Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom
6 Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom-Finale
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Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom
Author :lavidalunasanggre
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6 Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom-Finale

Chapter 23

Spring Sports Festival

Katy awoke with Trevor's kisses. She felt everything fall into the right place when they'd lovemaking last night. She considered it one of the best moments in her life. She knew it was what she all needed to realize she loved him, and he loved her too by his way of touching and making her feel no other woman or being can replace her in his heart.

"Hi, beautiful." Trevor kissed her lips.

"Hi, handsome," Katy said when her lips parted from his. Trevor's after-lovemaking voice was sexy and undeniably seductive. She giggled on the thought of doing it with him last night.


How are you feeling now, fishheart?"

"I survive, Rockefeller."

They both laughed.

"Thanks for last night."

She grinned for they seemed to have mental telepathy. Trevor also spoke the words she thought "You don't need to say that. I wanted it too."

"May I know why?"

"I just want to realize if I still love you a hundred percent and trust you with all my heart."


"I do."

"I want you to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart and that no woman, no merfairy can ever replace you in my heart. Remember this, you're my only one."

Like a rolling ball of blue flame, Trevor's sincerity warmed Kate's cold heart. "You're my only one too." Katy embraced him tightly. "Promise me, no more secrets this time."

"I promise." Trevor raised his hand just above his shoulder and made a cross sign on his left chest. "I'll tell you one more secret."

"And what is that?"

Trevor cleared his throat. "Aside from Athera, I also …" He looked at Katy with puppy eyes. "bedded with Sarimanoka."

Katy bit her lip. "You're naughty, my love." She kissed him as her other hand snaked down to his manhood. She caressed it gently, and it erected like a proud soldier. Her hands spiraled to his balls and squeezed them hard that made Trevor scream in pain.

"Ouch, fishheart. That's enough." Trevor caressed his balls.

Katy grinned. "You deserve that."

"Yeah, I do but that would make me barren. Maybe I can't give you children anymore." Trevor sounded like a pitiful lamb.

"Really?Oh, sorry about that." Katy moved down and caressed Trevor's balls. "Does it make you better?"

"Nay, they still hurt."

Katy recommenced touching his balls until Trevor moaned.

"How about that?"

"More please."

"Okay." Katy resumed ball caress until Trevor cried in pleasure. "By the way, what time is it now?"

"It's quarter to nine in the morning."

"What?" She climbed off the bed.

Trevor saw her terrified look. "Why?"

"Oh, my G! It's the Spring Sports Festival today. For sure, my classmates are waiting for me. We've got to go." Katy transformed back into a merfairy, and she flicked her hand to dress him up.

"Oh, can't we continue our lovemaking?" Trevor pointed his erected manhood.

"Nope, maybe later."

"Oh, you're mean. You make me turn on and halt it. That's bad, fishheart," Trevor fussed. He pouted. He rarely did it, but when he did, he pulled it off that made Katy love to kiss him.

Katy neared and kissed him. "Promise, I'll make up with you tonight."

"Really, two rounds?"

"Three rounds, Rockefeller"

"I like that, Kate." Trevor smiled as if his smiles of excitement reached his ears.

Oh, his smiles with dimples flashing melt Katy like marshmallows.

"We need to hurry."

"Can't I take a shower?"

"No need." Katy snapped her fingers emitting the purple lights from it and surrounded her and him, and they both smelled good.

"This is a perk of having a merfairy girl." Trevor grinned while he meandered her waist. "Kate before we go, I want you to know that I love you so much. Whatever happens, I'll always come back to you for you're my forever. My one and only one."

Trevor's statements had Katy's insides churned with happiness. Her heart jumped, and her inner siren did an acrobatic dance.

Great Goddess, what I have done that you bless me with a man like him? Hot as a hotdog, horny as a horse.

Katy planted him a long kiss. "I love you too, and I will always do. You're my forever." They kissed each other like it was their first time. "Shall we go?"

"Yes. Take me wherever you may go."

Katy held Trevor's hand, and they teleported toward the hallway of the Academy.

"Well, well, well, look's here," Raffa said.

"Hi, my friend," Katy said. Raffa's eyes twinkled and covered his mouth.

"Oh, my gosh, sistah, did you two have momol last night?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't deny it. Even if your lips do, your wings don't." Naughty half-fairy.

Katy turned her head and checked her wings, and they were glowing. She'd never seen her wings glow like that. Her brows furrowed while Trevor smiled looking at her back.

"What do these wings try to imply?"

Gosh. Clueless half-fish. Joke. "Oh, you don't know, sistah? Well, let me tell you. You and Trevor had sex last night. Your wings will only glow like that if you did it. That's what our sex education professor told us in our class."

"What? I didn't know about that."

"Of course, you didn't know it because you were absent from our class when it was lectured."

"Oh, my G." Katy patted her forehead gingerly while Trevor was grinning and shaking his head.

Raffa took his potion from his sling bag and sprinkled on her wings, and the glow vanished, but it didn't escape from the sharp eyes of a group of male merfairies nearing them.

"Hi, Katy. You're looking more beautiful and … glowing today." The male merfairy emphasized the second to the last word of his sentence and winked at her. He passed them with his friends.

"Who's he?" Trevor asked.

"He's Brandon," Katy replied.

"Olivia's boy toy," Raffa added.

"What?" She asked.

"Yes, he was. He always went to her room to bed with her. And I've heard from him when they'd boys talk with his friends that he banged her many times, and she liked what he did. He even articulated how he did it. So, gross!"

Katy and Trevor shrugged off while Raffa proceeded. "Olivia was a certified bitch. According to Brandon, before he'd exclusively sexed with her, many men were coming to her room every night. Imagine that?"

"Okay, that's enough my friend. We have our contests to prepare," Katy reminded him, trying to change the topic.

"Of course, I'm sorry for being talkative. I'm carried away."

Katy mouthed at him, "It's okay. Thanks for covering up." She pointed her lips to her wings.

They were flying to the arena, and the colorful decorations and flowers hanging from its ceiling made them delighted. The festive spirit dominated as the male and female merfairies, kids and teenagers alike flittered with merriment to their teams and prepared themselves for the contest.

Katy and Raffa belonged to the same team. They would've headed to their team when Minister Marsette called her.

"Elite, come join us to the royal table, together with the Halfling, you'll serve as the judges."

Bemused by her words, Katy and Trevor gave each other a why-me look, and they flitted together to the royal table in front of the huge swimming pool. They sat next to the princesses, not far from where the Head Council and the new Defense Minister took their seats. Beside the royal table was another long glass table, with gleaming crystal chairs where the professors were sitting.

Minister Marsette hosted the opening ceremony.

"As the spring heralds the magnificent beauty of our kingdom, this sports festival is held with the aims of showcasing your talents and abilities and at the same time develop friendship among you, student participants. To open this activity, let's all welcome, Princess Manara.

The princess heard warm applause from the participants, spectators, and guests.

"Thank you, everyone. As your princess, I'm happy to be with you in this fun-filled activity. For the past few days, we encountered challenges, but we'd overcome them. It's only proper to enjoy this festival while developing your skills and spirit of camaraderie. I'm one in your goals to become not only highly intelligent learners but also highly competitive athletes. I'd like to acknowledge our distinguished guests, Lady Nympha of the Apdis Island, Business Minister Ellen of the Dolphins Realm and Vicera from the seventh kingdom. They'll serve as the judges together with the Elite and the Halfling. And I hereby declare this festival formally open."

The drum rolled.

"So let's begin this festival with our first contest category … the Synchronized Swimming. Three teams will be competing, to wit: the Smithfeller, the Trevdom and the Rothhomes. Let's have the first team … the Smithfeller," Minister Marsette said.

While the team headed to an Olympic-sized swimming pool cheers and yells reverberated from their supporters. The six members jumped to the water, and their wings disappeared. They slowly formed a circle while their fins were flipping on the surface. They moved around the water as their fins twirled. One separated from the circle and went to the center while the others neared her. They came out from the water and tossed her above them, not so high that it would reach the hanging screen where their action could be seen by the judges.

Next, they did the sculling—they held their upper arms against their bodies and forearms at ninety-degree angles and moved their forearms back and forth so they created enough water pressure to hold their tails above the water. And they did lifting too and made acrobatic movements. They ended their performance with a triangular formation. They bowed and Raffa, being the leader of the team, led their exit."

Their stunning performance wowed the judges and the spectators while their teammates gave them deafening cheers and screams.

The Trevdom and the Rothhomes followed them. They also impressed the judges with their death and gravity-defying performance on their stunts, acrobatic movements, sculling and lifting.

"Now, let's move on to the next contest category, the Swimming with Hurdles. Participants are called to proceed to the pool. Two members of each team positioned at the pool, facing the judges. At the shriek of the seagull, the swimmers jumped to the pool and made the breaststroke and lifted themselves above the surface, hopping from it to pass through the circular rings hanging above the water. Each was close to one another until they reached the finish line while a field reporter gave a play by play account of the event. A member from the Rothhomes led the contest.

"And now let's have the Quebeech as our last contest. Participants are requested now to proceed to their respective stations."

Three members of each team soared up high. They needed to fly fast and made three rounds on a huge floating ball while overcoming the floating huge rocks, the dragonflies and the merfairy guards who served as distractors. They started flying, escaping from the insects and the distractors and managing the floating rocks.

The Trevdom caught the tiniest bee and won the game which lasted only for six minutes. They broke Katy's record by one minute.

"And now let's take a break. You'll be back at one o'clock for the announcement and awarding of winners. So, be ready with your performance on choral singing, dance number, declamation, vocal solo, and impressions," Madam Marsette said.

The merfairies went to their respective quarters to relax and eat their snacks and lunch. They chit-chatted on who'd win in the most coveted trophy for Best in Synchronized Swimming. Meanwhile, an attractive merfairy guy from Trevdom approached Raffa.

"Hi, there! Congratulations on a stunning performance!" The guy gave Raffa a bouquet and a box of yummy merfairy cookies.

