pirates on the sea and some on islands he stopped on to ensure nothing was happening on it. Sage didn't bother with the pirates since only Paradise level pirates could actually give him a form of challenge, but if he wanted a real challenge then he would need to go the New World.

Sage let his crew handle them, so that they could gain experience fighting before they head into Paradise since even though they were trained in Marineford they still have pretty much no experience fighting.

Currently Sage is a day out from the Red Port. The Red port is the way the Marines get their ships over and into the New World. At either sides of the Red line the Red port is at the Base of it directly underneath Mary Geoise. The ports contain a special lifts called Bondolas.

Sage was already granted permission from Marine HQ to use the Bondolas in the Red Ports.

Sage is currently training his Rokushiki while also training his Haki. He's sparing with Elliot.
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They are both standing apart from each other while looking at each in the eyes before suddenly disappearing and reappearing while clashing with each other. Sage is using a staff made out of water while also coating it with his Armament Haki.

Elliot is using two swords. One with is pure black with the under part of the blade containing hints of red while the other is pure silver with the under part containing hints of gold. Elliot had told Sage that these blades were Grade swords. Sage knew that because they were really sharp compared to other swords he's used before, but not good enough to be in the Skillful Grade.

They both clashed in the center with shock waves coming out from their clash. The clash lasted only for a second before Elliot went flying backwards and rolling on the deck of the ship. Elliot recovered quickly before jumping towards Sage before using Soru to confuse Sage.

It would normally be useless against him, Sage wanted this fight to be fair so he wasn't using Observation Haki. Only Armament Haki and his devil fruit powers, but still Sage was able to pick out where Elliot was at and swung at him with his staff.

Elliot didn't try to block it since the last time he did that he got sent flying off of the ship, so this time he dodged by the tip of his hair. He jumped in since Sage's guard was wide open after missing, but that was exactly what Sage wanted.

With a smirk on his which immediately told Elliot that trouble was coming Sage expanded his Staff making it much thicker and wider. Elliot used Soru to dodge and then used {Finger Pistol} to hit Sage. Sage saw it coming and countered using his own {Finger Pistol}

Sage's {Finger Pistol} pierced right through Elliots before hitting him in the chest and sending him back into the ground once again. Sage: " Elliot you've gotten better again." Elliot looked up towards Sage before responding.

Elliot: " Nothing compares to you Captain Sage. Before my {Finger Pistol} could at least stop your's, but now it fails completely." Sage laughed and walked over to Elliot before giving him his hand to help him up. Elliot accepted the hand and stood up.

Sage: " Come on Elliot I already told you to call me just by my name. Forget the formalities me and you are friends now alright " Sage put his fist up to Elliot. Elliot just sighed before pumping fist with Sage. Elliot: " Alright then from now on when it's just me and you I'll call you by just your name, but if there's people around then am calling you with your Rank "

Sage with a grin just laughed before waving towards Elliot to follow him. Then both of them walked to go wash themselves.

After two days sailing they had arrived at the sector that Sage and his crew were assigned to guard until they received their orders.

For the first couple of weeks multiple different pirate crews were trying to get through and into the Grandline, but were stopped each time by Sage's crew. For the majority of the pirates Sage's crew could handle them mostly because they had superior numbers, but over time they started needing less and less Marines to handle the pirates.

Every week or so a Marine ship would come and take the prisoners that they would capture after the battle. After a month the amount of pirates coming through Sage's sector had started to slowly but surely decrease.

Every now and then when there would be a pirate crew to strong for his crew to handle Elliot would move in and take them out on his own. Over the course of the month Sage and Elliot would sparr everyday. This helped Elliot improve his strength by a lot since Sage's current strength was already enough for him to be a Vice Admiral.

Elliot's current strength is at the level of Marine Captains that guard Marine outpost in Paradise. After 2 months had passed by Sage and his crew had pretty much nothing to do except train and spar against each other.

Sage was bored out of his mind since from the moment he was assigned to guard sector A225 he's had no one strong enough to fight against, but he was given a order to wait and do nothing pretty much. He was able to make good progress with Rokushiki since he pretty much just trained that the entire time.

His Haki wasn't able to make much progress from training alone. From now on Sage would have to engage in battles if he wants to make any good progress on his Haki.

Sage and his crew were guarding sector A225 for a total of 4 months before he received his next order.

His order was the type he hated. He had to escort Nobles. The only thing that was good about this was that he at least didn't have to escort World Nobles or that was what he thought before he was told that he would be escorting the King and Princess of Alabasta who were former World Nobles, but choose to stay in their kingdom instead of in the Mary Geoise.

Sengoku had already told Sage about how the King of Alabasta was. Sage was a bit more happy since from what Sengoku told him. The Royal Family of the kingdom of Alabasta didn't seem to be like most nobles, but actually cared about the citizens of their kingdom and were generally nice people.

Even though Sage trust Sengoku he will see how they are like once he arrives at Alabasta.

Sage looked towards his crew before shouting, " Alright then you guys set sail for the Kingdom of Alabasta."


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