Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom
5 Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom-Part 5
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Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom
Author :lavidalunasanggre
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5 Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom-Part 5

Chapter 20

The Coronation

Olivia cachinnated while sitting on a golden throne of the Crystal Kingdom. And Rowling-and-King-the-ravens, as well as the other ten of ravens, laughed with her too. Kim-and-Chloe-the-Owldashians missed the moment.

Her fingers laced to the throne as she savored her victory. She didn't imagine she'd ascend to the throne and rule her kin. Who'd have thought she could overthrow the princesses from the royal palace? Thanks to the Spirit Witch Queen! She wouldn't be the new Queen of the merfairies if not to her. It was she who persuaded her to attack the kingdom upon the advice of Minister Hagak. Before, all she wanted was to be accepted by her fellow merfairies and be loved by Trevor.

As she surveyed the royal hall, she remembered how the former queen of the merfairies, the Queen Mother of the princesses gave her verdict against her misdemeanor charges. At a young age, she experienced the trial before the Queen Mother who heard her case about her switching the color of her black tail with Katy's golden tail using the incantation she learned from Oracle Delphina and of course, with Princess Merfara's help.

She bawled when the Queen Mother ordered to send her to an exile, to the Land of Nothingness, a dark place where ferocious beasts dwelt. She asked help from her biological mother, but the latter was helpless. She felt bad she was punished, but the royal princess was not—she was her accessory to the crime, so she must be punished too. The crime of one was the crime of all. However, only she was sentenced to doom. She'd no choice but to leave the kingdom with her owls. Along the way to her doom, she sought help from the evil Spirit Witch Queen by sending her owl to her. The Witch Queen with her army of bats and ravens rescued her on her way to an exile, and the latter allowed her to stay in Riverlandia.

A firefly hovering above her brought her to the present. Standing on her right side was the Assistant Commander-in-Chief Hagak. Hagak started a rebellion in the kingdom together with his allies when it was defenseless by the princesses' absence.

"Assistant Commander, have you checked the security systems so that our enemies can be easily detected?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. I've already checked the systems together with our merfairy men. Everything is under control."

"Good!" Olivia beckoned the lady servants who were standing at the palatial sides to give her berries, and they neared her, but she got mad when they didn't curtsy before her."

"Bow down before your Queen, disrespectful morons!" She used her staff with a skull on its top against them, and they shook when electric currents came out of it, electrocuting their bodies to death. "You'll have the same fate with them if you'll not respect me. Tell it to the others!" She screamed at the other lady attendants and guards—her mouthed released several winged-snakes and ingurgitated the helpless merfairies lying on the crystal floor.

Other members of the council and the guards trembled, their lips convulsed in horror by merely looking at Olivia's eyes.

"Assistant Commander?"

"Yes, Your Majesty?" Hagak bowed.

"Write a decree, and I'll sign it about the dissolution of the Council of Thirteen. They'll be assigned as professors in the Academy. They'll teach about dark magic—and my picture shall be displayed in every classroom and hallway of the palace. Other activities in the kingdom shall proceed. Immediate and widest dissemination is desired. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Hagak flicked his magic wand, and a paper came out. Using his fingers, he wrote the order and handed it to the queen, had her signature and sealed it. "Great, Your Majesty. I'll give this to my men and have it read and implemented throughout the kingdom." He bowed before he left.

The queen smiled when a merfairy gay approached her.

Raffa curtsied. "Your Majesty, you look very lovely today."

"Oh, thank you, Raffa. It's just a small thing." Olivia's face brightened up by his compliment.

"May I know your beauty regimen, Your Majesty? Your beauty is incomparable. No one in the kingdom can equal your great looks." Feeling queenly. Yuck.

"Oh, thank you. Of course, I'm the fairest of them all. Oh, I don't have beauty rituals. Mine is natural."

"Wow, that's great to hear, Your Majesty! You're blessed to have good genes."

"Indeed." Olivia had a belly laugh and beckoned him to laugh too. "Raffa?"

"Yes, Your Majesty?" Yes, slut.

"Why don't you like my twin sister?"

"Oh, that bitch!" Raffa pretended he disliked Katy. "She's a flirt. She wants to be on the pedestal. She wants everybody's attention. She's a fame whore." He lied. His words were music to Olivia, and she cachinnated. Oh, Katy, forgive me. I've left with no choice but to please this whore.