Raffa's teammates screamed and teased him.

"Thanks, Ethan."

"You're welcome."

"So, what's this?"

"A peace offering and a gift for your best performance."

"Okay," Raffa said coldly.

Several guys from Trevdom who were Ethan's friends including Brandon also went inside the Smithfellers' quarters.

"Hi, Raffa!" Brandon greeted him.

"Hi, Brandon!" Raffa's eyes twinkled. It didn't escape from Ethan the way he looked at Brandon, his cousin.

"You're blooming today. And, let me say your performance was awesome! As a leader of the team, you did a great job!"

"Thank you, I appreciate that, Brandon." Raffa flipped his shouldered-length hair.

"You're most welcome." Brandon winked at him that made him swoon.

Ethan cleared his throat and said. "We'll go ahead. We need to prepare for our dance number. See you later. Common guys, let's go!"

"Okay." Raffa waved them goodbye as they left toward the door, but Brandon came back.

"Oh, before I forget." Brandon paused, neared him and whispered. "You're invited to my party tonight at eleven o'clock. Please come, and I guarantee you, you'll enjoy it." He winked at him again, and he left.

Brandon's winks brought Raffa some tingling sensations. He didn't know why heat ran his entire body when Brandon whispered at him. He was confused about his gestures. It seemed he was flirting with him. That was the first time he showed some weird gestures on him. He patted his forehead trying to erase the sexy, naughty thoughts that lingered in his mind.

"Congratulations, my friend! What you did was great!" Kate entered their quarters and gave him a friendly hug.

"Congratulations!" Trevor said.

"Thank you. I hope we win," Raffa pressed her lips.

"Whatever happens, for us, you're the winner."

"Ah, I'm so touched. Thank you sistah."

"Oh, you have a bouquet? So, you've got an admirer?" Katy asked.


"Wow, I'm happy for you. He's a good guy." Katy pinched him lightly as they made their way near the wall and sat on the glass chair. She saw Trevor mouth, "I've got to go. You need some girls' talk." She nodded and smiled at him. Then, she turned to her friend.

"You think so?" Raffa asked

"Yes. Why doubtful to him?" Katy asked him back.

"You know he's a playboy and perhaps bedded with another gay."

"Is that a problem?"

"I don't know."

"Give him a chance."

Raffa sighed. "I got one problem with him."

"And what is that?"

"He's hot-tempered."

"Tame him. You have a potion after all," she jokingly said.


"Just kidding."

"He's nice, but sometimes he easily got mad at me when he's jealous."

"Wait a minute. Didn't I know something between you and Ethan?"

Raffa grinned. "Yes."

"You have a relationship with him?"

"No. I don't call it a relationship. We're just friends. I don't assume anything. He's giving me some attention, but there is no formal statement that he likes me and I like him. Something like that.

"Actions speak louder than words."

"Words dispel any doubt and clear relationship status."

"I agree, love guru." Katy chortled.

Raffa sighed. "I like him, but I don't know about his true feelings for me. After all, I'm not a lady. Maybe he's just playing with me or just doing part of his games—to make ladies and gays cry. I knew the girls and gays he had flirted with, and they all ended up crying."

"So, Ethan is a bisexual?"

"He is."

"So what holds you is his attitude?"

"Precisely. I'm not a typical gay who'll beg for love and get crazy over guys. I use my mind."

"I salute you for that. What's your relationship goal with Ethan?"

"I already have a plan." Raffa smiled naughtily.

"I know that smile."


The Festival of Talents ended at ten thirty in the evening. It ended with a spectacular fireworks display. During the presentation, representatives from each team did a great job on their performances. They impressed the princesses, the members of the Council of Thirteen, the professors, the ministers and the guests.

The winners were announced and awarded too. Raffa's team won the synchronized swimming. They were jubilant when they received their glass trophy. His teammates wanted to celebrate their victory, but he made an alibi he needed rest because he was exhausted. He didn't want to have it because he planned to attend Brandon's party. So he flew away from the crowd to prepare himself for it. He was excited to attend it he bumped other merfairies on his way. He wanted to disappear toward his room, but he needed to buy a few accessories for his wrist, so he dropped by a nearby miscellaneous store. He would've gotten inside, but someone pulled him to a small passage.

"What are you doing to me? Who are you?" Raffa asked.

The guy didn't answer him, but he removed his black mask.


"What did Brandon whisper to you?" Ethan leaned him on the wall—his both hands pressed his above his shoulder as if he held him up like what a robber did to his victim.

"He's inviting me to his party."

"Don't come."

"Excuse me?"

"I said don't come?"

"I will. Who are you to dictate me not to come?"

"It's for your own good."

"Thanks for the concern, but I don't need it."
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"Do you like him?"

"What if I tell you that I do?"

"So you like him?"

"I don't know. I'll find it out later."


Raffa frowned. "Can I go now?"



"I said no." Ethan kissed him for a couple of minutes. He knew he liked it because he responded. His lips tasted like sweet berry, his breath smelled like honey.

Raffa almost fainted when he smiled, but he shouldn't be carried away with Ethan's devilish charm. The guy was an expert charmer, but he had a weapon for that, his smart tongue. "What was that for?"

"A kiss."

"I know it's a kiss. I'm not stupid. So do you admit now that you like me?"

"I do like you."

"You like me to be your next victim?"

"I like you. That's all I can say."

"So you want me to be the next merfairy who cried because you're playing a game with my heart?"

"I'm not like that."

"Oh, you are! How many women and gays cry because of you?"

"That's their choice. Right from the start, I told them I can hang out with them, but there're no strings attached. They could kiss me, and we could've sex if they wanted to, but I made myself clear to them I couldn't give my heart."

"That's not what I've heard from them."

"Precisely. You only hear their side, not mine."

"Okay. So, what's the point now?"

"I want to bring back what we have."

"Our friendship?"

Ethan nodded.


"I mean from that friendship we could level up."

"I'm not sure about that. I'm going to ask you two questions. First, do you love me?"

"I don't know." Ethan distanced from him a little. "I'm not sure of my feelings yet."

"Okay. Second, are you going to introduce me to your parents?"

"Hell no! My parents are conservatives. Perhaps they'd disown me. We can keep our special friendship secret."

"Well, Ethan DuPont, come back to me when both of your answers are, yeses." He orbed and teleported to his room.


The clock struck ten in the evening when Raffa arrived at Brandon's place. He pressed the doorbell, and the glass door swung open for him. Party songs played while lights kept on glaring.

"Oh, welcome Raffa. I thought you won't come. Come in." Brandon welcomed him with a hug and wore his grins like wearing his perfume. "Guys, look who's here."

The place was cozy and spacious. A whirlpool bathtub was positioned a few meters away from the door, facing a large screen mounted on a wall and beside it was a large couch. Raffa entered and six guys including Ethan greeted him. There were no girls in the room. His gaze surveyed the entire room.

Ethan neared him and gurgled, "Hard-headed flirt."

Raffa raised his eyebrows as his response to him while Ethan went to the shower area.

"Only we are here? No girls?" Raffa handed his bottle of wine to Brandon. So, I'm the only rose among the thorns? Emegesh!

"Exactly, no girls, we're tired of them. We want something fresh," he said stressing the last word of his sentence while receiving a bottle of wine from Raffa, and he manly tossed his glass of wine to his friends. "Right guys?"

"Yes!" they chorused with gladness. One of them stood and got a glass of wine for him.

"Raffa, here's for you."

"Wow, a gentleman merfairy," the other guy commented.

" point for Ryan!" The other one said.

"Have a seat," Brandon offered.

Gosh! I'm wetting. Raffa settled down on a couch and started sipping a glass of wine. It tasted good. He ogled at the guys, and he must say that they were all good-looking. They'd lean yet muscular body except to Brandon who was more ripped than anyone of them. They were all grinning and flirting with him as they bit their lips on their glasses of wine. He would've gaped at them longer when Ethan came to them, tailless and wingless and smelled a musky scent.

Ethan appeared half-naked with only a towel covering his lower torso. He removed the towel and revealed his skimpy swimming trunk. His bulge protruded in it, and he winked at Raffa when he caught him staring at him.

Raffa's lips formed a letter O and swallowed his drinks and saliva simultaneously.

Holy bull or holy balls. Ethan's yummy. Yum-yum!

The guys watched Raffa's reaction, and they grinned flirtatiously at him. When it came to the body, Ethan was next to Brandon. Ethan rested in a bathtub while the other guys were dancing.

"Guys, it's showtime," Brandon said and apparated while the other guys did it too. A few minutes past, they came back wearing their skimpy trunks, tailless and wingless too, and they joined Ethan. "Are you not joining us here, my dear Raffa?" He flirted.

Raffa bit his lips as he stared at their … uh … bulges. His throat suddenly dried up.

What a mouth-watering sight to behold!

Why are they wearing trunks? Can't they wear shorts? Well, I'm okay with it. Are they seducing me? Huh, I'm just a merfairy gay … weak to temptation but strong in performance. Just give me a chance, baby, and you'll be losing all your milk. Oh, my G ... my Goddess!

Raffa's lustful eyes feasted on the delectable food before him.

"Later." Raffa heard them laugh. He'd not let this moment pass. It was a lifetime chance to be with the Sarvard Academy heartthrobs. For sure, his classmates would be envious if they told them he made out with them. He kept on drinking the wine until he got tipsy. When he felt he was ready, he got a bottle of potion from his sling bag and drank it. His wings disappeared, and his tail turned into legs, and he wore sexy shorts. He put his bag on the couch while the guys started chanting when he neared them. He positioned between Ethan and Brandon.

"Hi sexy," Brandon bubbled. He blew a kiss to his left ear.

One more, Brandon. Please?

"Flirt," Ethan said and bit Raffa's other ear.

Oh, lick it, Ethan. I'm squirting. Holy cum.

The other guys were all winking and biting their lips while smiling at him.

