Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom
4 Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom- Part 4
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Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom
Author :lavidalunasanggre
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4 Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom- Part 4

Chapter 16

Levos and Mithos

"So what's the story about the necklace?" Lizander asked as he created a fire by rubbing the stones. When the spark came out, he put twigs on it.

"Oh, this one." Trevor touched the necklace, and it chimed. "I traveled to the bottom of the sea to get this from the eel. I'll use it to charm the winged-seahorse so it can help me get the lightning spear."

"A lightning spear! I've heard that before from the pirates." Lizander rubbed his pale wedge. "Many tried, but they all died."

"You're scaring me."

"I'm not, stupid. I'm just telling the truth. Nothing but the truth." Lizander hastened fast to the rock and came back with the purple fruits. "Take one."

"Thanks. How did you get fruits? I see no trees and plants in here."

"Hmm, one of the wonders of this island. Every night, a plant sprouts and grows into a fruit-bearing tree. I pick as many as I can because when the night is over, the leaves wither, the fruits fall and rot, and the tree dies."

"I see. How long have you been here?" Trevor took a bite.

"A couple of days. I was traveling with my seagull friends—they were five—until we saw this island, the tree, and its mouth-watering fruits. Curiosity kicked us in. One of my friends warned us not to touch or eat anything, but we were hard-headed. We feasted on the fruits, and our mouths watered. When it was about time to go home, we couldn't pass through the air, the violent winds broke their wings, and they fell on the water." Lizander sobbed. "I stared at them in horror while the Pyrans ate them alive. In seconds they were nothing but bones. When a Pyran was about to eat me, I ran fast as I could back to this island. Later did I realize that it was just a trap. The air let us pass through so we can be the food for the Pyrans."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. At least, you're safe, stupid. Curiosity kills the cat."

"You're wrong. Curiosity killed the seagulls, stupid." Lizander chuckled hard. His laughter was infectious. Trevor laughed with him too.

"You're back again. Do you always laugh like that?"

"Yes, I do. Laughter makes us young. It breaks the monotony of life, and no matter how many odds, big or small, come in our lives, we must never forget to laugh. It gives us a ray of hope, that bad things never last, and there's always a rainbow after the rain, the light at the end of the tunnel and life in a catacomb."

"Wow. I'm speechless. You're one of a kind, stupid. You're really smart. Are there many lizards as smart as you are?"

"We're only a few. Some of us are scared to leave our land for we are made into a dessert for the Mortal Queen. Her pirates hunt us down."

"And why is that?"

"Because she believes that by eating us would give her intelligence and the fountain of youth."

"Is that so? Does her belief hold true?"

Lizander tilted his head.

Trevor gasped. "Amazing." He touched him, and Lizander's eyes flinched with suspicion.

"Woo-woo-woo. What are you doing?" Lizander asked as he readied to run.

"Touching you. What are you thinking?"

"Make me as your dessert."

"Yuck. I'll never eat someone like you even if you're baked or sugar-coated. Stupid! You're dis—"

"Say that word, or we're friends no more." Lizander snapped.

Trevor beamed. He knew what made Lizander piss off. "I won't say that word. You're not dis …" he paused. "You're simply the best. Besides, we're friends. Friends mustn't know how they taste each other."

"Brilliant." Lizander gave him a huge grin. And he sprawled on the flat surface of a rock. "Another night has come. Another moment to recline under a moonless and starless sky." And he closed his eyes.

"Stupid?" Trevor asked.

"Yes, stupid?" Still, his eyelids were shut.

"Is there any other way to escape?"

"Well, there is." Lizander quipped. "But finding him is as hard as escaping here."

"Him? Meaning there's a living creature who can help us. Is that what you're saying?" Trevor shook him. Lizander opened his eyes, his head shaking.

"Yes, stupid. He's … wait I forgot his name." Lizander jumped off from the rock. He wiped the rock's surface with his forearm, and the name carved on it displayed. "See, this name? He can help us."

"Let me read it for you. Oh, it looks like MithOs." Trevor said—proud of himself that he'd pronounced the name correctly.

"You.Said. It. Wrong. Stupid!" Lizander said. "It's MIthos. Not MithOs."

"There you go again, stupid." Trevor grinned. "If I say LEvos. You say LevOs. Now I say MithOs, you say MIthos. Both have "os."

"Yes, they have "os", stupid, but they aren't stressed the same."

"How sure am I that you're correct and not the other way around?"

"Because I'm smart, stupid." Lizander smirked.

"Okay, you're smart, and I'm stupid," Trevor said. Lizander chortled. "So who's he?"

"Oh, MIthos. Well, legend says that he's the twin brother of LevOs. One touch of him will turn any living creature into dust."

"Great! So why isn't he lost if he has such power?"

"It's believed that the Great LevOs imprisoned him. Maybe, he's scared that MIthos will use his power against him."

"Cunning. How did he do it?"

"Wait. Aren't you in a hurry?"

Trevor creased his forehead. "What? I'm not. Why should I be?"

"Because I'm going to ask LevOs how he did it." And Lizander broke into laughter.

"Funny. You're so stupid." And Trevor gave Lizander a soft punch on his body. Lizander tickled him, and he laughed.

"I've got a strong intuition that MIthos is somewhere … not far from us."

"Okay." Trevor planted his hands on his hips in a masculine way. "Where on this island is he?"

"He's here." Lizander knocked on the rock. "Yes, he's here."

"You think so?"

"I've searched the entire island, and he's nowhere to be found. And out of the hundreds of rocks in here, only this golden rock has his name. It wouldn't be carved for nothing."

Trevor rubbed his temple. "You have a point, stupid."

"I have, stupid. And my newly-found acquaintance, the jellyfish, said, this rock could only be broken if someone dances with the correct tune."

"So what are you waiting for, stupid?" Trevor asked, eyes shimmered. "You're a good singer, and I bet you're a good dancer too."

"Well, I am. I tried it many times, but I failed."

"You must try this time. You can do it. You sing and dance while I clap. Maybe it works."

"All right. I'll try it again. Are you ready?"

"My hands are ready."

Lizander sang and danced while Trevor did his part. But they were dancing and clapping for an hour, but nothing happened.

"I told you," Lizander said.

"You sing and dance well. Why didn't it work?"

"I don't know. Try to ask your necklace, maybe it has an answer."

"Funny." Trevor stomped his foot against the sand and struck Lizander with it. Suddenly, he felt something on the sand. He bent and picked it up. Lizander's eyes twinkled.

"I've been exhausted looking for this for a couple of days. And you've just found it with a single foot stomp." Lizander neared Trevor and would've have snatched the gadget from him, but Trevor quickly barred him.

"You own this MP3 player?" Trevor asked.

"Aha. A gift from my mortal friend. I've enjoyed the music on it."

"Okay. Well, let's see if it's still working." Trevor smiled and pressed the "on" button." It played the dance hit, Senorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Lizander gyrated, and Trevor danced too.

"Let's try the other one." Trevor selected dance hits from the playlist until he stopped to Dame Tu Cosita by Pitbull. When Lizander heard it, his eyes glinted and began to leap and dance in front of the rock. He then faced left, his hands were on his back, and his fingers curled. And he began to gyrate like a pro.

Trevor applauded on Lizander's dance prowess while he was dancing too. They gave each other a high five when the music ended. And all of a sudden, the rock cracked and split into two. Trevor and Lizander gasped.

"At long last, the rock is broken." A voice said. "I'm free. I'm free." He shrieked while jumping. "Thank you, my friends."

Beheld Trevor and Lizander was the image of a half-man, half-octopus. The upper torso resembled a man but instead of the legs and the feet he had but huge and long tentacles on his lower torso.

"I'm Mithos. King of the Seven Seas, brother of the Great Levos. And what are your names, my friends?"

"I'm Lizander."

