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Author :Tyramisu
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AURUM looked out of the window of the flying shuttle she was in. It was dark but she could already see the outline of Hanover Manor from the distance. In just a few minutes, they would arrive at their family's estate.

 They timed it so that they would arrive here near midnight. That way, they would reduce the chance of other people seeing them suddenly appear here. Even though this was their land, there's still a small chance that some outsider might see them. And she just couldn't take that chance. It's best after all if no one found out that they were back in Albion. It would just complicate things. 

The reason why she's currently here inside a flying shuttle travelling towards Hanover Manor could be taken back to two nights ago – the day when Jaxon arrived at the island. They held a meeting that night and this was one of the results.


All the people currently gathered at the island were now inside some kind of conference room. There was a long table where they sat and a white screen at the front.

"We're here to device a plan to save Janea's mother," Argent said, sitting at the very head of the table. She turned to the half-elf. "Janea, could you tell us the detailed situation of your mother and also, the state of Kievan when you left. We can't make a proper plan without those details."

Janea opened his eyes. The timidity that he had shown so far seemed to have popped like a bubble. It might be due to Jaxon's sudden arrival. Or maybe he just realized that acting like that wouldn't help anyone and he just finally found his resolve. Either way, it's better for him to remain this way.

"My mother was being kept at the very deepest part of the Kievan Castle. It was underground. A huge room made up of iron." And hanging in that room was an iron birdcage where his mother was being imprisoned. He clenched his fists, great anger welling up inside him just thinking about it. "But after I left, there's a high chance that the emperor moved her in some other place."

Yes, knowing that monster, he would definitely take every precaution just to make sure that there wouldn't be a chance that he would be back and rescue his mother. That monster would do anything just to keep her with him. That's how much obsession he had with her. 

Jaxon's whole body shook when he heard what Janea said. A underground room made up of iron? That's the kind of place Ylannea had been kept in? Iron was something incredibly harmful to elves. Being blessed with huge amount of Mana and loved by nature, they're almost indestructible. Just like the other two ancient race – the beastkins and the dragons. There's only one thing they're weak against – iron.

For elves, it's like poison. Constant exposure to it would lead to weakening of their life force. They might even lose their ability to draw Mana in nature. If that connection was severed, it would be heartbreaking for any elves. And yet, Ylannea was exposed to that?

Bases on Janea's account and reaction, Jaxon could tell that it was not only one or two years. It probably had lasted for as long as Janea had been alive in this world. Gaia knows what other atrocious thing that emperor had done to Ylannea. And all of those were very likely had been witnessed by Janea. 

Anger he had never known filled him. He could feel his Mana going in haywire. He just wanted to go to Kievan right now and kill that emperor, give him back the suffering he had caused to Ylannea and their son a million times more. 

Then a hand suddenly patted his shoulder. He looked to his left and saw Anthea shaking her head. Silently telling him that he should not release his anger right now. He knew that but he still couldn��t qualm his anger. 

"If you have time to get angry, then it's better if you used that time to think of a plan to save Mother," Janea said, not bothering to look at Jaxon. 

Jaxon was startled by that comment. But it definitely calmed him down. That's right, right now, their focus should be on thinking of ways to save Ylannea. "I'm sorry, you're right."

"Can you draw the whole floor plan of the castle?" Argent asked Janea after that little interlude. "Every nook and cranny, from secret rooms to underground dungeons should be included. Is it possible?"

"I can." Janea spent years in that castle. Every corners of that place, he had carved into his mind. "But I'm not that confident with my drawing skill. So, I'm not sure if I could portray it properly."

"You don't have to worry about that. White will help you," Argent assured the half-elf. "Now, there's a lot of things needed to be done and we couldn't really waste any more time. So," she turned to her sister. "Aurum, is it alright if you go back to Albion by yourself and check that record our father mentioned in his letter?"


And that's how Aurum ended up coming here. While the rest went to Kievan. Well, except for White. Since she couldn't really be separated from the island for a long period of time. She had already spent quite some time outside because of that whole debacle with the Temple of Gaia. 

"It certainly feels like forever since I was last here," Anthea commented. She was also looking outside the window. 

Aurum glanced at her mother. "Mother, I still think you should have stayed at the island. Just like what Brother have proposed. After all those things that happened, it's important that you rest. And the island is the best place for that, not to mention, also the safest."

Anthea turned to her daughter and sighed. "You kids, do you really think of me as some kind of invalid? I was just kidnapped, I'm pretty sure I didn't turn into one."

"Mother, you know that's not what I meant," Aurum quickly explained. "We're just worried about you. We don't want the same thing to happen again."

Anthea smiled helplessly when she saw that worried look on Aurum. She walked up to her and patted her head gently. "I know. That's why even though I didn't want to, I still agreed to not go with you to Kievan. But that's the limit of my compromise. At least let me accompany you here."

Besides, she truly wanted to know first what was written on that record that Dorian mentioned in his letter. That's why she insisted on accompanying Aurum back here in Albion despite Argent's wishes. That girl wanted her to just remain at the island together with Black and White. But at the end, Anthea still won their argument. On the grounds that she would only accompany Aurum back to Albion. But if Aurum had to go to Kievan, she was not allowed to go with her and must stay at Hanover Manor.

Anthea had no choice but to agree. Although she had a feeling that this was what Argent had plan since the very beginning. To make her think that she's making a compromise just to not let her join the fight that would definitely happen at Kievan. Knowing Argent, it's certainly something she would do. 

Although it certainly felt like she had been had by her own daughter, she couldn't really do anything about it now. Since this was something she already agreed upon.

"Don't worry too much Aurum. After all, Master tasked Black to protect Lady Anthea. As long as Black is here, nothing would happen to her," Black suddenly inserted.

"Yes, yes, you're very dependable," Aurum said very perfunctorily.

As Black said, her brother left him with them as a bodyguard for their mother. Although both of them doubted that the Temple, no, that bastard Pope would try to kidnap their mother again, it wouldn't hurt to have an extra protection for her. It would also make them more reassured. 

She looked outside the window again. She wondered if her brothers and the others were already near Kievan by now? Then she suddenly remembered something.

Ah, that's right. She had to contact Clay and ask him if he could somehow bring that pendant of his here in Albion.


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