Raffa felt like a girl in which all boys were doing their moves to get a score with him. He was just a gay, surrounded by hot and attractive boys. Who was he to resist their charms? He imagined he was kissing all of them.

Slut. His inner faerie scolded him.

"Oh, my gosh! What am I thinking? You're a whore, Raffa," he purled to himself. He felt Brandon grab his hand and guided it to his swimwear. He was taken aback by Brandon's action, and he continued drinking his wine and pretended Brandon didn't do anything naughty to him. Something big made his eyes twinkle as his hand was rubbed by Brandon on his manhood.

Let's play truth or dare," Brandon suggested.

"Game," they chorused.

Brandon got a glass, and using his power it turned around and around an inch above the water. It kept on turning until it pointed to him. One of the guys asked him a question.

"Truth or dare?" Ryan asked.


"Do you like Raffa?"


Holy man. Raffa was blushing when he heard Brandon's answer. What kind of question was that? He didn't expect it. The guy was so silly, but he liked him—for asking the question. That made him comfortable. Brandon liked him, and he liked him too. Feelings were mutual.

The glass whirled again and pointed it to Ethan, and he was asked.

"Truth or dare?"


"Kiss Raffa."

What? I'm not prepared for this. Gosh!

While the guys were cheering on, Ethan cupped Raffa's face and kissed his lips. He even bit Raffa's lips tenderly, and he enjoyed it.

The glass pivoted again, and it still pointed to him.

"Truth or dare?"


"Do you like Raffa too?"

Ethan looked at him. "Yes, I do."

Mythical rose. This is too much. What have I done, Goddess, that you bless me with this opportunity? Yum-yum hotdog!

Raffa looked at Ethan, and he was serious. He felt his entire body was heating up, not even the coldness of the water could cool it down. The glass rotated, and it pointed this time, to him.

"Truth or dare?"

"Truth," Raffa said and prepared himself for the most sensual question. This bunch of guys had full of naughtiness on their minds.

"Who would you prefer to touch you, Brandon or Ethan?"

Gosh. He was speechless for a moment. Everybody was waiting for his answer. He didn't know what to say. He wanted to answer Ethan, but part of his mind would go for Brandon. When he was about to answer, he sensed Brandon's swimming trunk had been lowered, and his hand could not grab the big cock Brandon had, bigger than Ethan's, and it throbbed in his hand as if it begged him to choose him.

"What's your answer?" The guys were impatient. Two were cheering on Ethan, while the others on Brandon.

"Just choose one."

"I think I go for … Brandon." I'm sorry, Ethan. I need to say it. Forgive me, babe, if I made you jealous.

Brandon grinned seductively while Ethan leered at him. The glass revolved and pointed still at him.

"Truth or dare?" Taylor asked him.


"Lick Ethan's nipples."

Raffa looked at Ethan, and Ethan winked at him—a cue for him to do it.

Raffa licked Ethan's right chestnut, circling on and thrusting it and sucked his nipple off while his hand pinched the other. Ethan moaned on the pleasure he received from him and caressed Raffa's hair while Raffa's tongue moved to Ethan's other chestnut, licking and sucking it off. Raffa halted,and thought it was enough.

The glass pointed to Brandon, this time.

"Truth or dare?"


"Do what you think would make Raffa sexually aroused."

Brandon looked at Raffa and without a word, he topped on him. His hands glided on Raffa's back while his hands moved from Raffa's legs to his navel. Brandon liked doing it with him because he knew it was Raffa's first time.

"That's enough!" Ethan growled.

The jealous dragon! See? You love me. You just can't admit it. Fucking stallion!

Brandon smacked his palm against his forehead for he wanted to go further while Raffa enjoyed the experience he got from him.

"I want to claim my reward from you, cousin." Ethan's voice was serious. "You told me I can have my reward anytime when I introduced you to Olivia."

"Yes, I won't forget that. An Ashtor will always stand by his word."

"Raffa is mine… tonight."

Brandon shrugged. "Okay. He's all yours … tonight … only for tonight."

Ethan grabbed Raffa's hand, and before they headed toward a guest room, he picked Raffa's bag for him. As soon as they entered the room, he leaned him on the wall, kissed him like he was a beast, devouring his lips while biting them.

"You're flirt. I'll punish you."

Can't wait for it, baby, as long as it's a heavenly punishment. Go ahead!

Ethan grabbed Raffa's head and kissed his lips. When they parted their lips, Raffa's breathing was ragged. Ethan resumed doing it, and he also allowed Raffa to marvel his damned-hot-firm body. Exhausted, Raffa fell to a bed. Ethan was still inside him and smiled with pride. There was silence.

"You're a virgin no more. I got you, flirt."

"I'm glad. You're the first. I thought I could give it to Brandon."

Ethan pulled him toward him. "What did you say?" He spanked his buttocks. "You want to have him?" He spanked him again.

"Ouch! You're a bad boy."

"I am."

Raffa scowled. "Well, Ethan DuPont, you got what you want."

"Well Raffa Carnegie, you got what you desired. You're one lucky bitch that I, the mighty Ethan DuPont, had sex with you.

"The ego! You're the one who pulled me toward here."

"Because I know you have a thing for Brandon, but I want to be the first, so you don't have any reason to brag to my cousin you're a virgin because you're not anymore."

Uh-oh."Really, huh?"

"Yeah, I know my cousin. Once he's not the first, he got disinterested."

Raffa pinched him hard while Ethan was chuckling.

"Well, let's see. I use my charm on him."

"You're a certified flirt. You're not contented with me. You still want another merfairy man to bed with you."

"Well, are your answers to my questions both yeses?"

"Not sure though."

"See? You can't do them. I'll only stick with you if you say yes."

"Flirt. I'll punish you again later."

"I can't wait."

They bedded again several times until they were both exhausted and decided to sleep. Raffa's head was on Ethan's chest, and his hand was on Ethan's private part too. He wanted to remove it, but Ethan didn't want to— his left arm wrapped Raffa around.

The caged frogs croaked at six in the morning when he felt something was rubbing his lips. When he opened his eyes, Brandon stood naked in front of him offering his manhood. He wiped his eyes. He thought he was dreaming. He couldn't believe a massive thing was for real. He looked around to check if Ethan was still there.

"Ethan's no longer here. He went home an hour ago," Brandon said.

"The nerves of that guy. He left me here after he'd bedded with me. I guess he didn't even leave a single note for me."

"Don't expect much from him. It's not Ethan's style."

Raffa threw the pillow to the wall. "I hate you, Ethan."

"Don't ruin your mood because of him. I'm here." Brandon wiggled his big, fat manhood.

"I'll take a shower first." Raffa headed to the shower room while Brandon followed him. He was taking a cold shower to refresh when Brandon wound his body, and his hands got bath liquid, and he rubbed him—Raffa's entire body bubbled, and he liked it.

"Enjoying my dear?" Brandon rippled and licked his ear.

Raffa giggled. "Thanks, Brandon."

"Don't say that. I like doing this to you." Brandon continued licking Raffa's ear while his both hands pressed Raffa's soft bubble buttocks.

"Stop it, I can't bear the sensation."

"You like that?"

"Yeah, but I'm feeling ticklish. Please, behave. Let me finish this."

"Okay, my dear."

Water started dripping on Raffa's head and his entire body, removing every bubble on it. He cleaned his buttocks and put a hose to clean his rectum too. Brandon was standing, staring at him, and when he sensed Raffa was over, he lifted him. Raffa's legs swaddled him, and they went out of the room. Brandon brought him to bed, and they explored each other's body.

Exhausted, they fell on a bed. They rested for a while and later decided they both took their shower together. They were kissing as they ambled to the shower room. When they were done, they dressed up with a single click of their hands and headed out of the room.

"Thanks, my dear. That was my best sex with a gay in my entire life."

"You're welcome and thanks too, for a great ride."

They were sweet to one another when they heard somebody clear his throat. It was from Taylor.

"Well, looks another happy couple here," he said. "I must say you're one lucky gay, Raffa. You've got two cocks in one party."

"Want some more?" Ryan asked.

"No way guys, he's mine," Brandon stopped him while his arm swathed Raffa's waist.

"I smell love triangle here," Taylor said. "Ethan, Raffa and Brandon. Cousin versus cousin."

"So which team are you guys, team Ethan or team Brandon?" Ryan asked.

"Well, may the best merfairy man win," Brandon said and kissed his special gay friend on his cheek.

"Guys, I think I'll go ahead. Thanks," Raffa said, and he would've disappeared, but Brandon held his hand and pulled him toward him, and he kissed him goodbye and then allowed him to leave.

Raffa's inner faerie did a split.

Chapter 24

Trident of Everlasting Fire

Olivia's writhed in pain for her tail and body got burnt, and they were aching. She underestimated Trevor's power. She thought she could handle him, but she was wronged. Trevor overpowered her. She thought she was more powerful than him because the Spirit Witch Queen was inside her, but the queen couldn't even endure the power of Trevor's weapon that she left her body. Thanks to the Defense Minister who rescued her and cured her electrocuted skin with his potion. If not to him, she might be a roasted fish now.

She was at the cave's entrance, standing and looking far away.

"Your Majesty, I suggest you must take your rest," Hagak Clarkson said.

"I know, Defense Minister. Thank you for saving me and for your loyalty. And one more thing, stop calling me Your Majesty. Here in the cave, only the Spirit Witch Queen deserves that title."

"You're always welcome, Your …" He paused. "How shall I address you then?"

"Your Highness."

"Okay, Your Highness."

"Better. I'm wondering where Trevor got his spear that emits bolts of lightning."

"Your Majesty, his weapon is called a lightning spear, and only the one-eyed mermaid in the fourth kingdom knows where he got it."

"A mermaid with one eye?"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Who's she?"

"According to Marsette, she's an ancient mermaid gifted with incomparable knowledge and wisdom. She knows everything."