"I'm Trevor."

"Nice to meet you two." Mithos moved around them. "I grant you one wish for setting me free." He folded his arms over his chest. "Even half of my dominion I shall give you."

Lizander spoke. "We want nothing but to leave this place. Please help us."

"You don't want diamonds, gold, women or power?"

"No, we won't. Just like you, we want our freedom. Free from Levo's claws." Trevor interrupted.

Mithos said. "Not a very easy one, but I'll try." As he spoke, a thunderous growl from the sea resonated throughout the island. Lizander jumped to Trevor's shoulder. "Levos knows I'm free. Stay here." And he dislodged a blue bubble from his mouth and contained Trevor and Lizander in it.

Levos assaulted Mithos by spewing huge flames while Mithos escaped his attack. Mithos belched out blue flames against Levos, but Levos counteracted it with his huge fireballs. A fulmination exploded in the air. Some of the fireballs that fell on the ground melted the rocks.

"What a juggernaut!' Lizander said.

"A juggernaut? Trevor asked.

"A destructive force, stupid." Lizander wiggled its tail while watching the two fight. Trevor did the same. Both cheered on Mithos.

Levos neared the shore to attack Mithos with his huge mouth, but Mithos quickly moved. Mythos besieged Levos with its huge tentacles, but Levos' tail wiggled and hit Mitho's back. Poor Mithos was dragged to the farthest part of the island. And Levos roared in victory. He then caught the blue flames protecting Trevor and Lizander, and he pelted it with his fireballs. Lizander and Trevor closed their eyes for they thought it would be the end of their lives, but the bubble didn't break. Lizander mocked Levos by letting his tongue out while rolling his eyes. Levos rumbled in anger.

Levos struck the hills, the plateau and the mountains—the mountains quaked, the hills and the plateaus gave way and fell into the heart of the sea, and the waters roared, splashing its anger to the dry land like Archimedes did to the gold into the water, buoyancy was born and the thief's life ended.

But Mithos was no thief, if he gained favor from his mother-goddess and his father-king octopus it was because he had the heart of gold.

Levos was no less than a spoiled brat, trying to build a sandcastle empire in which at any moment, by Mitho's touch would turn into dust.

Mithos came back, writhing in pain. Blood dripped from his back.

"Does anyone of you can help me? I want to be near him."

"I can fly. I think that would help you." Trevor volunteered.

"Great! I wouldn't be surprised. You won't be here if you're not special. Any creature whom Levos considers as a threat, he captures him or her." Mithos grabbed Trevor's hand, and Trevor got out from the bubble while Lizander jumped off Trevor's shoulder. Trevor then transfigured into a winged-wolf. Mithos slithered on Trevor's back while Trevor flapped his wings to fly.

"Just let me touch any part of his body, and the battle will end. Do you understand, Trevor?'

"Very much, Sir." And Trevor flew to near Levos, but as he was approaching, Levos spouted water balls against him, but he managed to escape from Levos attack. It kept on disgorging flames and water balls alternately. Levos tried to catch him with his huge claws, but he couldn't. Trevor moved fast like Lizander.

Levos wiggled its long, huge tail against him, and it hit Mithos tentacles—a few were cut off and fell to the water. But clever as he was, Mithos clung on Levos tail with his tentacles and hardened its grip. And he jumped to it, and immediately touched Levos' tail with his middle finger. And poor Levos stiffened, the curse penetrated from his tail into his body and head turning every part of it in light brown, and suddenly he turned into dust, and the gusts of wind carried him into nothingness.

Before Mithos could land into the water with the mad and voracious Pyrans awaiting, Trevor caught him by his wings, and they flew back to the island where Lizander spurred on, yelling at them for their victory.

"Thank you, Trevor. I can't do it without you." Mithos said in wide smiles.

"The pleasure is mine."

"And thank you too Lizander for your brilliance. You were able to find out where I was."

"You're, welcome, MIthos. The honor is mine,"Lizander said. "Did I say your name correctly?"

"But of course. I think it's about time to go home. Your family had been missing you two for a while. This is the least I can do." Mithos neared the shore and turned the water into vapors. "Pyrans shall remain a legend."

"But how about the jellyfish, my little friend, will he die?"

"The jellyfish is my twin spirit. He exists in me. He's right here in my heart." Mithos grinned.

"Okay, that's cool." Lizander turned to Trevor. "I guess this is goodbye, for now, stupid," he said. Trevor flung his wings in affirmation.

"Ride with me for the last time, stupid," Trevor said.

"I will."

"If you wish, you can go with me. There are plenty of fruits in the kingdom."

"Thanks. But my Queen Mother and King Father are dying to see their little prince. Maybe next time, I'll go with you … to be your little sidekick. But for now, I'll go home. I miss my family, stupid."

"Well, hop in, and I'll give you the ride, stupid."


"I'm here," Trevor beamed with triumphant smiles as he held the mother-of-pearl necklace on his hand.

"Thanks, you're safe. Is it a hard battle with the eel?" Katy asked.

Trevor shook his head. He was about to answer her question when the ancient mermaid spoke.

"Great! Certainly, certainly, you did it. You're such a clever, young man."

"Thank you, Great Mermaid."

"What did you do, Trevor?" Katy asked him again.

"I shapeshifted to an electric eel, and the eel thought I was his long, lost brother. He left me in the place which he called sanctuary and went away to his fiancée."

Katy and the ancient mermaid grinned. Trevor would've have narrated his adventure with the lizard, but Naruha silenced him by gesturing at him to zipper his mouth. "Hand me the mother-of-pearl necklace, Halfling."

Trevor gave it to her and asked. "Can I go now to capture the winged-seahorse?"

"No, not yet. To charm and easily capture the mythical winged-seahorse, you must need a golden bell to make a pendant for this necklace. Her eyes would sparkle upon seeing this fine piece of jewelry."

"Sorry. I forgot about it. Okay, I'll get it. So where's my next adventure, Great Mermaid?"

"You must travel to the land of the she-goats."

"She-goats?" Katy and Trevor asked her in unison.

"Certainly, certainly."

"I've read about them in the library. They're gorgeous women who can shapeshift into goats. They're cunning, Great Mermaid. They use their charm and beauty to attract men. They get their youth, and eventually men die in old age," Katy said.

"Precisely. As I said Halfling, you'll travel there and get the golden bell from the she-goat's neck. It's not easy to get it, I'm telling you. She'll seduce you until you fall to her charm."

Trevor shuddered, but he was determined to get the winged-seahorse, so he must get the final thing he needed to charm her even if it meant to travel to the bewitching land of the she-goats. "No worry, I'll try my best to fight against her."

"Don't try it. Do it. I'm telling you, several demigods tried their luck to get the golden bell from her, but they all failed," Naruha said.

Katy came close to him. "I know you can do it. Before you fall, always remember that I love you, Rockefeller, and I'll always do. I'll be waiting for you here, even if it means waiting for forever." She kissed him with tenderness.

"I love you, fishheart. I'll be back soon. I promise you I'll never fall to her charm. My heart belongs to you, only for you. You'll never wait for forever because I'm yours now and forever." Getting melodramatic here. Jeez.

They kissed and hugged each other while Naruha and the anchovies were tear-jerking. "Are you ready, Halfling?"

"I am, Great Mermaid."

"Before you go, heed this warning. Don't fall asleep. When you feel sleepy, slash your palm and pour it with these rock salts. It will keep you awake. Take this dagger and this bottle of salts."

Trevor took the gifts from Naruha, put them in his sling bag, and then he heard her say.

"Get inside the hole now, and you'll be transported to the she-goats' world."