"I like you. You're my bff now."

"Oh, I love that word. Bff or best friends forever." Or shall I say best foe forever. Raffa tossed his both hands to hers, and they gave each other a high five. I'm vomiting. Slutty, itchy worm.

"Would you style my hair too just like yours?"

"Of course, Your Majesty." Raffa went to her back while she was sitting on her throne. He made a face mock on her as he combed her hair. Can I make your hair curly or pull your hair strand one by one? Loathsome vixen.

"Will you massage my back?"

Holy shit. You make me a therapist? Common, I'll break your bones and hull out your esophagus

When Raffa massaged her, Olivia liked it, but when he touched the part of her back which Trevor hit, she became irritated. She told him to leave her alone, and he went away. She began to recall how she was badly hurt by Trevor's magical spear. It caused her severe bleeding and weakened her strength. Luckily, she was able to return to the cave. The Spirit Witch Queen attended to her.

"What happened to you, loyal ally?"

"I was hit by Trevor's spear, Your Majesty."

"Oh, the one you love most?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. Please cure me, it's painful."

"Of course." The Spirit Witch Queen released her green fumes from her mouth, and directed it to Olivia. ."It takes days before you finally recovered. Have your rest."

Olivia went to her room and took a deep sleep—for two days. When she woke up on the third day, she felt an enormous power inside her. Her body emitted emerald-green lights, and her green eyes turned into a blazing red. She felt different. It seemed there was another being inside her.

"Your Majesty, are you inside my body?"

The Spirit Witch Queen popped out her head from Olivia's neck and spoke, "I am. Don't you like it?"

"Of course, I do, Your Majesty but why?"

"No questions. Prepare yourself for we're heading to the Crystal Kingdom now. The Defense Minister told me through a firefly that majority of the brave soldiers will accompany the princesses in coming here to attack us. We'll give them a surprise for a lifetime."

"Yes, Your Majesty, your will be done."

Olivia teleported to the kingdom and slaughtered every being that came her way. With the help of the Defense Minister, she took the brilliant and powerful professors into their deep sleep. She brainwashed the other members of the Council of Thirteen while others had no choice but to side with her—that made Olivia's ascension to the throne easy.

Using her power, she monitored the princesses, and she laughed hard when she saw them dismayed upon finding out she wasn't there in the cave. She prepared for their return to the kingdom and defeated them when they did. As the Spirit Witch Queen possessed her body, the powers of the princesses, the Academy's Minister, Head of the Council and the soldiers were nothing. If they didn't escape, she would've killed them.

Her senses brought her back to the Crystal Kingdom when a male merfairy came to her.

"Your Majesty?" He bowed before her.

"Yes, Messenger?"

"It's time for your inspection."

"Okay." Olivia stood and winged to Sarvard Academy while her lady attendants followed her. Women curtsied while men bowed to her. She grinned at their gestures. She checked every classroom as the students and the professors greeted her and bowed. Her image on the wall with a heading, Her Majesty Queen Olivia made her smile. She proceeded to the arena, and the students greeted and curtsied to her—they'd practiced their routines on different contests for the coming sports festival. She held her staff in madness against the other student-merfairies when few continued their practice on their routines without halting them when they saw her. The poor merfairies plummeted in the pool when their wings lost the strength to fly.

She dashed to the library to see the new Academy Minister and spoke to her.

"Inform everyone to my coronation tonight, Minister."

"I will, Your Majesty."

"Let the rich families bring offerings to me. Let the Carnegie bring six kilograms of diamonds, the DuPont six kilograms of gold and the Ashtor, six kilograms of black pearls. Understood?"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Olivia would've left when she remembered something.

"Minister, have you seen the purple book on the shelf?"

"No, Your Majesty. I guess it was taken by Madam Marsette when she escaped."

"Bastard! And one more thing, don't call her Madam, she's no longer the Minister. You're the new one."

"Yes I will, Your Majesty."

Olivia apparated to her throne. While she was sitting on it, pondering on the most regal gown she'd wear in the coronation night, Kim-the-owl perched on her staff, while Chloe rested on her throne. They showed something to her, and she grinned like a wolf.


"This is the most beautiful night for me. I'd be formally crowned as the Queen of the Crystal Kingdom." Olivia wore a long black gown embellished with diamonds, rubies, and pearls. Her red cape with golden pyramidal designs extended fifteen-meter long, and her attendants had made sure it would look perfect to her or else they'd become food for her voracious winged-snakes.

