I'm in Domestic Na Kanojo!
83 Book Signing Even
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I'm in Domestic Na Kanojo!
Author :akikan40
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83 Book Signing Even

Natsuo was startled seeing someone under his blanket tried to open his pants.

"What are you doing here, Shiina?" Natsuo sweatdropped at her.

"I want to draw a male genital." She was expressionless, but Natsuo could see an excitement in her eyes.

"No! Use a picture from the internet if you want to draw." Natsuo didn't' want to become her model.

"No! I can't draw if I don't see the real thing!" Shiina was stubborn.

"No! I won't let you use my little brother as your model!" Shiina titled her head.

"Little brother?" Yuuki nodded.

"Yes, this is my little brother. He is quite shy, he only wants to meet someone he is familiar."Shiina scrutinized her face.

"But I'm familiar with you!" Shiina didn't want to give up.

"But my little brother isn't familiar with you." Natsuo didn't want her to draw. He knew Shiina wanted to say something, but he stopped it.

"Let's talk tomorrow, I need to come for my book event in the morning. I promise that we'll talk tomorrow." Shiina looked at him in silence for several seconds and nodded at him.

"I want to talk to your little brother tomorrow." Natsuo didn't think much and slept for tomorrow event.

What Natsuo didn't know there would be a lot of trouble coming for him tomorrow.


In the next day, Natsuo wore his formal clothes to go to the book signing event. Even though he said it was formal clothes, he only wore a light blue shirt and rolled its sleeves to his arm, khaki pants, and a brown loafer shoes. He looked satisfied with his style and came out from his room.

Yuuki walked to the living room where all his girlfriends were waiting for him.

"I'm gonna go to my book signing event, do you want to join too?" Natsuo wanted someone to accompany him. He looked around and saw Shiina raised her hand.

"Hey? You want to come, Shiina?" Shiina nodded at him and Yuuki looked at her strangely.

"Can't I?" She looked like wanted to cry and could only make Natsuo sighed.

"Sure, you can come," Natsuo asked his girlfriends again, but they said they had some matter.

Natsuo wanted to cry at their heartlessness, so he came to the book signing event together with Shiina.

They were waiting until they saw Yuu came to them with a black Mercedes S600 Limousine and made them became the center of attention. Natsuo could only sigh and let her do whatever she wanted.

"Natsuo-sensei!!" Yuu was excited and waved her hand. Her Natsuo-sensei accepted her invitation for this event. She was really happy with it.

"Let's go, Yuu." Yuu nodded at him.

Yuuki entered the car together with Shiina.


They were talking to each other until they arrived at the destination. The event was being sponsored by some famous hotel in Tokyo so they publisher didn't have to pay. After all, it was the famous book signing event of a famous writer. There was a lot of hotels wanted to become the sponsor of that event.

From the window, Natsuo could see a lot of people had already waiting for him. The line of these people was so long and made him sweatdropped. He didn't think there would be a lot of fans that would wait for this event.

"Let's go Natsuo!" Yuu was excited.

"Yeah." Natsuo and Shiina entered the hotel through the back door so no one would notice them. It would cause a riot if they knew Natsuo had come to the event.

"The event would start in 10 minutes, please, be ready." Natsuo nodded and sat in the chair. He had already made a promise to do this event and he would definitely do the best. When he walked Shiina following him too. He could only let her do whatever she wanted.

The event started and a lot of people entered the room. Natsuo was smiling and signing their book. He was surprised seeing all of his girlfriends also come to this event.

"Is this why you didn't come with me?" Yuuki wanted to laugh.

"Did you surprise!" Hina-chan was happy.

"Give us your signature!" Rui said.

"Give me too!" Momo said.

"Yeah, me too!" Ena said.

"I've come here too," Mishima said.

"Hehehe, you should be happy that I've stopped drawing to go to your signing event," Shiori said looked very smug.

"Yeah, you should be happy that I come to this event!!!" Kiriha was smiling.

Yuuki was happy and talked with them for a bit. He was happy that they came to his event.

After that, Natsuo found someone familiar again. She had a striking long red hair.

"Alec?" Natsuo was surprised.

"Natsuo!!" Alec was blushing to see Natsuo there. She was fans of 50 Shades of Grey and wanted to come to this signing book, but she didn't expect to see Natsuo there.

"What!!! Are you Natsuo-sensei??" Alec was surprised that her friend was the writer of this erotic book.

"Don't tell anyone ok? It will cause a lot of trouble if someone from school knows." Alec nodded at him.

"Give me your sign first." Natsuo nodded and gave her his signature.

"Let's talk when we meet in the school." Alec nodded and left. There was still a lot of people waiting in the line after all.

Natsuo kept signing his book and talked with his fans until he heard a familiar voice.

"NATSUO-SENSEI!! I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN YOUR FANS!! PLEASE, SIGN MY BOOK!!!" Natsuo raised his head and saw a beautiful girl who had a very perfect leg and wore a black stocking. He was suprised seeing this girl.

The girl also surprised seeing Natsuo in front of her.



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