"Really?Sounds interesting!" Olivia grinned mischievously. "Do you know her name?"

"I'm sorry, Your Highness, but I don't know her. She's unfamiliar to me. Only Marsette knows her existence as far as my knowledge is concerned."

"But do you know where the fourth kingdom is?"

"I will search it with my mirror, Your Highness. You have plans?"

"If she knows about a powerful weapon to defeat me, perhaps she knows another one which can match its powers. What do you think, Hagak?"

"Brilliant idea, Your Highness! I think so."

"I'll rest and regain my strength, and together we'll come to her."

They went inside, and she would've headed to her room when the Spirit Witch Queen beamed up.

They bowed before her.

"Your Majesty, I'm glad to see you again," Olivia said.

"How are you?"

"I'm recovering, Your Majesty."

"Good! Regain your strength so you'd bring me more lives of the mortals. By the way, I must say the weapon of that guy is too powerful to handle. I thought I'd manage it, but I was mistaken. My spirit ached, and surely I would've been dissolved if I stayed longer in your body."

"Yes, you're right, Your Majesty. According to Marsette, his weapon is called a lightning spear."

"I know it, Olivia. I'm not clueless, and I know where he got the idea of having it."

"Mea culpa, Your Majesty. Please tell us more."

"He sought the information from Naruha, the ancient one-eyed mermaid in the fourth kingdom."

"That's also my idea, Your Majesty. I'll go there and seek her knowledge to equal the power of Trevor's weapon if you allow me."

"Of course, you must go there. Only one weapon can equal its power."

"What is that, Your Majesty?"

"A trident of everlasting fire from the Great Eye, the Dark King Lucivzebub himself, Ruler of the Underfireworld. Only the ancient mermaid knows where it is for she holds the key to open the portals of every world."

"Truly awesome your brilliance is, Your Majesty! We'll go there as soon as I get back my strength."

"You will, and you must. But be careful, the ancient mermaid is clever." The Spirit Witch Queen whispered at her while Olivia kept on nodding.


Days and nights had past and Olivia recovered her strength. She and Hagak, teleported to the fourth kingdom to see the one-eyed mermaid. Thanks to her Spirit Witch Queen! She let her see a mermaid's place through a vision. Nobody could teleport to any place without seeing it first much more to the ancient mermaid's place—known to be magical and mysterious.

She leered at the mermaid lying in a gleaming huge scallop, beside her was a large shell.

"Who are you?" Naruha asked. And the anchovies gave Olivia a deadly stare.

"Great Mermaid, I'm Olivia. And my companion is my ally."

"Certainly, certainly, another merfairy. I can sense dark forces in you. What brings you here, lady?"

"We're seeking information from you about the Underfireworld."

"Wicked! Do you know what you're asking for? You can only travel there if you're already dead. No living being can go there."

"I know that you know there's another way. You're hiding something from us."

The ancient mermaid smirked. She didn't expect her guest would ask for it. It would mean death for her.

"Those who went there had never come back. Those who desired to get the trident of everlasting fire ended up burning themselves in the lake of fire. I know you're seeking it just like the others."

"Well, you're right. Your knowledge is wonderful."

"Certainly, certainly. But if you're determined to go there, you must pass a test first. Get inside the huge shell."

"I won't."

"But why not?"

"I know the moment I got inside I'll be trapped there forever. I'm an evil merfairy, and once your shell of truth found out who I truly am, black bubbles would come out from the hole, and that would mean my doom."

"Clever! Who told you about that?"

"My Spirit Witch Queen."

"The wicked witch."


"I can't tell you where it is."

"If you won't tell me, then you'll never know the location of your only child."

"Don't fool me, my child is dead. He'd long gone to Nirvana." Naruha flipped her tail in disgust. And the anchovies assembled into a sword-like form.

"With all due respect to you, you're the mermaid gifted with incomparable knowledge, however, you also have a weakness. You're cursed by the Great Lucivzebub, and that makes you fully unaware of what's happening of your own flesh and blood."

"Only the Spirit Witch Queen knows I was cursed."

"Precisely, that's what she told me. She may be wicked, but she's not a liar."

"Certainly, certainly, so, tell me the exact location of my child and his name."

"I'll tell you if you open the portal to the Underfireworld."

"Cunning!" The mermaid flicked her hand, and a gateway opened.

"Tell me now."

"You can find your child in the seventh kingdom. Vicera is his name." Olivia went inside the gateway while Hagak was watching her disappear into the hole.

Naruha sent her anchovies to the mermaid's realm to determine the veracity of the merfairy's statement.

Chapter 25

The Great One

The Underfireworld housed the wicked spirits of the merfairies, mermaids, fairies and other living beings in the sea and the woods. When Olivia appeared at the entrance, the door was burning. She neared it—it looked like a fiery furnace, and she'd hear the cries and sighs of the spirits therein asking for help.

Based on her knowledge, the Great Eye tormented them all day and night long. If she dared to enter it without any protection, she knew her wings, her tail, and her entire body would melt on its extreme heat, but her queen gave her a red diamond ring to protect her from burning. She smelled the nastiness of the rotten meat, stingy fumes and sulfur dioxide as she stepped on the fiery ground. She reached the lake of fire where the burning throne was located and the deafening cries came from, and the only way to come nearer to it was to walk through the fire.

Santi, Santo and Santa welcomed and ushered her inside.

"You're brave enough to enter my world intended for the dead spirits," a loud modulated voice flared up.

Olivia bowed and spoke softly. "Great One, I come here to ask for help from you."

"Walk through the fire," Lucivzebub in the image of a blazing Eye said and Olivia neared him. "Ask and it shall be given to you in exchange for your spirit." He then transformed into a man-like-fire figure with three horns while sitting on his burning throne. On his hand a scroll which he handed to her. "Sign this contract with your blood. I'm telling you, this is irrevocable even if you repent your sins and ask help from the Goddess."

"I'll sign it, Great One." Olivia slashed her palm with a dagger and spilled her blood on the scroll and signed it with her thumb."

"Wonderful! Tell me you what you ask for." Lucivzebub shapeshifted into a man whose looks, physique and charm were beyond compare—he was devilishly handsome. The only difference he had from any other male being was his three horns, his six wings and a blazing trident of everlasting fire on his right hand.

"I'm asking for your trident of everlasting fire."

"Wicked. Well, it shall be given to you." His eyes were burning, and a rod came out and floated to Olivia's hand. "Forge your trident of everlasting fire by submerging the rod in my lake of fire. But you must …" He paused. "You must endure the terrible pain. Your red diamond ring can't protect you once you get fire from my lake and wield into your own trident. Your hands will be burning, and it will torment you as you are forging it. But once you are done, you'll get what you desire."

Olivia did what the King of Darkness had instructed. As soon as she got the fire from the lake and put it on her rod, her hands were burning, and she excruciated in pain. She felt her hand had been immersed in a boiling cauldron 10,000 times its hotness. When she put the rod in the lake, she'd almost stopped because she could no longer bear the extreme hotness, but she was thinking of defeating Trevor so she must suffer. Besides, there was no turning back for she'd already signed the contract. She kept on forging her trident until her hands got used to it, and the pain had subsided. She squashed a triumphant smile when she held her trident.

"Excellent! Let us test the power of your trident, my servant." Lucivzebub held his trident against hers, and it was working. "Although your trident can't match mine, it's enough to burn even a hundred dragons and can equal the power of the lightning spear. Use it in evil ways. I wish for your victory."

"Thank you, Great One."

"Go and spread chaos throughout the seven kingdoms." He laughed mischievously.

"I will, Great One." Olivia apparated to the ancient mermaid's portal with a huge smile.

"You're successful, Your Highness," Hagak said, delighted to see his superior.

"I am." Olivia held her trident with a snake smile. "Where's the ancient mermaid?"

"Her anchovies fetched her to the seventh kingdom to meet her only son."

"Now, she knows that even if I'm wicked, I'm not a liar," Olivia said and teleported back to the queen's cave.

"Congratulations, my loyal ally."

"Thank you, Your Majesty. I couldn't have this without your help." Olivia held her trident to the air, and it flashed with eternal flames. "Let's see if Trevor can match my power."

"I have a plan to attack the Crystal Kingdom."

"Tell me, Your Majesty."

"We'll look for a mole in the kingdom to help us achieve our goal."

"I have a guy there named Brandon. We'll see if he could help us."

"Hold your trident to the air, and let us see if he's perfect for the job."

Olivia held her trident, and it flashed current scenes about Brandon talking with his friends. The Spirit Witch Queen shook her head.

"Your Majesty, is he not what we're looking for?"


"Why not?"

"This guy is in love with a merfairy gay. Besides, he doesn't have an envious aorta in his heart."

"Really? But I guess he's lustful because he bedded with me. He's a raging bull in bed."

"Lust is not enough for any being to do evil things. We can't easily control his mind if he has pure love and kindness in his heart. We need someone whose mind is not only lustful but most importantly, envious and selfish."

"How about this guy?" Olivia was referring to Ethan.


"How about this one?" She referred to Taylor.

"Perfect for the job! Get some fire from your trident and blow it to the wind, and it will find any passage to look for this fine young man to do our bidding."

"I will, Your Majesty." Olivia did what the Spirit Witch Queen had told her.

"In the meantime, let's get outside and proceed to your training. I'll teach you how to master the use of your trident."

"I will, Your Majesty." Olivia and her queen guffawed.

Chapter 26

The Abduction

"Hi, sistah!" Raffa greeted Katy at the lobby of the Academy. He was waiting for his next class.

"Hi, my friend. You look blooming and inspired today," Katy said.

"Am I?" Raffa chortled.

"You are. Didn't I know something?"

"I think so."

"Common, tell me."

"I won't."

"I thought we are friends."

"Just kidding. Wait, where's your boyfriend?"

"He's in my room. He's practicing some spell casting."

"Good!" Raffa said. "I have to tell you something."

"Go ahead."

"I am elated because Ethan and I"—he paused—"we'd sex."