The land was a place like no other. Colorful plants with shimmering flowers abound it. The towering trees hung their branches on the ground with their glittering fruits. The green grasses turned into burgundy butterflies after he'd stepped on them. Multi-colored birds sang sweetly while others flew gracefully. As Trevor continued walking, the waterfalls cascading through the mountain caught his attention. He heard the women's sweet laughter from the voices in the waterfalls. He neared it—hid in a bush and observed them.

His eyes sparkled with excitement and curiosity as the women bathed in the blue water—naked. Saintly goat. When a few of them stood, their curvaceous bodies glistened as the sunshine hit their skin. Their private parts were unfolded to him in splendid glory. Voluptuous ass! He swallowed his saliva on the masterpieces displayed before him. His body began to heat up, his groin ached.

One of them with a golden bell on her neck saw him, fixed her eyes on him and invited him to join them.

"Hi there, handsome man! Care to join us?" The woman with a golden bell said as she bit her lips. She's gorgeous with a long, red, curly hair, apple-shaped face, turned-up nose, gray eyes, and a body resembled Elizabeth Taylor's in her early twenties.

Don't dare me, or you shall be crawling to your bed.

Damn it, Oprah! She's an irresistible goddess!

Trevor gazed at the golden bell on her neck. That was all he wanted, but something inside him longed to be with her and her bevy of beauties. As he approached them on the water, they stretched their flawless, fair hands to him. One touched his arm, the other snaked his waist while others guided him to the water—his body half-submerged on it. Everybody tried her best to catch his attention. They caressed his left arm, rubbed his right arm with the blue water, and one fed him with succulent grape-like fruit. The she-goat women were screaming when Trevor winked at them, and if he listened closely, he could hear their ovaries explode.

They adored him, and he liked it, but the woman with a bell was the fairest of them all, and she caught his attention.

"Girls, leave us," the woman with a bell said while clapping her hands in the air. The girls did her order. And she whirled around him. "I'm Athera."

"I'm Trevor." I'm pre-cumming, baby. Joke!

"What a sexy name! You're handsome and hot." Athera flirted with him.

Don't give me that look because if I can't control myself, I'll lift you to bed. Holy goat. "And you're beautiful and sexy too," he grinned. "I believe you're the leader of those girls."

"I'm their Queen." She bit her lips as she narrowed her eyes on him with seduction.

Holy lamb. Don't seduce me, you accomplished flirt. "I see, Your Majesty." Trevor took her hand and kissed it. The queen was pleased with his gesture and settled herself beside him. He snaked his left arm around her waist, and she twirled his tongue while looking at him. He tickled her side that made her giggle—and then the queen moved to him, on top of him. Her breasts touched his bare chest.

"You know how to please a woman. I wonder how far you can go."

"Want to try?" If you must, I can show you how to twirl like Miley. Holy unicorn!

Queen Athera ruffled Trevor's hair and gently caressed his face with her finger. "No need to hurry. We have ample time to do it."

She kissed him, and he responded to her. She distanced from him and threw splashes of water on him to which he reciprocated. She hared on the knee-high water level, and he chased her. Laughter and lust filled the air as they kissed each other in the middle of the waterfalls while the sister owls were watching closely at them, recording every scene they made.

"Come, I'll show you my place."

"Sure, my pleasure." Your wide-world place or your private place? I'm getting a hard-on. Bubble ass!

As they left the waterfalls, a magical golden cloth covered Athera's private part.

Trevor bit his lip, and he ogled at her. Athera winked at him. They snaked each other's waists and headed toward her place. Some fascinating women sashayed on their way—only their private organs were covered.

They reached her place in a gigantic tree.

"Welcome to my abode." Queen Athera entered the trunk of the tree while holding his hand.

"Wow! Beautiful!" Trevor said as sparkling pieces of furniture and gleaming silverware and other shining things inside it beheld him.

"Have a rest," she said as she guided him to her blue waterbed. "It must be a tiring journey. I know you've traveled far, and you deserve a treat."

"A treat?"

"Yes, a sensual massage."


"Lay on your back as I let you experience a heavenly touch."

Queen Athera started caressing his feet. Soft to moderate pressures were applied to him. Trevor moaned in satisfaction. Then, she glided her hands to his legs, every tension of them had been given due attention while Trevor moaned harder. She moved toward his buttocks, undressed his covering and touched it with passion, and he moaned hardest. To his delight, she massaged his back, spiraling and snaking her hands on it. Her hands glided back and forth. She instructed him to face her, and she massaged his chest, circling his chestnuts, and lacing down her fingers to his flat abdomen.

She knew how to please a man. Trevor thought. She was an expert therapist and a charmer.

Athera continued doing it until Trevor could no longer control himself. Trevor pulled her toward him, and he kissed her torridly. He lay on his back while she wrapped around his body, her head on his chest. And they both screamed in sexual ecstasy when they reached their climax.

He slept with her, forgetting the ancient mermaid's warning, and worst, he cheated on his dear Kate. And his inner god scolded him saying, "Naughty boy, your angry bird will pay for this."

The sun had settled in the middle of the sky when Trevor awoke. He smiled as he remembered what had happened between him and the queen. He was a heartthrob in the mortal world, and girls did everything to snag his attention. He could easily bring them to his bed. For a few days of hibernation, his sexual longings had been satisfied. He looked around to check if the queen was on the premise of her room, but he couldn't find her. Instead, the mouth-watering food on the shining table caught his eyes. He sat on the chair and feasted on the food. He was almost done when the queen entered and kissed him on his cheek.

"You have a sound sleep."

"I guess." Trevor winked at her. "Thanks for a great ride last night." Can we do it again? I'm horny, baby. Just kidding.

Athera beamed with grins and kissed him, and Trevor's hands snaked every inch of her body. "You're most welcome."

"Common. Let's get outside. I'll show you the wonders of my dominion." She led him to a field where flying buffalo, unicorns and winged-zebras dwelt. Trevor chuckled that he rode to one of the flying zebras. He enjoyed it so much he forgot his true purpose why he was there. She also rode on the buffalo, and they merrily flew in the sky. When they were both tired, they settled on the huge treetops which looked like a helipad.

"Wow! I have so much fun here. I feel I'm free."

"Yes, you are. You were born free and must enjoy it."


"Here in my place, everything is pure bliss. You don't have to worry about the food you eat because everything will be served to you." She said as the birds approached them with berries on their beaks and gave them to her and him. "You'll live like a true king here—only if you stay with me" She added while Trevor smiled, his dimples flashing. "Will you stay here forever … with me?"

"I think so," Trevor said.

The queen chortled. "I've been waiting for so long for the right man to come."


"By the time, I've become the Queen of my people, I devout my time searching for my partner. I longed to love and be loved. As you see, we are all women here. We multiply when men came to our place and bedded with us, but they all died." Queen Athera paused for a while.

"Why did they die?"

"Because all of them desired for my golden bell." She touched it, and it created a pleasing melody. "Are you one of them?"

"I don't know. I just want you to be here … with you." Trevor kissed her, and she responded. He undressed even if he was busy kissing her, while she used her magic to remove her clothes. He lifted her, wrapping her legs around him and for the second time, he slept with her.

Trevor awoke late afternoon upon the hoarse screech of the red-tailed hawks. The wind blew softly, and an image of Katy appeared to him and mouthed, "Come back to me, Trevor. I love you." He shook his head and began to realize his true purpose to the land where he was in. He saw the bell on her neck and thought she was the she-goat he had been looking for. However, he fell to her charm the moment she fixed her eyes on him, and he forgot everything about the bell, but the spell had been broken, and he'd do what was bound to happen.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am. Maybe, it's just a lag. Can we go to your room now?" Thank God. I'm awake now from her spell … with her bewitching beauty.


They flew down and landed near the gigantic tree.

"Athera, I have to tell you something," Trevor said while they started dashing inside.

"What is that?"

"Honestly, I come to your place for your golden bell." His words were full of sincerity. "I humbly ask it from you to give it to me voluntarily."