The drum rolled, and the trumpets blew. The host announced the processional march. Olivia was flying slowly, a few centimeters away from the red carpet. She gave a hearty smile to the highly distinguished families—the DuPonts, the Ashtors and the Carnegies. The whole merfairies smiled at her, and she smiled back at them. She was heading slowly toward the throne until she reached it.

"Tonight is a very important occasion for we're going to witness the crowning of our new gorgeous Queen. Without further much ado, may I call the Assistant Commander-in-chief Hagak to crown our Queen," the host said.

Hagak, holding the crown on his hands, bestowed it on Olivia's head while the new Academy's Minister gave her the scepter. Deafening applause echoed throughout the royal palace.

"As your new Queen, I'll be kind to those who are obedient to my orders and show no mercy to those who oppose my rule. There'll be changes to the system. They may sound harsh at first, but you'll get used to them. There'll be order in our kingdom. My rule is authoritative, but it's for your good. Let the rich give their taxes to me in the form of gold and diamonds while those average income earners shall give their pearls. There'll be a brand new day for all of us. Meanwhile, let the feast begin."

Several rich merfairies grumbled in protest, but they just kept it to themselves. They pretended they agreed to her as they sipped their glasses of wine while others ate and ignored what she said. They knew her reign wouldn't last long for the princesses would do their best to seize back the throne.

Queen Olivia remained at the royal ball but later decided to go to her huge chamber. A few minutes passed, the Assistant Commander-in-chief brought a handsome merfairy and gifted him to her. She bedded with him, and her sexual appetite had been satisfied. Every night, her assistant would bring handsome and sexy merfairy men to her—to bed with her.

However, one of them became a cup of her tea. His striking features resembled Trevor, good-looking with strong broad shoulders, flat abdomen, muscular legs and sexy smile. She beckoned the guy named Brandon to join her on a bed, and she kissed him with eagerness. She distanced and purred an incantation while holding her staff, and they shapeshifted to a naked woman and man She motioned him to lie on his back, and she kissed him like a slut, aggressive and lustful.

"I couldn't ask for more from you, you're like a raging bull," Olivia said trying to catch her breath.

Brandon said, "I'm always at your service, Your Majesty. I'll always make you the happiest queen on the bed. Ready for another round, Your Majesty?"

Olivia licked her upper lip, and they bedded all night long.

Chapter 21


One cloudy morning, Olivia's attendant came flying to her and brought her the bad news.

"Your Majesty, your enemies are here. They've entered the palace."

"Who are they?"

"The princesses together with the Elite, the Head Council, the Academy's Minister, a few soldiers and …" He paused.

"And who?"

"The Halfling."

"Oh, they're nothing to me. Let them come to me here in the royal palace, and I'll make them food for my hungry three-headed leopards." Olivia held her staff to the air, and several leopards emerged inches away from her feet. Not long enough, her assistant Commander-in-chief appeared next to her. She heard him say.

"Your Majesty, they're here. Let me warn you, the Halfling is becoming more powerful. He has a new weapon."

Olivia showed no fear of his words and saw the princesses with their company coming. She commanded the ferocious beasts to attack her enemies, but they got electrocuted to death when Trevor used his lightning spear, emitting flashes of lightning against her creatures. Enraged, her eyes ablaze with green fumes.

"Oh, you've got a new weapon."

"Yes, and I'll use it to kill you." Fuckfish freak!

"Oh, really?"

"Abdicate the throne and leave immediately," Princess Manara commanded.

"Whoa! Coming from you, really?" Olivia spat at her. "Does it come from your heart or your nostrils?"

Olivia's words silenced Princess Manara. Princess Merfara rebuked Olivia.

"You have no right to insult my sister. Leave in peace, and we'll show you mercy."

"Over my dead wings and tail."

"Then, prepare for your death," Princess Merfara threatened.

When Trevor was about to strike Olivia with his lightning spear, Kim-and-Chloe-the owls appeared and settled on the throne. He halted his attack. Meanwhile, Olivia caressed the owls' wings and said.

"My dear owls, show them what you've got." The birds started flashing scenes in the waterfalls. They showed naked women happily caressing Trevor, and it seemed he enjoyed the moment.