"What? I can't believe it the mighty Ethan DuPont bedded with you."

"Yes, he did."

"I guess he likes you very much he did it with you or did you use your potion to make it happen?"

"No, I didn't. I swear."

"Okay. So are you officially together?"

"I don't know he even left me without a note after we'd done it."

"What did you expect from him? He's known to be cold and hot-tempered yet generous."

"I agree with you. But there's something I'd like you to know."

"About Ethan?"

"No, not about him?"

"About whom?"


"What about him?"

"I think he likes me too."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No. Something happened between us. We also had momol."

"What? You're such a flirt. You'd also bedded with him?"

Raffa nodded.

"You mean Brandon is also a bisexual?"

"I think so."

"Oh, why do handsome men have a boyfriend? When did it happen?"

"Sunday early morning with him and Saturday evening with Ethan."

"Oh, my gosh. I can't believe you." Katy shook her head in disbelief at his revelation.

"Hi, guys!" Taylor interrupted. He was alone, and he neared them.

"Hi, Taylor," Raffa greeted him while Katy was silent.

"Can I talk to you for a while, Raffa?"

"About what?"

"Important matters. Can you excuse us for a while, Katy?"

"Yeah, sure." Katy distanced from them.

"What do you want to tell me?"

"Pretty Raffa Carnegie, I'm inviting you to a birthday party for my sister tonight."

"I'll try."

"Please come to me. Please?"

"I don't know. Can I go with Ethan and Brandon?"

"No, they aren't invited."

"Why not? They're your friends."

"No, I can only invite one. It's a small party. Please?"

"I'll think about it."

"Okay. In case you will just call me. Here's my number. I'll go ahead." Taylor winked at him and left for his class.

The bell rang. It was time for the next class. Raffa neared Katy.

"What was that for? He winked at you. Does it mean he likes you too?"

"I don't know. He's not my type."

"You beat the ladies. You're more beautiful than any one of them. I exclude myself because I already have Trevor. Three guys like you. Imagine that."

Raffa grinned. "Oh, I don't have plans to add one. I'm already torn between Ethan and Brandon."

Katy brushed off. "Okay. I trust you. Meantime, let's proceed to our class."


It was eight forty-five in the evening when Raffa heard a few knocks from his door. He asked who he was, and the voice replied, a security member. He opened it, and the smiling Taylor stood at his door.

"A security member, huh?"

"I'm sorry. I know you won't open the door for me if I say my name."


"I'm fetching you."

"I'm sorry I'm not coming with you."

"Why not?"

"I'm tired. I'm not in the mood for attending a party tonight."

"You're not in the mood because you're not with Ethan or Brandon. Don't you like me?" Taylor neared him and snaked his waist.

Raffa tried to remove Taylor's hands, but he tightened his grip.

"Taylor, please. I'm not what you think I am."

"Don't be so naïve. This is what you want. I'm already offering myself to you."

"I can't. You look for other girls and gays. There's plenty out there."

"You're insulting me. You bedded with Ethan and Brandon, but you don't want to do it with me. I want to experience what you did to them. They told me you're a great performer. Besides, I'm also handsome and get a huge package. You'll surely enjoy our sexcapade. I'll make you the happiest gay tonight. I'll surpass my friends' performances. Common, let's do it."

"Taylor, let me go. You're hurting me."

"If I can't get you in diplomacy, then, perhaps force does."

Taylor's eyes burnt with fire, and he pushed Raffa and punched his stomach hard. Raffa fell to the floor, and he would've gone, but Taylor grabbed his wings. Taylor punched him again on his stomach and on his face that made him lie unconscious. The next thing Raffa knew when he opened his eyes, he was in the cave—wings broken, hands and tail tied. His face, back and abdomen throbbed.

"I can't believe you did this to me."

"Believe it now. It's happening to you." Taylor's burning eyes glared at him.

"No wonder. You're a servant to the wicked. Who's your superior? Olivia?"

Taylor punched him again on his face. "Respect my princess."

Raffa's candy-red-apple blood dripped from his face. "You'll pay for this, bastard. The Elite, the Halfling, Ethan and Brandon will come for me to hunt you down."

"I'm waiting for that, slut."

They kept on exchanging harsh words to one another when Olivia came."

"How's the bait?"

"Terribly bad, Your Highness."

"Great!" Olivia neared Raffa and cupped and squeezed his face tightly. "I believe my twin sister, your friend, will come to rescue you." She held her trident of everlasting fire, and flames came out of it. "Katy, Katy. Listen to me. Your close friend is with us. If you want to see him alive, come here in my cave alone and rescue him." She blew the flames and sent it to Katy at the Crystal Palace.

Meanwhile, Katy and Trevor were talking to one another when the flames appeared in their midst. Their foreheads plastered with shock.

"Where did it come from?" Trevor asked.

"I don't know, but I'm feeling bad about this," Katy replied.

"How did it pass through? The kingdom is protected by a shield and my lightning spear."

"There's a very small passage at the back of our kingdom. Too small that only an insect can pass it through, maybe this thing uses it."

The flames started to show the scene that made Katy sob, and a female voice spoke beckoning her to rescue his friend.

"Olivia abducted Raffa to get me."

"Yes, she uses him as bait so you'll come there alone and be killed."

"I'll go there. He's badly bitten."

"I won't allow you. It's too risky and dangerous. We need to plan this out. We shouldn't be impulsive in making our decision."

"I guess, I'll call Ethan and Brandon so they'll know about Raffa's condition."

Katy called each one of them through her magic mirror, and in a few seconds, they appeared at her room.

"Who kidnapped him?" Ethan raised his voice, his eyes ablaze with anger.

"Olivia," Katy answered.

"Bastard! I believe she can't do this alone. She can't pass through our kingdom anymore. It's protected by bolts of lightning. I surmise she has an accomplice," Brandon said.

"Yes, she has. Look at the flames so that you'll know who among your friends is a traitor."

They gaped at the flames as Taylor punched Raffa on his face—he held him with a tight grip so he could kiss him wildly like a rapist.

"Bastard! He'll pay for this. I'll tear his face with my punches," Brandon said.

"I'll break his wings, traitor!" Ethan said.

"What shall we do now?" Katy asked.

"I have a plan," Trevor replied.

"What is that?"

"Kate, I'll disguise as you."

"Can you do that?" Brandon interrupted.

"He can," Katy replied. "After all, he's a Halfling."

"Remember the fruit of Halamanderia—the fruit that enables anybody to copy the image of another being?" Trevor asked.

"I do."

"Good! Then, seek permission from Princess Merfara so we can teleport there and have one."

Katy called the princess through her magic mirror, and the latter granted her permission. She and Trevor teleported to the place of Halamanderia, and she picked fruit and handed it to him, and they went back to their room.

Trevor took a bite, and he transformed into another Katy.

"Wow!" The two boys said.

"You look exactly like me," Katy said.

"Am I?" Trevor copied Katy's gestures.

"Yes, the voice, the mannerisms. You perfectly copy me. Look at your reflection in the mirror and see for yourself."

Trevor checked himself in the mirror and said, "For sure, Olivia will be fooled."

"Can we go with you?" Brandon asked.

"Of course you can. You need to bring your friend here back while I fight for the wicked."

"I think you need this." Katy removed her bangle and handed it to Brandon.

"What shall I do with this?"

"It gives you power. Just recite this spell, 'da deam luna voluerim' and think of the thing you wish to happen for yourself, and it shall be granted to you. If you wish to be invisible, it will make you one."

"Da deam luna voluerim." Brandon immediately became invisible to them. He tried to near Ethan and waved his hand in front of him, but he got no reaction from him. It worked out, he thought. He chanted again and reversed his wish.


"It is. Take care of that, Brandon, it's my mother's heirloom."

"I will."

"So, let's go guys. Let's not delay our rescue operation" Trevor apparated to the cave together with Ethan and Brandon. They saw Olivia sit on her black throne with a huge skull behind her. Trevor, except his two companions, appeared in her midst—they used the power of the bangle to make them invisible. They neared Raffa whom they saw was badly hurt by Taylor who by the way stood beside him. They pitied for their gay friend and wanted to punch the culprit, but they controlled themselves for they were waiting for Trevor's go signal to make a move.

"Well, well. You're here to save your close friend," Olivia said, giving the guest her wolfish smile.

"I am. Release him now and make me as your prisoner instead." You slutty freak.

"It sounds cool to me you voluntarily submit yourself. I like your attitude. You're cooperative."

"Release him now." Bullfish!

"Okay, come nearer to Raffa so you can replace him in his unlikely situation." Olivia held her trident, and it emitted huge flames and beckoned Taylor to release the captive. As soon as he removed him from being tied up, Ethan appeared and held Raffa's hand while Brandon held Taylor, and they disappeared. Shocked by what she saw, Olivia used her trident against Trevor, but he parried her attack with bolts of lightning from his spear.

"I can sense you're not my twin sister. You're Trevor and not Katy. You fooled me. Liar!"

"Yes, you're right. I'm not her." Trevor transformed into his true self. "You deserve it." Idiot freak.

Furious, Olivia used all the skills she learned from her training with the Spirit Witch Queen. Her entire body was gleaming with fire, and she turned the ground into a fiery one. Huge flames emitted from her trident, and she directed them to Trevor, but Trevor moved swiftly and went back to the Crystal Kingdom.


Ethan came out in Katy's room with Raffa on his both hands, and Katy attended to his weak friend whose face was blackened by punches and whose body was bruised. Meanwhile, Brandon brought Taylor to his place. He tied him up and landed punches on his face.

"Bastard! Ethan and I consider you as our friend, but you betrayed us. How dare you touch my gay friend!" Brandon punched him again with his big hands that made him groan.

Taylor laughed at him while grumbling in pain. "Raffa tasted good. I kissed his lips and bit them hard. His cries made me wild."