"You ask something big, so big beyond my expectation. Do you know what will happen to me if I give this to you?"

"I have no idea."

Queen Athera removed the golden bell from her neck, and she turned into a goat. "This is what happened to me and my people if I give this to you. Besides, our world will be in chaos. Birds will no longer do their duty, picking berries for us. Other animals will fight against each other. Volcanoes will become active. There'll be no peace in this land. That's why this bell is so important to me and my people. Only this bell can make a balance in our WonderWorld."

Trevor was speechless with her words. He didn't imagine what he was asking for from her would mean great sacrifices for her and her people.

"I'm sorry about that. I guess I'll go home empty-handed. I won't let you sacrifice much for me. Will you lead me the way?"

She gazed at him, then, she grinned. "You have an understanding heart. I can't believe there's a man who understands me more than you do. All of them desired selfishly for their motives, and so they perished, but you're different from them. I admire you for that."

"Thanks." Trevor would've gone outside when he heard her speak.

"Wait. I see in your eyes the purity of your intentions. I'm giving this to you

volun—" Athera stopped talking when she heard loud noises from outside. She and Trevor went out, and the feisty faces of the goats welcomed them.

"Are you insane, Your Majesty? Why did you remove your bell?" One goat asked in a high pitch tone.

"Are you giving it to him? You know what will happen to us if you give it to him. It's a betrayal to your people once you do it," the other one chastised her

"Trust me, my people." Queen Athera caught their furious eyes as they readied to attack him while Trevor transformed into a huge winged-wolf. Her people halted their attack.

"I come to you in peace and friendship. I don't want to fight against you. I don't want to hurt you. I'm asking it from your Queen with all humility, but I'm already okay to go home without it. I know the consequences if she gives it to me, and I can't bear in my conscience you'll suffer a great deal because of me," he said.

"I understand your plight, young man," the elderly goat intervened. "I can feel the sincerity of your words. A prophecy says that a man with a sincere and understanding heart shall come to our land to give his seed to our Queen, and a child shall be born to her. The child shall be our guardian and our savior from the great natural catastrophe soon. A little sacrifice is not bad for the future of our kind. I believe you bedded with our Queen, but the seed can only be developed in her womb if she gives her golden bell to you."

"Thank you, elderly she-goat. Truly amazing your receptive memory is," Queen Athera said. "Trust me, my people." She handed her bell to him while he transformed back to himself and received it.

"Are you sure of this?"

"I am."

Trevor donned the bell on his neck, and the image of an ancient mermaid appeared on the air telling him to remove his one armband and give it to the queen. He removed it and put it on the queen's leg, and suddenly the she-goat queen transformed back into a woman as well as her people. There was rejoicing in them.

"Thank you." Queen Athera hugged him.

"The Elderly she-goat said that you'll bear my child." Trevor touched her stomach. "I'll come back someday to father him."

"You're welcome. I'm looking forward to your second coming."

"But I have to tell you, that my heart belongs to someone else, to a merfairy. She's waiting for my return."

"I understand you. I know a handsome man and gentleman like you have a special woman in your heart from the other side of the world. I'm already happy you leave me with your seed to be called my child soon, our child." Tears welled in her eyes.

"Thanks. I think I have to go." Trevor said while Queen Athera grinned, and he apparated back to the ancient mermaid's place.


"Thanks to the Goddess, you're back!" Katy wept hard. She hugged him tightly that she almost broke his bone.

"Of course, I am." Trevor comforted her while she sobbed on his shoulder and. "What made you think that I won't?"

"You were gone for a few weeks. I thought you died there."

"A few weeks? It was just yesterday when I left you."

"The time in the land of the she-goats moves very slowly while in our kingdom, time flies fast," Naruha explained.

"I blew to the wind, telling you to come back to me."

"Yes, I see your image there in the air today."

"Today marks the third week of your disappearance."

"Really? I'm sorry Kate, if I didn't come back earlier." Trevor kissed her on her forehead.

"It's okay, what matters to me now is that you're here."

"I love you." He kissed her supple lips with passion then he heard Naruha clear her throat. "Great Mermaid, here's the bell." He removed it from his neck and handed it to her.

Naruha attached it to the necklace, and it became one fine piece of jewelry.

"Great! It becomes one. You got the bell through diplomacy."

"Yes, Great Mermaid. We didn't fight each other. I ask it from the Queen of the she-goats with all humility. By the way, here's the dagger and the bottle of salt, I didn't use them."

"Oh, keep it to yourself. You might use them to capture the winged-seahorse."

"Thanks, Great Mermaid."

"You're welcome. Tomorrow, you'll begin your journey to the ice and fire dragon tribes. Catch time with your special someone first." Naruha handed him the necklace.

Trevor got the necklace, bowed to the ancient mermaid and snaked Katy's waist, and she led him to their room.

"Miss me?" Trevor asked her when they entered the room.

"So much."

He saw the sadness in her eyes. "What's wrong?"

"I have to tell you something."

"Go ahead."

"The Crystal Kingdom had been assaulted. There was much bloodshed."


"Olivia and her allies attacked when our kingdom was defenseless."

"Why defenseless? Did she defeat the princesses, the council and the soldiers?"

"No. Olivia was clever. When the princesses and the soldiers were on their way to assault her in her cave, she was not there. She went to the Crystal Kingdom and slaughtered every guard and the rest who protected it."

"Wait a minute. Did you say she was there in the Crystal Kingdom? I think something was wrong there. I sense foul play."

"I think so."

"She'd never assail the kingdom when it was fully guarded and with the princesses' presence," Trevor said while Katy became silent. "I think I have an idea of who's behind this. It's the Defense Minister, I suspect."

"You're right. He is."

Bullfish! "He must pay for this. So, what happened to the professors? They were skillful and gifted with powers."

"They were imprisoned. According to Raffa, the professors took a deep sleep and when they awoke, they found themselves in a separate cell. They couldn't use their powers for each cell is under Olivia's spell."

"Clever! And what happened to the princesses and the soldiers?"

"They came back to the kingdom and saw Olivia ascended to the throne with the Defense Minister on her side. They fought against her, but they were defeated together with the soldiers."

"Did they escape from her or were they killed?"

"They escaped together with the Academy's Minister, the Head Council, and a few soldiers. They sought refuge from the Lady of the Apdis Island. Remember her, the one I told you before?"

"Yeah, I do."

"The whole kingdom now is under the ruthless rule of Olivia. Majority of the Council members have sided her. Even if they're against her, they've nothing to do with her power."

"How about your friend?" It's okay if Olivia holds him captive. He's slutty anyway. Joke!

"Raffa stays there. He's our eyes and ears. He pretends we're enemies, and he hates me much. Olivia considers him as her ally."

"Okay. That's good. At least we've someone to report us about Olivia's plan and whereabouts. Well, I think we must rest now. I need to set off to my journey early morning so I can get a winged-seahorse and a lightning spear."


Before sunshine had slanted through their room, Trevor awoke while Katy slept soundly. He kissed her cheek and caressed her face. He picked up the necklace, donned it on his neck and went outside. He proceeded to the ancient mermaid where he saw her sit in her huge scallop.

"Great mermaid, have a nice morning. I'm ready to go now."

"Good. Get inside the hole and you'll be brought to the woods."

Trevor went inside the hole Naruha had created, and he teleported to the woods. It was dense, full of towering trees and purple plants. Everything he saw was purple—the grasses that he stepped on, the butterflies and fireflies that hovered above him, even the thumb-size fairies flying to and from the trees. He continued walking when he heard the rustling of the leaves on the treetops. He glanced at it, and the mythical, gigantic winged-seahorse which perched on them beheld him.

