My love story : by Abhishek Malhotra
427 Helping a friend 2
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My love story : by Abhishek Malhotra
Author :sweetykim
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427 Helping a friend 2

Garima sat on the couch perpendicular to them and Barun asked "Drink ?" Before she could deny he went into the kitchen and brought one fruit juice from the fridge.

As soon he left Garima relaxed and asked "Why did you call me here ?" He chuckled and answered "First relax. He is not some ghost or something. Why so scared of him ?".

Barun came back and offered the drink which she took with a nervous expression on her face and mumbled "Thank you".

Abhi said to Garima "First let me tell you one thing. I know what happened between Rakesh and you. Raj told me".

She looked at him and then at Barun. Abhi continued "So today I met him regarding the promotion of my previous project and he said everything and also kind of threatened me".

Garima was shocked and said "I am so sorry. It's my mistake. I didn't mean to trouble you".

Abhi shook his head "That's not what I am here for. That's not a problem and it's not your fault at all."

Abhi was not at all a nosy person and he doesn't involve himself in other's personal affairs except for his family and friends.

But he involved in this because he is friends with Garima. He did his fifth movie with her through which she made her debut in the industry.

She is also an outsider just like him with no god father to back her up. She went through so many struggles and survived in the industry despite other's giving her troubles from time to time and she was often bullied in her starting days.

She came from a very decent and a middle class family and her parents were against her decision about her profession but she insisted and persued it despite their opposition.

She stayed away from home and all alone in this big city. Only after two years did they accept her decision when she got a national award and proved her talent to the world.

Even then she didn't stay with them. She preferred to stay alone in Mumbai and occasionally visited her home. She earned a good name, fame and also a good fortune.

Abhi liked this about her and he always respected her for her hard working nature. She isn't like those actresses with a princess syndrome who come to the industry with the help of their family or those who depend on their sugar daddies. She never pretended tobe someone who she isn't and never wore a mask.

He really treats her like a friend and she is also one of those few people who he trusts in the industry. So that was the reason why he wants to help her.

Garima also treats Abhi like a friend and she trusts him so much infact more than any one else. She feels very relaxed in his presence. He is more like a elder brother and a mentor to her.

She respects him and feels indebted to him as he is the one who helped her when she was on her own. He also taught her the tactics and ways to deal with others and how to survive in that fake industry and he always gaurded her.

Though she met Kunal once or twice before she didn't have much bonding with him but she know he is one kind man but who doesn't like to show his feelings to others.

The other reason why Abhi involved himself in this is because of Shriya. He didn't involve himself earlier because he know she doesn't need her help in this.

He knew what Shriya had gone through before in this society and was completely aware of the troubles a single woman faces. So he couldn't wait for that person to know and he had to step in.

Abhi said to her "As far as I remember you used to have a bodyguard right ? why don't you have one now ?"

She grinned and said in a lazy tone "It's simple. I don't like that." Abhi looked at her with a serious gaze and she said with a 'Okay I give up face' "Okay, having a man beside me always, I am not comfortable with it and I felt like it's a hindrance to my privacy."

Abhi smiled at her reason and asked "Are you seeing someone?" and she almost choked on her drink. Barun who was sitting beside Abhi felt like he was ignored but he felt happy as he is not so comfortable with strangers.

She said "Hold your horses. Don't let your imagination go wild. It's just I didn't feel comfortable with the last one and that's it".

Abhi nodded and said in a serious tone as if he was giving a lecture to his student "You, people might think that you are down to earth person because you don't have much staff with you. But you have to think of your own safety as you are responsible for it.

You should hire a bodyguard. You shouldn't take these threats as a joke. I also heard you lost two movies because of that scumbag." and she said "I want to take some rest. That's it".

Abhi said "Don't ignore these threats. Barun here owns a private security agency and he has got some really trust worthy and handsome bodyguards if I add". She gave him a glare and he continued "You just tell him and he will help you find a smart one for you.

If you feel if that something's that might disturbe your privacy you can do one thing. You just appoint one who follows you at work but doesn't come home."


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