Brandon punched the traitor's stomach again and again. "You're a fucking monster! You deserve no mercy from me." He kicked his face and abdomen while Taylor coughed with blood on his attack.

Ethan followed Brandon and Taylor. As soon as he appeared, he directed his attention to Taylor. His eyes burnt with rage upon seeing the culprit who made his special friend agonized in pain. He walloped him in his face, from left to right, making his face swollen, and his blood dripped from it.

"You're an envious monster! You kidnapped him because he didn't want to have sex with you." Ethan kicked Taylor's buttocks hard, and the poor guy moaned. "You're nothing but a rotten rattlesnake."

The two cousins alternately made him a punching bag.

"This is unlawful. You should've brought me to trial with the Council of thirteen," Taylor complained in his harsh voice.

"You want for a fair trial? No need for that. I'll bring the law into my hands. You know my family is one of the richest and most powerful. I can give blood money to your family … in case they know what we're doing for you," Ethan said and broke Taylor's wings that made him bellow.

"Your family is nothing compared to ours. With your betrayal, I can ask Mom and Dad to put your business down and sequester your wealth. After all, your business grows because Dad is helping your family. Your biggest mistake is that you touch the person I like."

"I'm sorry my friends. I can't control my lust on Raffa. A flame entered my body, and it mind-controlled me." Taylor cried.

"I can accept your apology, but I can't forget what you did to him. You must pay it with your … life," Ethan said and broke Taylor's neck. He took a bottle from his sling bag, and the purple fume came out from it, and it turned into a hungry two headed-tiger, which bolted down Taylor's body.

They teleported to Katy's room—where Raffa was covering from his serious injury.

"How's he?" Ethan asked.

"He's not okay," Katy replied.

"He has broken wing, bruises on his body and got the dark round pigments on his face. Is there any other way to clear that?" Brandon said and handed the bangle to Katy. "Can your bangle restore him to his healthy condition?"

Katy said. "I'll try." She muttered an incantation, but the bangle couldn't cure it. "I'll ask for the princess' potion, perhaps it shall work." She called the princess through her magic mirror, and the latter sent her a potion through her errand. She smiled because the princess had changed a lot. Before, she couldn't give her potion easily without asking for a gift and duel with her. She poured the liquid on Raffa's face and body, but still, it didn't work.

Ethan sat on a bed and held Raff's hand while Brandon kept on walking to and fro, patting his forehead, worried on his gay friend's condition.

"What shall we do now?" Brandon asked.

"Why not consult the Oracle?" Katy said. When she was about to call the Oracle using her magic mirror, Trevor emerged in the room. "Thanks to the Goddess! You're safe."

"I am." Trevor hugged her. "I'd already arrived a few minutes ago, but I reported the incident to the princesses. Olivia is very powerful now. She has a trident that emits huge flames. It can match the power of my lightning spear."

"Really? I'll consult the Minister on that matter later. Meantime, I'm going to call your Grandma about my friend's condition."

"Isn't he okay?"

"He's not. He's getting worse." Katy contacted the Oracle and sent her a copy of the images, showing his friend's body and face. The Oracle was in shock seeing Raffa's face and body, and she told her on what to do with him.

"What did Grandma say?"

"She said he'll only be cured if his body and face shall be stricken with soft rays of lightning. He'd been tormented by the power of the trident of the everlasting fire and only the lightning rays can cure him."

"No problem. I can cure him." Trevor opened his palm and summoned his weapon to cure Raffa, and it released flashes of gentle lightning rays. Raffa shivered a little as the rays cured his broken wing and every wounded part of his body and face.

Raffa slowly opened his eyes.

"Thanks to the Goddess, you're okay now," Ethan said and caressed his hand.

"You're safe now," Brandon assured him.

"Where's Taylor?"

"Don't think about him. We'd already handled him," Ethan said.

"He's evil. He hit me hard. He's so bad." Raffa sobbed on Ethan's shoulder.

"Hush now, that's enough. Don't worry. We've avenged you." Ethan said.

"Friend, are you okay now?" Katy asked.

"I am but seem a little tired." Raffa checked his body, and he saw no bruises anymore. He smiled. "How about my pretty face? Do I still have bruises?"

Brandon shook his head and neared him. "You're still pretty."

"Oh my gosh. Thanks to all of you. By the way, who cured me?"

Trevor raised his hand while he got off the bed and hugged him. Katy and the cousins cleared their throats.

"That's enough my friend, or else I get jealous." Katy chuckled.

"Me too," Ethan said.

"Me also," Brandon said.

"Okay. Okay. It's just a thank-you hug, guys. I got no hidden intention. Trevor is not my cup of tea." Raffa defended himself as he distanced away from Trevor.

"Who is your cup of tea?" Brandon asked, half-smiling.

"Secret." Raffa neared them, and they apparated toward his room, but he came back and said. "Thanks, my sistah, and to you, Halfling."He teleported back to his well-decorated living room.

"Thanks, Ethan." Raffa kissed him on his cheek, but Ethan pulled him toward him and kissed him with tenderness.

"How about me?" Brandon neared Raffa too and received from him a kiss on his cheek, but just like his cousin, he pulled Raffa and kissed him with passion.

"I'm really happy to have you guys in my life. I can't ask for more."

"I'm happy too to have you in my life again," Ethan said.

"I'm also happy you bring meaning to my life. I promise I'll take care of you, sweetypie," Brandon said.

"Isn't it awkward guys? I mean you both share me."

"It's not a problem with me," Brandon said.

"I have no choice. This is better than nothing, honeypie," Ethan said.

"Okay. I think I'm the luckiest gay for having you both"

"You are," they both said.

"I'll stay here until tomorrow," Ethan mumbled.

"Me too," Brandon hissed.

"Okay, I'll let you stay but promise me one thing—"

"Anything, my sweetypie."

"Yes, honeypie?"

"You have to behave both. I'm still recovering."

"Yes I will," they each agreed.

"Okay, I'll go to my room and have a beauty rest." Raffa's quarters got two rooms, and he occupied the master's bedroom.

"Can I come?" Ethan asked.

"Can I come too?" Brandon asked. "Promise I'll just watch you sleep."

"Okay both of you can, but you have to keep your promise."

"We will," Ethan assured him, grinning.

They sauntered inside Raffa's room. And Raffa's inner faerie flitted his tongue in and out.

Chapter 27

The Infinity War

Katy and Trevor together with the Council of Thirteen and the Academy Minister were heading to the royal conference room for an emergency meeting with the princesses. They were chit-chatting on the possible reasons why they were called for a meeting early in the morning.

"I sense this meeting has something to do with our security systems," one of the members said.

"You think so?" The other one asked.

"Yes, I do."

"What do you think, Halfling?" Minister Marsette asked.

"Well, I guess it's about our enemy with her new powerful weapon?" Trevor replied.

"Olivia. What about her new weapon?"

"Well, it's powerful just like mine."


Trevor hadn't added any details since the princesses arrived. They all stood—men bowed while women curtsied.

"This meeting is called for an emerging threat from Olivia, our immortal enemy. The wind blows differently telling us of an omen that something may happen anytime this day. Let me tell you, one of our merfairy people was abducted by her using a mole, her accomplice, to fulfill her evil plan against us. But thanks to the Halfling, he rescued him. However, according to him … " She paused and looked at Trevor. "Olivia has a trident of everlasting fire, a weapon from the King of Darkness. Such a weapon can wipe us all and even our kingdom from this Fantasy World that the Goddess had created. We need to act now," Princess Merfara said in a serious tone.

"Your Highness, all of our soldiers had already been preparing for this since the day our kingdom was seized. We won't allow her to destroy us," the new Defense Minister said.

"Your Highness, I believe the only weapon that can match its power is the lightning spear of the Halfling. Since their powers are equal, it's all about the Halfling's strategy and skills to defeat her. I guess, we've taught him almost everything he needs to learn, Minister Marsette said."

"Let's also not forget, that it's our love for our people and solidarity which are our greatest weapons to disarm the evil forces," Katy said.

"Well said, Ministers and Elite. Trevor, what can you say?"

"Your Highness, we need to secure first the young ones and the women. All those living in the south and west must be evacuated to our fortress. We won't allow much bloodshed from the helpless and innocent ones. A hundred soldiers must guard the entire kingdom while the other hundreds must go with us in a battle. Mostly our battle is aerial, but let's not also disregard for a possible attack underwater. It's imperative to inform everyone about the threat so they can prepare."

"Brilliant idea, Trevor." Princess Merfara directed her attention to the new Defense Minister. "Arex, alert all concerned now. Disseminate the information immediately, and always be ready for a battle. This meeting is adjourned."

They all left except Trevor, Katy and the Academy Minister who stayed with the princesses.

"Your Highness, If I may add?" Trevor asked.

"Go ahead."

"We'll request the professors to secure our younglings and women. They'll be the one to protect them from our enemies at the fortress."

"That's a great idea, Trevor." Princess Merfara directed her attention to the Academy Minister. "Madam Marsette, instruct your professors about our request for them to protect the younglings and the women."

"I will, Your Highness." Madam Marsette called the professors over her magic mirror and reported to the princess their responses. "They're doing your request now."

"Thank you, Minister. Let us stay at the royal hall while we're waiting for an unlikely event. I have a strong feeling she'll attack us today."


Olivia appeared at the land of the Smithereens, a tribe of the three-foot men and women who'd big noses and rabbit-like ears, who wore shabby clothes and who lived through farming and mining. She directed her trident of everlasting fire against the two huts, enough to draw attention from the Smithereens. The owners of the huts screamed as they went outside their homes with their bodies burning. The other Smithereens sprinted outside their homes and trembled at the presence of the uninvited guest. Many cried for the fate of their fellows.

"Your attack is an act of cowardice," Uhani, the tribe leader and the oldest among the Smithereens with a beard reaching his belly, said. "We are powerless beings who can hardly defeat a lion, how much more to a powerful merfairy like you."

Olivia smirked. "Yes, you're right. You are powerless and useless beings. You don't deserve to live 'cause you're weaklings."