It flew down to his direction, flapping his huge purple wings before him, its eyes fixed on his necklace. He remembered the words of the ancient mermaid that it could be charmed with the mother-of-pearl necklace and the golden bell pendant. He came close to it and caressed its head. He was about to don the necklace on it when it began shrieking, its eyes scared, and it flipped its wings as it saw the vultures nearing them. It flew away from him, escaping from the enemies. Holy seahorse.

Trevor shapeshifted into a huge winged-wolf and waited for the vultures to attack him. He hit them with his sharp claws and broke their wings when they were about to land. Few tried to scratch his skin and bit him with their sharp beaks, and he groaned in pain. He fought back by biting them with his sharp-razor-large teeth and tore their bodies into pieces. He howled hard as he stood gallantly on his victory. He was about to wing when he saw hundreds of vultures coming to him.

Holy birds. "Oh, no I don't think I can handle you all." Trevor transformed back to himself and thought of a brighter idea. As the vultures neared him, he mind-controlled them. He told them to fight each other—scratching their bodies and biting them with their beaks. A few moments passed, he saw them fall to his direction. Their dead bodies surrounded him.

Trevor healed his wounds from the bites and scratches of the first kettle of vultures. He transformed again into a huge winged-wolf and flew up the sky to look for the frightened mythical creature. He searched above, flying north and south, but he couldn't find it. The sun had set down when he decided to rest in a stream. He cupped for water to drink using his bare hands, and his thirst quenched. He rested under an oak tree.

A mythical bird smaller than an eagle but with feathers and tails like a rainbow known as Sarimanoka settled on a branch of a tree. It began singing. Its lovely voice lulled Trevor to sleep.

Trevor dreamed of a beautiful palace, far more beautiful than any other mansion dwelt by the king and queen he'd seen on the television and in films. The door, the ceiling and the walls were made of sparkling glass.

As he slowly made his way inside it, a damned-gorgeous-smiling woman snagged him. She'd the apple-shaped face, blue eyes, flawless-fair skin and a body to die for on her see-through-white Grecian gown. Her supple breasts, flat stomach and a small waistline made his mouth dry. The woman got inside a spacious and lovely room, and she glanced at him over her shoulder and gave him a few winks.

Holy Magdalene. Are you seducing me? Just give me a chance, baby, and surely, you'll have a sore body.

Trevor followed her and entered the room. The woman on the bed lay completely naked, wearing nothing but her shimmering diamond necklace.

Holy Moses. I'm feeling like Jack and she's Rose in Titanic. This is it. I'm getting a hard-on, man.

She smiled widely at him, beckoning him to join her. He neared her and kissed her tenderly as his hands marveled her breasts. Their lips interlocked for a few minutes as his sinful hands continued snaking the glory of her body while she moaned on the pleasure she received from him. His kisses moved down to the hollow of her throat, to her collarbone and her waist. The woman screamed in sexual ecstasy as her hands grabbed his hair.

Trevor grinned as he slept with her.

Wait a minute. The woman wasn't Kate. She wasn't Athera either.

Who was she?

Chapter 17


Trevor was perplexed.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Trevor climbed off a bed as he picked his clothes from the glittering floor.

"I'm Sarimanoka, I'm the Queen. And you're in my realm," she replied. She'd the sweetest voice Trevor had ever heard.


"Yes, it means a kingdom. You're in my kingdom"

"What kingdom is this?"

"Kingdom of Sarimanoki. Our kingdom still belongs to the WonderWorld."

"I see. And what are you?"

Sarimanoka arched an eyebrow.

"What kind of living being are you? Are you a fox?"

"I got it. I and my people are chickens."

"Chickens?" Trevor widened his eyes in disbelief. "So a chicken now can turn into a gorgeous woman."

Sarimanoka chuckled. "I and my people aren't ordinary chickens. We aren't the same creatures your fellow Dili-Ingun-Natos raise in their backyards. We're far greater than them.'

"Okay. I presume you have powers since you can transform into a woman."

"I suppose."

"How do I come here?"

"You rested in the sacred oak tree which happened to be my palace. With my voice, I made you fall asleep and bring you here."

"And you seduced me, and we had sex. Oh, women are tempests. You always tempt men with your charm. Since the beginning of time, it had always been the woman who charmed a man—Eve to Adam with the forbidden fruit, Delilah to Samson and Trevor to Sarimanoka." Trevor neared her, and his arms wrapped around her naked waist.

Sarimanoka chortled. "And your name is Trevor? Nice name." She tickled his nose.

"And the woman uses her plausible tongue to bewitch a man."

"I surmise, but I know you love it too." She bit her lower lip.

"Who wouldn't anyway? I'm just a man. Is this kingdom far from the she-goats' world?"

"Very far. It's in the south while my kingdom is in the north."


"Why do you ask? Had you gone there?"

"Yes. I'd traveled there with a purpose."

"To bed with their Queen?" Sarimanoka grinned.

Trevor chortled. "Not really. I ask for the Queen's bell, and it just happened she's irresistible like you so I bedded with her."

"Naughty boy."

Trevor shrugged. "I guess."

"So where do you come from?" She removed his arms and then took her gown from the floor and put it on.

'From the Crystal Kingdom."

"It's very far from here."


"May I know why you're here in the WonderWorld?"

"Oh, to capture the elusive winged-seahorse. I've already had it, but it flew away when it saw the vultures."

"Wow, you've seen the mythical winged-seahorse? You must've something that charmed her."

"Her? You mean she's a woman too?"

"Yes, she is. Well, it's no surprise that you charm her. You're a handsome man gifted with a huge weapon."

"You're such a flirt. Come here, I'll let you scream with my huge weapon."

"Oh, not this time. I'll take a break. I'm sore with it."

Trevor grabbed her arms and pulled her to him. He kissed her as his hand wrapped her waist. Sarimanoka pinched Trevor's abdomen that made Trevor shout 'Christ.'

"Why did you do that, bitch?" Trevor asked, grinning.

"Because you're a certified stallion, and you love to make your woman sore. I can't handle another round."

"Okay. Just tell me when you're ready."

"I will. By the way, are you hungry?"

"If you have something to offer me, I'll be happy about it."

Sarimanoka cackled and a few moments passed, two strange, chocolate-colored chickens came and landed on her terrace bringing the tray with fruits, bread and blue juice. Her room was cozy and spacious like it could accommodate ten persons. The white walls had huge paintings. Beside the king-size bed was a U-shaped couch. Adjacent to it was a wooden dining table for two, very designer.

"Thank you, lady servants."

"You're welcome, Your Majesty."

Sarimanoka turned to Trevor. "My king with a large weapon, you may eat now."

"Thank you, Your Majesty, with a sore … ," Trevor whispered at her, her most private part.

Sarimanoka gave him a soft punch on his upper arm. Trevor laughed hard.

"This fruit tastes good." Trevor salivated. He gulped down the juice and uttered. "God, this is a heavenly drink fit for the gods."

Sarimanoka joined him.

"Your Majesty, is it okay after I'd finished eating, I'll continue my pursuit of catching the seahorse?"

"But of course. You must go on before the blue moon rises otherwise you won't capture her."

"What do you mean?"

"When the blue moon rises, she flies to it and stays there for a long time."

"When will that blue moon appear?"

"Within the fortnight?"


"Within two weeks."

"Okay. I think I can have her before it shall happen."

"I know you can."

Trevor would've bid goodbye to Sarimanoka when the table shook as if a magnitude of five point five earthquake hit the kingdom.

"What's going on in here? An earthquake?" Trevor asked.

"No, someone is trying to break the barrier," Sarimanoka replied. "I surmise, the Mad Bird Hunters."

"Who are they anyway?"

"They're bad guys. Terribly bad. Stay here, I'll handle them."

Sarimanoka would've transfigured into a Sarimanoki when the floor shook. She almost fell to it if Trevor didn't grab her.