Katy's face sank with sadness.

And what made Katy sob was when she saw him kiss the beautiful woman. It seemed a bunch of arrows flew toward her direction, and she was hit right on her chest where her heart nestled, and it bled, and she lamented for Trevor's infidelity.

Trevor comforted Katy, but she stopped him.

The harsh truth slapped Katy that Trevor couldn't be trusted.

If only stares were deadly, Trevor would've been long gone before he neared her.

"Don't. Touch. Me," Katy said every word with emphasis.

"Kate, this is not the time for your dramatics skills. We have an enemy to deal with."

"Trevor is right, Elite," Princess Merfara tried to calm her down.

Olivia gave Katy a contemptuous smile. "I thought he loves you twin sister, but why did he kiss another woman?"

"Shut up!" Trevor sputtered. His inner wolf growled ready to tear down the enemy into pieces. "I'll send you to Lucifer's cursed lake of fire, you evil freak!"

His spear emitted bolts of lightning, and his eyes glittered with flashes of lightning too. He directed his power to Olivia, but she parried his attack with her staff. Their battle using their force lasted for a few minutes until Olivia weakened.

A green fume in a spirit woman-like came out from Olivia's nostrils—the Spirit Witch Queen left her body and disappeared—her body quivered, and she got electrocuted.

The princesses and Kate fought against Hagak and his allies while the Head Council and the Academy Minister fought the owls.

When Hagak watched Olivia fight for her life, he moved quickly toward her and vanished together back to the Spirit Witch Queen's cave.

Chapter 22

Lovers' Quarrel

There was much rejoicing in the kingdom when they overthrew the evil merfairy. They cleaned the mess and brought back everything to order. The triplet professors— Nudge, Bodge and Dodge—were released from their cells and felt sorry because they weren't able to extend help to them. They volunteered to patrol all night when the princesses planned to celebrate the Halfling's heroism.

Meanwhile, the lovers argued in their room.

"Did you enjoy her kiss?"

"Kate, stop it." God, please tell her I'm sorry.
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"I thought you're loyal to me." Tears flowed even if she pressed her lips.

"I am, fishheart. I'm sorry."

"Then why did it happen?"

"Kate, I fell to her charm."

"Then, you're weak." Kate bit her lips to fight back the tears from falling.

"I admit it. I tried my very best to fight it, but she's irresistible."


"She has the powers to seduce men. All men who visited her kingdom perish. Luckily, I came out alive there."

"Then why didn't you tell me when you came back? I'll remain clueless until those stupid owls showed your naughtiness."

"Is it more important than getting the lightning spear and take back our kingdom?"

"You should've been honest."

"Okay, it's my fault that I didn't tell you. I'm sorry." Trevor neared to hug her, but she stopped him.

"Don't you know that trust is like glass? Once it's broken, it's difficult to put them together. Picking up the shattered pieces would make the wounds bleed even more. You know that."

"I'm sorry, Kate. You're right about it. But everybody deserves a second chance. Always a second chance. And I'm asking it from you now. Will you forgive me? Will you give me another chance, fishheart?"

"You break my trust, and you choose to break my heart.' Katy coughed, and her heart spluttered—with tears coursing down her face. "Well, I need space, fishheart." Katy said with sarcasm. She disappeared leaving Trevor alone and worried.

Trevor heaved a deep sigh. "What shall I do so you'll forgive me, Kate?"


Trevor combed his hear, perfumed himself and made sure he looked impressive to her. He went to the royal palace and smiled as the merfairies who flew back and forth greeted him to serve food and wine for the distinguished and highly esteemed kin in the kingdom. Six hundred and sixty-six turkeys had been roasted for the Thanksgiving Day.

Ten thousand fireflies hovered and lit up the night. Spirits of merfairies in gray smokes who were neither good nor evil hovered above the tables.

Every one of them greeted and thanked him. He smiled as his way of responding to them. He searched for her beautiful Kate, but she was nowhere to be found. He grinned when Raffa stood not far from him.

"Where's your friend?"

"Oh, my sistah. She's not feeling well."

"Isn't she going to attend the celebration tonight?"

"I don't know. She's in my room, crying. I wouldn't wonder if it got flooded when I come back."

"It's my fault."

"It's okay. We all do commit mistakes in our lives. Nobody has immunity to that."