"With all due respect, every creature that walks, crawls and swims in the Fantasy Land has the right to live. We were created by the Great Goddess just like you."

"Really? Well, you were created as the lower life forms and for that, you're summoned to be my servants."

"Servants? The Smithereens don't have masters. We were born free."

"Whoa! Spoken like a true leader." Olivia gave him a smug smile. "We'll see how far your sharp tongue can go." She held her trident and directed it against Uhani. The poor Smithereen shivered as he fell down to his knees.

"Uhani!" screamed the Smithereens.

"Bow down before me or die."

"Your cruelty will surely reach to the heart of the Goddess. You'll pay for this with your life. I bow down to no one but to the Goddess and the good merfairies. The Elite shall avenge our fate in your hands," Uhani said as he caught his breath.

"My twin sister?" Olivia guffawed. "She's nothing but a mere trying, fucking hard fairy-fish. Do you believe in her? She's just like you, a lower life form too."

"Proud and arrogant. That's what you are. You deserve to be burnt in the lake of fire."

Olivia raised her eyebrows. "Well, bid goodbye to your people. Your sharp tongue leads you to your doom." She opened her mouth and released a winged-snake. It grew into ten-meter long and slaughtered Uhani. The Smithereens vociferated on Uhani's kismet.

"Bow down before me or die."

"We won't. We rather die than serve the wicked," Uhana said.

"And who are you?"

"I'm Uhana, the daughter of the Smithereen you just killed."

"Just like her father, brave and outspoken. So what now? Go ahead, avenge your father's death."

"We are peaceful living beings. It's not our nature to fight, but it's in our blood to unite," Uhana said, tear-jerking. The Smithereens neared Uhana, and they held each other's hands, eyes closed as they lifted their heads and whispered a prayer. A strong gust of wind whooshed and out from nowhere, Katy and Trevor appeared.

"Enough, Olivia!" Katy bawled. "What have you done to these beings? They're innocent and powerless. Why did you harass them?"

"It's none of your business."

"It. Is. Mine." Katy's fist balled up. "They are under my protection."

"Oh, I see. A less powerful protect the powerless. So ironic, isn't it?"

"These beings may be powerless, but their words are powerful. Once they curse you, it shall come true."

"Hell, I care. Let's test their powerful words." Olivia ordered her winged–snake to attack the Smithereens, but Trevor met the snake and cut off its head with his lightning spear before it could near them. Katy then created a shield to protect the Smithereens with her bangle.

Enraged, Olivia directed her trident against Trevor, but Trevor parried her attack. The power of their weapons equaled. None weakened, none surrendered. Clever as she was, Olivia opened her mouth to release tens of winged-snake to charge at Trevor while she assaulted the shield that protected the Smithereens and Katy with her trident of everlasting flames. In a few seconds, the shield shattered, and she directed her trident again to Katy.

Using all her power and might, Katy fought against the trident's power. At first, she enabled to fight it, but when Olivia attacked the Smithereens, Katy's attention shifted to them. She tried to save them with her bangle while she managed to fight Olivia's flames. Eventually, Kate weakened, and Olivia captured her.

"Kate," Trevor said.

"Elite," the Smithereens cried.

Olivia guffawed. "Is she your protector? Is this how your protector saves you? She can't even save herself from me."

"Release her or I'll show no mercy to you," Trevor snarled.

"Bring it on, baby." Olivia cachinnated. "My twin sister deserves to die. It's time for her to rest in Nirvana." She created a cage of fire and imprisoned Kate. "She'll be tormented day and night before the everlasting flames consume her not-so-gorgeous body."

"You have no spirit," Uhana interrupted. "Your wickedness runs through your veins. I curse you to be burnt in the lake of fire forever deprived of godly redemption." Flashes of lightning appeared in the sky as she cursed Olivia.

Olivia assaulted Uhana with her trident to burn her to death, but Trevor protected her. Trevor created a lightning barrier to protect the Smithereens from Olivia's attack.

"Leave Kate and the Smithereens. If you're powerful, as you think you are, then, let's fight to the death."

"I am powerful, but I'm not stupid. A wicked knows how to play her cards." Olivia doubled the flames that tortured Katy, and Trevor heard her cries.

"What do you want, wicked?"

Olivia flashed a devilish, wolfish smile. "Why are you asking? Will you give me what I want?"

Trevor became speechless.

"You know what I want. You, Trevor. I. WANT. YOU."

"You're crazy."

"Yes, I'm crazy in love with you. If you want to see your beloved Kate alive, come to me … love me or fuck me."

"You're lunatic."

"Thank you, I take that as a compliment. I'm LUNATIC … LUSCIOUS, NAUGHTY AND FANTASTIC." Olivia guffawed. "I'll give you thirty seconds to think, and your time starts now." She snapped her finger and Kim-and-Chloe-the-owls suddenly appeared with the clock on their feet.

The Smithereens watched the clock closely, and their eyes shifted from Trevor and to the clock. Before the hand of the clock struck at thirty seconds, Trevor made a decision.

"Time is up," Olivia shouted. "What's your decision, baby?"

"Okay, I'll go with you. Just release Kate and leave the Smithereens."

"Very well said, my boy. I promise you, you won't regret your decision."

"I'm regretting it now." Trevor neared Olivia.

"Ouch, don't say it, baby boy, if you want me to spare Katy's life," Olivia said and created another cage of fire and instructed Trevor to get inside.

"I'll only get in, the moment you release Kate."

"Your wish is granted, my boy. But don't make any bad move or she'll die."

Trevor nodded. Olivia released Katy while Trevor entered the cage. Olivia joined him, and she kissed him with eagerness. Although weakened, it didn't escape from Katy's sharp eyes, the Hokage—quick and lustful—moves of Olivia.

"Didn't I warn you, sister? I'll do everything in my power to make Trevor mine. Loser!"


"Elite, are you okay?" Uhana asked.

"I am." Katy whispered an incantation, and the bangle cured her burnt skin. "I have to rescue him."

"I know, but you need to rest first to regain your strength and full power. Come and get inside our humble abode to eat and rest."

Katy flew inside the kamlig, a hut and home of the Smithereens made of bamboo and coconut leaves. The Smithereens followed her.

"Thank you very much for saving us. You always protect us from our intruders since I've seen the light of our land."

"You're very much welcome. It's my honor to serve you."

Uhana cleared her throat. "I trust your special someone, he'll come back to you. He will."

"Thanks for saying that. But my sister is an evil freak, she might poison Trevor's mind. It's not impossible knowing the Spirit Witch Queen is her master."

"I understand. We'll pray at our holy mountain. Surely, the Great Goddess shall hear our prayer."


"Stay here, and we'll do our share of saving your man. Prayer can move mountains, and it shall weaken the enemies' power." Uhana beckoned her kin, and they went outside to the holy mountain.

Not long the Smithereens had gone, Trevor came back and shouted Katy's name.

"Trevor is that you?"

"Yes, it's me." Trevor followed the voice and entered the hut. "There you are, fishheart."

"How sure am I that it's you and not a doppelganger?" Katy raised her eyebrows.

"You want proof, huh? Well, you have … "He paused and grinned and gave her a wink," a mole in your …" And he whispered at her, her most private part.

Uh-oh. Katy covered her face. "It's you, my naughty man." She threw her arms around him. He kissed her hair. "How did you escape?"

Trevor narrated to her how he managed to escape from Olivia.

"So your lightning spear has a twin spirit?"

"Yes, it has. I was even surprised to see him, and he looked exactly like me. It was he whom Olivia had intimate moments with, not me. Before he had it with her, his eyes glittered with lightning rays and made me teleport here. Amazing, isn't it?"

"It is. I love you, Rockefeller."

"I love you too, beautiful."


Meanwhile, Olivia and the Spirit Witch Queen together with Hagak had prepared themselves for the attack. They positioned outside the cave. Upon the instructions of the Spirit Witch Queen, Olivia held her trident to the air, and out from it came hundreds of ferocious five-headed winged beasts whose eyes were burning with flames and whose teeth and claws were as sharp as the razor blades.

Olivia also used her trident to transform the Minister into a fiery winged-man with flaming horns and tail, and his entire body gleamed with blue fire.

"I surmise, we're ready, Olivia," the Spirit Witch Queen said. "Let's attack them now."

"Yes, Your Majesty. I smell our victory," Olivia said.

They flew to the Crystal Kingdom together with their ferocious beasts. While they were flying, several creatures on the water and in the air got petrified when they saw them. They panicked for a place to hide.

When the maleficent reached the kingdom, the seagulls shrieked. Trevor, Katy, the princesses and together with the Ministers and the hundreds of soldiers appeared to meet them in the air.

"I return to take back what is mine," Olivia said.

"The Crystal Kingdom does not belong to you, it belongs to the good merfairies," Katy said.

"And you, Trevor, the greatest liar of all times. You made me believe it was you I had sex with, but I was wronged. I woke up with a trunk of banana next to me. You fooled me twice, but you will never fool me again."

Arrogant freak. "I'll never do it with you. Never." Trevor spat at her. "Your presence is the greatest mistake the Fantasy world has ever had, and your existence is the greatest lie. Go back to the cave where you belong, traitor." Trevor vituperated—he was floating on the air with nimbus clouds on his feet. He raised his lightning spear, and a hundred gigantic eagles appeared hovering above them. Their bodies glittered with flashes of lightning.

"I am. But do you know who's the ultimate traitor?" Olivia asked, smirking. "She pretends to be your ally, but she's willing to give up the Crystal Kingdom to us in the name of love. How sweet."

"What are you talking about, wicked?"

"Why don't you ask the princess?"

Trevor leered on the two princesses. Katy did too, but her gaze shifted to Princess Merfara. Minister Marsette waved her magic wand against the princesses. And the soldiers directed their swords to their Highnesses.

Princess Merfara gasped at her sister. "You? How could you do this to me?"