"The barrier is broken," Sarimanoka gave a smug smile. She shapeshifted into a chicken and roosted on the railing of the terrace. She shrieked when she saw tens of Mad Bird Hunters running to chase the women. Some of them were caught while others escaped and shapeshifted into Sarimanoki.

As the Mad Bird Hunters took their bow and shot an arrow to the birds, the Sarimanoki released their colorful feathers and melted the arrows. They hovered above their enemies who looked like mortal men except they had three eyes and larger bodies, perhaps double in size and stood eight feet. They pooped on them, and they became pillars of rock.

The Mad Bird Hunters bawled seeing their kin's fate. They took their arrows and shot the Sarimanoki—a few fell off the ground like they were about to be barbecued while others released their powers to melt the arrows.

Sarimanoka ululated upon seeing her people die at the hands of the Mad Bird Hunters. The enemies covered their ears in terrible pain. Three of them had their ears exploded as the Queen kept on shrieking. Blood smeared the ground.

Sarimanoka collapsed to the floor. When Trevor watched her fall, he neared and shook her.

"Your Majesty, are you okay?"

"I'm not. I have used all my power to kill them, but I failed. I'm exhausted."

"Stay here. I avenge you."

"No, Trevor, you're no match to them. They're strong and fast. They will tear your body into pieces. Remember, you're just a mortal."

"I'm not an ordinary mortal as you think I am."

"You aren't?'

"I'm not. Your Majesty, what's their weakness?"

"Even though they're strong, they're dumb. If only I have the power to mind-control or persuade them, they can easily be defeated."

"I think I can do that." Trevor flared a wolfish smile. He left the queen and flashed to face the enemies. He shapeshifted into a winged-wolf and landed a few meters away from the Mad Bird Hunters. The enemies had their jaw drop. Their eyes protruded.

Trevor transfigured back to his human-like form.

"Leave this place, Mad Bird Hunters. You'll never attack this kingdom again. Stay in your area and do good." Trevor said, and his eyes shone brightly. He kept on repeating the words until the Mad Bird Hunters nodded and released their captives. They strode calmly outside the kingdom as they were rubbing their temples.

The Sarimanokis cheered on Trevor.

"Thank you for saving us," the Sarimanoki woman said after she'd shapeshifted back to being a woman.

"You're welcome."

"What's your name, stranger?" one of them dared to ask.

"Ssshh, he's the Queen's man," hushed the other one.

"Just call me Trevor."

"Nice to meet you, our friend."

"So do I. I think I need to check the Queen," Trevor said and transformed into a winged-wolf and wheeled to the terrace. Then, he transfigured back to himself.

"Thank you, Trevor, for saving us. Thank you. Your power is impressive."

"You're welcome, Your Majesty."

"Where did you learn that?"

"From the professor in the Crystal Kingdom."

"I see. What kind of being is she?"

"No, not she. It's he. He's a merfairy, half-mermaid-half-fairy."

"Oh, just like the ancient mermaid, Naruha?"

"Yes, they both have tails, but the only thing that differentiates them is the wings which a merfairy has. Do you know the ancient mermaid?"

"No, not on the personal level, but our great ancestor told us about her."

"I see. So how are you feeling now?"

"Feeling better."

"That's good."

"Yeah. Thanks. I hate to say this, but you have to go back catching the winged-seahorse."

"I guess. How can I get out here?"

Sarimanoka grinned. She whirled her index finger and created a swirling portal of lights.

"Get inside the portal now. Thank you for the seed."

"Seed? You mean a child?"


"Oh, Christ. I have another child again soon. Kate will surely hate me for this," Trevor murmured.

"What are you saying?"

"Nothing. I'll try to come back sometime in the distant future to father my child." Trevor said. Sarimanoka kissed him, and Trevor got in the portal before his lust kicked in or else he could stay longer with her.

How many children would I have on this journey?

Holy child. Well, I'm just a hot, handsome man seduced by women. Who am I to reject them?

It was an insult for them to refuse a delectable offer. Am I right? What do you think,

Chapter 18

The Winged-Seahorse and the Lightning Spear

Trevor trodded along the forest not far from Sarimanoka's kingdom. Unbeknown to him, the foxes came out from the bamboos and transfigured into women-like or whatever. They bit their lips as they ogled at Trevor. They neared him and performed a Seduction Dance, but Trevor wasn't bewitched by them. They halted and were surprised.

"Nice try, girls. But you can't fool me." Trevor smirked."I know you're not real women. You're Trans."

"How come you know it?" Tanya asked, her long, white hair danced with the breeze.

Trevor waved the sunglass which Sarimanoki had given him. On his view, the Transfoxes looked gorgeous women on their fair skin in a white Venus-cut dress, but the reflection of their tiny manhoods hung like small bananas.

"Clever," Tanya snickered. Enraged, she and other Transfoxes beleaguered Trevor and blew some air, and they blinded him. They moved close to him and turned his skin into white like he had a leper by their single caress.

"He's ugly as a hobgoblin." Tanya said. "A white hobgoblin, indeed." The Transfoxe scachinnated.

Trevor shouted Sarimanoki's name for help, and the queen came flying with her nine servants. They pooped on the Transfoxes and turned three of them into stones, but the other five transformed into their true four-legged forms and managed to sprint and vanished into the towering bamboos.

"I'm sorry, my naughty one. I came late." Sarimanoki shapeshifted into a woman, puffed some air into Trevor's eyes and speck of scales fell from his eyes.

"Thank you, gorgeous." Trevor said as his sight was restored. Shock seared across his face as he saw the nasty, white patches covering his skin. It smelled bad that his nose crinkled. "How I can get rid of this?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't have the magic to cure it," Sarimanoki said. Trevor's face sank. "But you may go to Sile Sea and dip yourself six times and you shall be cleaned."

His eyes lit up. "How can I possibly go there?"

"One of my servants will lead you the way."

"Thank you, lovely."

"You're welcome, my naughty one. And one more thing, don't attempt to shapeshift, your effort shall be in vain.

"Why not?"

"You are cursed. Once you transfigure into a winged-wolf, you won't come back into human form. The Transfoxes are cunning, arent they?"

"They are."

"Take him to the Sile Sea of Revelation." She said to her servant.

One of the chickens fluttered, and Trevor followed her. Not long enough, he reached the Sile Sea southwest of the WonderWorld which looked like a Bermuda Triangle in his world. He undressed himself and scudded to the sea and dipped himself six times while the chicken covered her eyes with her wings, but playful as she was she occasionally leered on Trevor's nakedness, and her beak slavered.


Trevor appeared outside the tree where he rested. He neared the stream and cupped the water for a drink. Several birds joined him.

"Hi stranger you seem tired," one of them said.

Hell yeah. Tired of bedding the queen. "I am. I've been looking for the winged-seahorse but I can't find it."

"Oh, you can't find her?"

"You said, her? You mean she's a female?"

"Aha. Didn't the Queen tell you about it? I know you came from her palace."

"Oh, yeah. She did. Sorry, I forgot. Do you know where I can find the seahorse?"

"Of course."

"Great! Can you tell me where she is?


"Lead me the way."

"Oh, it's difficult if you walk. It will take you long to reach there. If only you can fly."

"You say fly?" Trevor shapeshifted into a winged-wolf, and the birds' feathers shrink in fear.

"Oh, please don't be scared. I'm harmless."

The birds smiled and soared up the sky, and he followed them. They led him to a palace situated at the center of the lake. "This is how far we can help you. Good luck!"

Trevor mounted up to the palace, but he couldn't enter it because an invisible barrier barred him. The winged-horse flying and circling above the palace caught his attention. He fluttered his wings and howled to catch her attention. He was not mistaken—she neared him when she saw his necklace. He landed on the ground, and she followed him. He transformed back as she was about to land. He neared her and took off his necklace to don on her. It glittered on her neck, and she sang sweetly. So sweet that it would almost make him fall asleep. He got the dagger in his sling bag and slashed his palm. He took out the bottle of salt and sprinkled some on his wound. He excruciated in pain, but at least he managed not to sleep. He leaped into her back while she began flapping her wings—and she flew with him.