"Yeah, you're right. I hope she forgives me soon."

"I know she will. Forget about her for a few minutes. Just think she's planning to have an acting award at the upcoming sports festival for being "Best Crying Merfairy Ever." Tonight is your night. Your heroism shall be honored."


Trevor heard the drum roll and the trumpet blow. The Academy's Minister hosted the night and urged Trevor to sit at the royal table. The ceremony began with a prayer. A speech from Princess Merfara followed.

"Good evening everyone. Tonight is a momentous night in our lives. We gather to celebrate our lives, our victory against the evil merfairy. We fought hard to fight for our freedom and fight for the bright future of our kind. Many lives were wasted because of our fight for independence. They were the collateral damage in a war we didn't want to happen. We were sad about their passing because they were part of our lives. We salute our soldiers who died with heroism, but we pity those who chose to side with the evil forces. Let us move forward with optimism and rise with dignity, and together we fight as one."

Thunderous applause resonated from the teary-eyed merfairies.

"Thank you, Your Highness. Tonight, we honor the merfairy who's instrumental in our victory and freedom. Without him, we must admit, our battle wouldn't be successful. This day shall be celebrated every year and be marked in our calendar as the 'Trevor's Day.' It shall be a special holiday for the entire kingdom. Let's all stand as we give honor to the pride and hero of our kingdom, ladies, and gentlemen, please give him warm applause … Trevor, the Halfling."

Trevor stood at the center while the merfairies applauded him with huge smiles. The princesses stood too, neared him and donned the medal of valor.

"Thank you and congratulations."

"You're welcome, Your Highness."

The Academy's Minister beckoned him to give a speech.

"Thank you for this recognition you've given me. I'm deeply honored. But let me tell you, this honor does not only belong to me but also to my special someone, Kate. Cliché as it may sound, but behind the success of every male merfairy is a lady. Tonight, let's enjoy our independence and protect it at all cost. Thank you and good evening."

"Thank you Halfling, and let the party begin," Madam Marsette said.

Food and wine filled the long glass table. The music started to play while they were dining. Dancers entertained them, and everybody felt the festive spirit of the night. He ate, but his eyes wandered to see her.

"Where's the Elite, Halfling?" Princess Merfara asked.

"I don't know, Your Highness, maybe she's just around the corner."

"Or maybe, she's resting. Don't worry I'll try to talk to her tomorrow."

"Thanks, Your Highness."

It was almost midnight, yet the party continued. Trevor would've asked from the princesses he'd go ahead and rest when a familiar figure he was dying to see stared at him. Their eyes met and longed for a warm gaze.

"Congratulations! You deserve it." She said with pride and joy.

"Congratulations to both of us. I can't have this without you." Trevor smiled while she grinned, her eyes had somewhat darkened. "I love you, Kate."

"I love you too, and I'm sorry for being immature."

"Sshhh, it's okay. I completely understand."

Trevor held Katy's hand, and they teleported to her room. As soon as they appeared in her room, he kissed her with so much passion. They were catching their breaths when their lips parted. They leaned on the wall, and their lips were inseparable again. He kissed her down to her neck, to the hollow of her throat and down to her collarbone. His kisses moved upward, to her earlobe gliding his lips on it while biting a little. He heard her moan in pleasure. His bare chest pressed her body while his hand sheathed her back.

"I love you, Kate."

"I love you too, Trevor." She pulled him toward her, kissing him again, while her fingers circled his chestnuts and gently pinched it. Her kisses went down below, and she licked and sucked his coffee brown nipple while he moaned.

"Are we going far, my love? I've promised myself I'll ask permission from your kin before—"

"I'm of legal age. I can do what I want."

Trevor grinned with naughtiness and whispered, "Transform into a woman now."

Katy transfigured, and her splendid nakedness displayed before Trevor.

Trevor worshipped every inch of her body. He lifted her up, her legs wrapped around him while they were kissing each other. He brought her to bed, and she lay on her back. He kissed her ankle, moving to her leg and biting it sensuously.

And they made love, for the very first time. Trevor felt it was so good and right.

They were both sweating, and she fell on him, reclining her head on his chest.

"I love you, Rockefeller."

"I heart you too, fishheart." Trevor sealed his love with Katy with a long, passionate kiss.

Trevor's inner god tumbled while Katy's inner siren did a trampolining for they made love for the second time around.


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