Princess Manara ducked. She couldn't look straight at Merfara's eyes. Guilt seared across her face.

"You betray me. You betray our people. And you defame our Queen Mother. But why?" Princess Merfara caterwauled.

"I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry." Princess Manara whimpered.

"We trust you. Of all the merfairies ... how could you?"

"I've no choice."

"You have a choice. You always have ... because you're a princess."

"I'm not a full-blooded princess. We have the same Father, but I'm not the daughter of our Queen Mother. I'm a bastard."

Princess Merfara covered her mouth in shock. "How long have you known this matter?"

"Since the day the Halfling came into our kingdom. The Witch Queen visited me in my chamber and revealed to me that she's my real mother."

"And you believed in her?"

"I consulted the Oracle, and she confirmed it. I long for love ... for motherly love. And the Witch ... my Mom ... promise me that she'd accept me if I connive with her. Later did I realize that she doesn't love me at all. She just used me for her selfish desires."

"And you gave your blessing when Olivia usurped the throne?"

Princess Manara confessed. "Yes. I instructed Hagak to inform Olivia or the Witch Queen to assault our kingdom when we went to the cave. Everything was planned according to the Witch's wishes. Sister, you must kill me now before the curse penetrates in my entire body."

"I can't do that ... not with you."

"You must. If you won't, I'll be a monster forever. I won't let that happen to me. Please do it in the name of our Queen Mother. This is not a plea. This is an order from your older sister. I won't hurt you, not our people again." And as Manara begged to end her life her skin turned into scales like a snake. "Sister, do it now."

"I can't."


"How can I end your life?"

"Use your magic wand to rip off my heart." Manara took off her armor and opened her chest for Princess Merfara. "Do. It. Now."

Tear-jerking, Princess Merfara pierced her wand right through the heart of her sister while Manara's face crumpled in pain.

Powerful Princess Manara was, a breath of life still lingered on her.

"Halfling, use your weapon to cut my head off. And Katy, use your bangle to burn my body."

Startled, Trevor and Katy hesitated to follow the princess' order. She looked at Princess Merfara for approval, and the princess inclined her head.

Princess Manara said. "In the name of the Crystal Kingdom, I command you, Trevor, to cut my head off."

With hesitation, Trevor advanced toward Princess Manara and beheaded her with his lightning spear. Manara's spirit left her body, smiling. Katy mumbled "Ignis." And fire consumed the princess's body.

Manara's spirit said. "Thank you for granting my last wish. I allow you, princess, to rip off my heart, Trevor to behead me and Katy to burn my body so that the Witch won't have any chance to resurrect me. This is the wisdom of the Great Oracle Delphina." Manara vanished together with the six hundred and sixty-six blue butterflies to Nirvana.

"Enough of the drama. You won't win any Oscars for this. It's time to fight." Olivia ranted. The Witch Queen resounded booming applause in agreement with Olivia's words.

"Prepare for your death, you evil freak." Trevor stormed.

"I should've said join me or die. But since you insulted me as if you were a god, let the battle begin." Olivia created a whirlwind of blue fire and directed it to him, but the latter parried her attack with his nimbus of clouds flashing with lightning.

Trevor shapeshifted into an ice-dragon whose body shimmered with lightning and blew ice spears beaming with lightning flashes against her, but Olivia melted them with her everlasting flames.

She taunted at him and transfigured into a fiery, gigantic merfairy with a horn on her forehead, and she attacked him. She held his dragon body and threw it a few meters away from her, but he came back, hitting its tail with all his strength against her body that made her groan in pain, and she moved backward a few inches from him. He neared her and mulled her body with his powerful razor sharp-like claws.

Trevor transformed back to himself and turned into a gigantic winged-man, still, his body was gleaming of lightning, and he drew his spear against her—directing it on her left chest, but Olivia counteracted it with her trident of everlasting fire. They fought against each other, power against power and force against force.

Meanwhile, Katy and Princess Merfara handled the Spirit Witch Queen who attacked them with her tens of vultures. She used her bangle to create a flying flaming sword to kill the birds that neared her while Princess Merfara used the powers from her eyes and fingers and melted the birds.

Furious, the Spirit Witch Queen screamed her lungs out so she opened her mouth, and a hundred winged-snakes came out from it and flew toward them. However, her attack was defenseless against the power of the three.

The Ministers fought hard against the fiery winged-man, and they used their magic wands and cast a spell to bind him with blue lights, but he managed to escape and blew a huge fire against them. However, they quickly moved from his attack.

On the other hand, the soldiers and the gigantic eagles flew to kill the ferocious beasts. While they landed on them, their enemies tore their bodies into two while several of them cut off the beasts' heads with their swords and claws.

An epic battle on the air took place as they fought against each other for peace and reclamation of power. When the Spirit Witch Queen watched the beasts and the fiery winged-man defeated, she escaped.

Katy, Princess Merfara, the Ministers and the gigantic eagles flew to Trevor's direction, and they helped him fight against his powerful enemy. They used all their powers and might to attack Olivia in her fiery, gigantic form while Trevor used also his strength and power against her as he came closer to her and slashed her flaming body with his spear.

Olivia struggled on their attacks and parried them with all her best, but she eventually weakened and destroyed. Even in her defeat, Olivia boasted. Her pride and arrogance soared high.

"Katy, no matter what you do, you're just next to me. I was born lovelier and smarter than you."

Katy smiled at her. "Yes, you're right. You're lovelier and smarter than me. However, I was born to live and be happy eternally while you, you were born to die and suffer forever."

"I hate you, twin sister."

"I love you, my twin sister. Farewell."

"I. AM. SORRY." Olivia's trident fell from her hand, and a huge-burning hand appeared out from nowhere and seized it, and a large-flaming mouth swallowed her spirit that departed from her flaming body.

The soldiers yelled at their victory, spurring on the Halfling, the Elite, and the princess.

"It's over," Trevor said as he transformed back to himself.

"Yes it is … for now," Katy agreed and hugged him. Trevor wiped Katy's tears.

"However, the Spirit Witch Queen had escaped," Princess Merfara said.

"Never mind her, princess. She'd gotten a dose of her own medicine. She can't handle us as long as we're one," Minister Marsette said.

"I agree," Katy said.

Trevor would've spoken when a bright light radiated before them, and the Goddess appeared, and they all bowed.

"Congratulations to your victory. Trevor, Katy and the royal princess, you shall be called the Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom. Continue to fight for a good cause.

"Thank you, Great Goddess," Trevor said, and the Goddess smiled at him and disappeared. "This calls for a celebration."

Trevor thanked the gigantic eagles for their help, and they all smiled at him. He held his spear to the air, and the eagles turned into spirits, and each of them flew back to it. He tossed his spear, and it emitted soft lightning flashes, then he held it tightly, and it disappeared into its right palm, leaving a mark that looked like a lightning spear. He believed the battle against the dark forces had not yet ended with the Spirit Witch Queen's escape, but with unity, love and pure heart, he was positive that he, the other guardians and the rest of the good merfairies could exhume her and her dark forces soon.

Trevor neared Katy.

"You're right, fishheart. It's over for now. Olivia is gone," Trevor said.

"Yes, although I feel sad for my sister, she chose her destiny. She deserves her comeuppance," Katy mumbled. She looked at the sky and whispered. "I accept your apology, sister." Her black tail turned into a golden one. She and Trevor grinned.

"Yes. You're right. She deserved it. What matters most now is that no one will come our way for our love for each other."

"You're right, Trevor." She gingerly pinched his nose. "I love you, Rockefeller."

"I love you too, Morningstar." He rubbed his nose against hers.

Kate's face plastered with surprise. "How did you know my last name?"

"Perks of being a Halfling."

"Really?" Katy tickled him.

"I guess." Trevor grabbed her right arm and wrapped it around him while she snaked his left arm around him too. He kissed her forehead while she closed her eyes. For the first time, Kate's heart spluttered with happiness.

"My twin sister, the royal princesses and the Oracle know my last name. Did any of them tell you about it?"

"Nope. Well, let's just say, a tiny creature whispered it to me."

Kate widened her eyes. "I think I have an idea of that living being. It must be him." She wondered the true identity of the golden bee and whispered. "I'll find out your big secret my little insect friend."

"Did you say something?"

"Nothing important."

"I see." Trevor neared Katy and cupped her face, and he lowered his head and locked his lips with hers. It was a long, passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, the soldiers applauded and whistled at them, and the princesses grinned, and the Ministers misted their eyes with tears of joy.

All of a sudden, the Spirit Witch Queen's voice fulminated, "The game's not yet over. It has just started." Clouds of poisonous green fumes hovered above them.

Trevor's palm lit up, and he opened it—the mark of a lightning spear flashed rays of fortitude and hope reminding them that as long as his master who controlled it chose the good forces, evil would be obliterated from the face of the Fantasy Land. The white rays hit the fumes as they battled in the skies. What stunned him was a spectacle of different lights for the lights created looked like a fireworks display in the Dili-Ingun-Natos' world.

Merfairy men, women and their children came out from the fortress and gathered around the Crystal Palace, and they witnessed the phenomenon it had happened for the very first time of their existence—their mouths dropped open.

Children couldn't contain their merriment as they took their magic mirrors out and had selfie and groupie with it. In an instant, it broke the MertwitterInstabook and WeTubers accounts, garnering a million likes in just a few seconds. Even Naruha, Nympha, Ellen and Oprah retweeted the picture with the hashtag #phenomenalColors.

Bliss and blessed, Trevor hugged Katy. He'd found a new family, a new home, a home where his heart belonged to.

"The Wicked Witch has no match with my spear," Trevor said. Katy agreed.

"No one could withstand the power of the lightning spear. No one could. It came from the Great One," Katy said.

"If anybody refutes, let the power of the lightning spear illuminate and dispel the skeptic's cloud of doubts and warm his icy heart," Trevor said.

."See you in Book 2 brother," his inner god teased him.


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