"Hello, Master. I'm happy to serve you," a sweet feminine voice said.

"Oh, happy to serve you," he said to himself. "It sounds familiar just like a tagline of a popular fast-food chain in the mortal world."

"What's that Master?"

"Oh, never mind. Can you promise me not to sing anymore so I can cure my wound?"

"Even If I sing Master, you wouldn't be affected by my voice, I'm your lady servant now."

"Thanks for that." Trevor healed himself as he poured potion on it. "What's your name?"


"Beautiful name."

"Thanks, Master. How about you?"


"Nice to serve you, Master Trevor."

"Just call me Trevor."

"No. I'll call you Master Trevor. I insist."


"So where are we going now?"

"To the ice and fire dragon tribes."

"Planning to get the lightning spear, huh? Okay, Master, tighten your grip on me as we fly there in a few seconds." Oprah wafted fast like lightning tearing the sky. Trevor almost vomited to her pace. He was used to flying every time he shapeshifted into a winged-wolf, but hers was faster like Flash, a superhero he watched on TV who moved as lightning too. They landed meters away from the fiery and snowy gates.

"As you see Master, there are two gates—the fiery gate leads us to the fire dragon tribes, and the snowy one brings us to the ice dragon tribe. Which one would you get in first?"

"I don't know. I can't believe that their gates are located beside each other. What's your suggestion?"

"Well, let's take the fiery gate."

"Lead the way."

"I will, Master."

The gate was no ordinary. It was burning, and the flames served its barrier. Whoever attempted to get inside would be burnt in a minute. Only one creature could pass through it—the mythical winged-seahorse. They flitted inside and saw the fiery stones on the ground. The place smelled fumes that made Trevor cover his nose. When Oprah detected his master was not used to the fumy scent, she sang sweetly releasing sweet fragrance in the air. As they were about to land, the dragons wheeled around the palace heading toward their direction. They encircled them, but they were not in their beast mode.

Trevor was shocked the dragons bowed before Oprah. One of them came close to them, and it transformed into a woman dressed in red with a crown on her head.

"Enchantress of the woods." The she-dragon curtsied. "I and my people are blessed with your presence. It's our great honor that you visit us." She was regal and a confidently beautiful long, red-haired woman, having am angular face with Greek nose and topaz-colored eyes. Her red cloak made her a stunner.

"It is my pleasure to visit you, Fyra, queen of the fire-dragon tribe."

"We'll never forget your act of kindness. You save us from the huge burning rocks from the sky. If not to your help, we're all doomed, and our kind becomes a legend."

"You're welcome. I can't afford you'll be wiped out from the face of the world. Each one of us has a role to play to make this world going. Your fire brings warmth to the entire place. If you're gone we'll never appreciate your warmth anymore."

Fyra smiled. "So what brings you here, Enchantress?"

"My Master needs something from you." Oprah waggled her wings signaling him to get off from her.

"Your Master? Since when the Enchantress becomes a servant to anyone? Your greatness is incomparable not even us are worthy to be your army."

"Fyra, the prophecy must be fulfilled. I must humble myself to prepare us for the great catastrophe."

"I understand you, Enchantress. So what does this Halfling want from us? I sense he's not a mortal."

"Master?" Oprah beckoned Trevor to speak.

"I come here to humbly ask from you, your lightning spear," Trevor said in a low voice.

"Whoa! You've asked too much from me. It would mean losing my crown." Fyra touched her crown. "Well, I don't want to disappoint the Enchantress. I'll give it to you only if you beat me in a friendly match."

"I accept the challenge."

Queen Fyra gave Trevor a sword while she was holding her own. She drew it against him, and he parried her attack. She raised herself up, and she thrust her sword to him, but he quickly moved, escaping from her sudden assault. Both were skillful warriors.

She transformed into a dragon while Trevor transfigured into a dragon too. She was surprised at the special ability the Halfling had possessed. She flew up high and released huge fire from her mouth against him, but he counterattacked it with fire too. A fulmination of fire smudged the sky while the other dragons and Oprah were watching and cheering on them. They attacked each other with their huge claws, hitting each other's bodies, but their force and strength were equal.

Fyra halted assaulting Trevor and glided downward. She shapeshifted into a woman while waiting for him.

"Your ability is impressive," Fyra commented as Trevor landed toward her and transformed back into himself.

"Thank you, Your Majesty," Trevor said, half-smiling.

Fyra removed the crown, handed it to him, and it turned into a shimmering half-rod, emitting a flash of lightning.

"It's only a half, you'll get the other half from the ice dragon king," she scowled.

"Oh, haven't you reconciled with the ice-dragon king, Fyra?" Oprah interrupted.

"Oh, that cold king … not yet, Enchantress. I don't know when he'll humble himself."

"This is not good for your world. You and he must have a one-world rule where he'll be a king, and you'll be a queen. Isn't it lovely?"

"It is Enchantress. I think you must speak to him. I surmise he'll listen to you."

"I will. I believe we must go. We'll be going to him. I'll sing triumphantly to the wind, and you'll hear it if he'll give in to my plea of reconciliation with you."

"Thank you, Enchantress. Your kindness is unfathomable." Fyra curtsied to her as she oscillated her wings.

Oprah smiled at her as she winged away from them.


Trevor and Oprah glared at the towering glaciers while flying in the icy place. Snowflakes showered them. When Trevor touched them, they turned into white butterflies. He enjoyed touching them. He played with them, but his body stiffened in extreme coldness. Oprah sensed him, and she sang sweetly, vanishing the zero- degree coldness.

"It's cold in here."

"Yes, Master. After all, this is the ice dragon's place."

"And there are several butterflies. I see them in every part of the world where I journeyed."

"Butterflies are everywhere. They're sacred to us, even to you and to the merfairies. They visited you when you were born, and will hover around you by the time you die. They're your guide to your final resting place."

"I see. How about you Oprah, do you die like me?"

"No, Master. I am immortal. By the time I'm a century old, I'll turn into an egg and out from it springs a new life.

Holy egg. "Wow! Immortal like a phoenix"

"Yes, I am. Get ready Master, we're about to land in the ice dragon's palace."

The ice dragons whimpered at the huge entrance of the palace waiting for their landing. They curtsied and turned themselves into men dressed in white cloth when Oprah glissaded a few inches away from them.

"Enchantress of the woods, I and my men are happy with your presence," the dragon king with a glittering crown on his head spoke and knelt before her. He was a white man, with a square face, blue eyes, aquiline nose, had flawless, fair skin and a muscular body.

"Thank you Icy. I'm glad to see you."

"The honor is mine, Enchantress. What brings you here?"

Oprah summoned Trevor to speak his concern.

"Your Majesty." Trevor curtsied. "I come here to ask you with all humility your lightning spear."

"I sense that you got half of the lightning rod from the fire-dragon queen."

"You're right, Your Majesty. She gave it to me after our friendly match."

"She must be impressed she gave it to you." Icy smiled. "Well, I'm going to give my lightning rod to you out of respect to the Enchantress on one condition."

"What is that, Your Majesty?" Trevor asked.

"Bring the hot-tempered fire-dragon queen to me."

"Hmm, the pride of a king runs through his bloodstream. I can sense the coldness in your heart, Icy," Oprah chimed in.

"That's why I need her to warm my cold heart, Enchantress."

"Is it not the King who'll court the Queen personally and bring her back to your once loving arms?"

The dragon king was speechless.

"I understand your predicament. Well, Halfling, do the task the king has given you."

Trevor put his index finger on his forehead and teleported to the dragon queen's place while Oprah sang a lullaby. Her music brought the feeling of serenity—soothing every heart's bitterness. Snowflakes danced to her tune while white flowers grew along the pathway and to the sides and tops of the glaciers. White butterflies began to hover over the flowers and merrily sip their nectar. The sounds of bliss from the white doves resounded throughout the land.

A few minutes passed, Trevor came back with the dragon queen. The king's heart throbbed with excitement when he saw her former wife, her queen, in his palace. They ran to each other and embraced themselves. The wall that divided their two realms was gone, and it became one. The fire dragon women reunited with their ice dragon boyfriends and husbands.

"Thank you for coming. I'm sorry, and I love you, my Queen."

"I love you too, and I'm sorry, my King."

"I long for this moment."

"So do I."

"Thank you, Enchantress and Halfling." Icy gave his crown to Trevor, and it became a lightning rod. "Forge the two lightning rods, and they will become a lightning spear."

Trevor did what the king dragon had said and lo, a lightning spear was created. It emitted flashes of lightning on its body and ends.

"Even if the Omniscient Eye might get mad at us by giving the rods, to you, our love for each other is more important than his wrath."

"Thank you very much." Trevor bowed before the king and queen.

"Be merry and multiply, Fyra and Icy. Let your offspring be as many as the stars in the sky," Oprah said.

"Thank you, Enchantress," they both said.

"We'll go now, and let peace reign in your hearts." Oprah flapped her wings while he hopped on her back, and they flew away from them as they were waving. Like lightning, she flashed fast to the fourth kingdom.

"Thank you, Oprah."

"You're welcome, Master. "Till we meet again."

When Trevor was about to climb off from Oprah, the Dimunes appeared not far away from them and assaulted them with their fireballs. If Oprah wasn't alert, they would've been roasted.

Holy frogs. "Who are they?" Trevor asked.

"The Dimunes … the right hands of the Great Eye." Oprah replied.

"Traitor. You break the agreement, Oprah," yelled Santi.

"You've long broken it when you pour down large fireballs to the dragons," Oprah retorted.

"It's none of your business. The Great Eye will curse you," Santo threatened.

"Hell, I care. I can't afford to lose the dragons."

"Damn it! Now you help the Dili-Ingun-Nato. Your nosiness is unforgivable. Prepare for your death," Santa lambasted.

"You can't kill me. You know I'm immortal."

"Not with this eternal-flaming arrow. For sure, you'll be barbecued for our dinner." Santi said, showing his razor-sharp-like teeth.

"Oh my G," Oprah jerked back. "Let's escape Trevor. Tighten your grip."

"Okay. Let's not make this battle in the air. We'll change the battlefield. It's difficult for me to fight them here," Trevor said.

"So do I. I have a plan."

"Go on. I trust you." Oprah flew to the five waterfalls. The Dimunes followed them attacking Oprah and Trevor with the fireballs and the flaming arrows, but they missed hitting them. The Dimunes fired again and slightly hit Oprah's head. They kept on squawking in ecstasy and wiggled their tails when they hit the seahorse.

Oprah descended.

"Are you hurt, Oprah?'

"Slight. It's just like a hard punch." Oprah said while Trevor caressed his friend's head. "Don't worry about me. I'm okay."

Trevor clambered from Oprah's back and summoned the powers of the lightning spear. As soon as the Dimunes landed, Trevor hit them with the bolts of lightning. The Dimunes shivered and froze.

"Are they dead?"

"No, they aren't. They're immortals. They just take a deep sleep."

The Dimunes came back to life again after a minute of electrocution and started assaulting them with their arrows, but Oprah shaped a shield that looked like a transparent bubble with her mouth.

"As long as we're here in the shield, we're safe. This bubble won't puff no matter what they do. Not even the eternal arrow can break this."

"And why is that, Oprah?"

"Fire has no power over the water."

Trevor smiled and caressed her head.

"Look, the Dimunes have left us."

"Great. I'll stay here until I sense no more their presence."

"How about me? Can I go now?"

"But of course. Just visualize the mermaid's place, and you may teleport there. Till we meet again, Master."

"Same here, Oprah."

Trevor put his index finger on his forehead, and he disappeared. But a few seconds passed by, he came back. Oprah's head tilted with confusion.

"You're back."

"Yes, I am. I can't teleport." Trevor wondered. "This is the first time it happened to me. I'm confused."

"Oh, my G! The Dimunes didn't leave us. Look, they have formed themselves a pentagram." Oprah blanched. Trevor gazed at the sky and saw the Dimunes waved their arrows and turned into magical wands which emitted flames forming a five-pointed star. "They're performing the Luciferean anti-teleportation spell."

"What exactly is that?"

"It's an ancient ritual dated a hundred years ago. The Dimunes use their eternal arrows to cast their spell. It's believed that the Great Wiccanlo Witch teach them how to use it. It's too powerful that even I can't handle them."

"I try to handle them."

"You can try, but you can never win."

"And why is that?"

"Your lightning spear might be powerful to exhume the dark forces, but it doesn't have the magic to counter-attack the Luciferean spell."

"That means, we're trapped here. We're safe, but we can't leave home. In this case, we fail by default."

"Yes, for now. I'm sorry about this one."

"You don't need to apologize. You've been very helpful."

"Thanks for saying that."

"You're welcome," Trevor said, half-smiling. "If the Dimunes use a magical spell against us, there must be a way to defeat them using magic too."

"Oh my G. I almost forgot about them. This is caused maybe by the slight hit." Oprah bobbed her head.

"What are you saying?"

Yes, you're right, Trevor. There's a way. There is. A spell can only be broken by another spell. The Thirteen White Witches can help us."

"The White Witches, who are they?"

"They are the separatists. It's believed that the Vodoo White Witches and the Black Wiccanlo Witches before were of the same group. They had a one-world rule under Queen Vanga, Queen of the Wiccanlo Witches as outlined in an agreement between her and Queen Jeshaba, Queen of the White Witches. The agreement was spearheaded no less than by the Great Eye to foster friendship between his allies. They lived in harmony, but when a half-witch, half-mortal baby of Queen Jeshaba came into the picture, Queen Vanga felt threatened. She surmised that a child would be a threat to her kind. And so she kidnapped the baby and attempted to kill her. But the White Witch Queen came to rescue her child, and the battle between the most powerful witches began. Cunning as she was, Vanga sought help from the Great Eye, and she burned the White Witch Queen alive as she called forth the swirling whirlwind of flames from the Great Eye's lake of fire to end the enemy's life. But before the White Witch Queen died, she'd already managed to escape her baby through her most trusted allies … the Thirteen White Witches."

"Heartwarming story. Such a fate for the loving White Witch Queen."

"Yes, her heroism and love for her child has been handed from one generation of White Witches to another. A story worth listening."

"It is. And how can we seek help from the Thirteen White Witches?"

"I must chant an incantation to summon them." Oprah flipped her dorsal fin, her tail rings sparkled. "Before I forgot, don't ever forget this name "Duschentuchsiegeltuchchankukvildelucifkahuk"— did you get that?"

"I don't think so, Oprah." Trevor shook his head. "I don't have a photographic memory like you. Can you say that again? And please say it slowly like you are talking to a child."

I'll try." Oprah said it once again, but Trevor hardly got it.

"Duschenkuksigelfuch … Oh, I can't say it." Trevor patted his forehead. "I'm stupid." And he smiled as he remembered Lizander.

"Just concentrate. We don't have enough time, or else we'll be trapped here forever." Oprah uttered it syllable by syllable until Trevor mastered it.

"And what was that for?"

"It's a name." And Oprah began to close her eyes.

"Whose name?"

"Ssshh, don't you see I'm concentrating master? I'm chanting an incantation now, so, please … no more questions." Oprah kept on batting her eyelashes, and her vibrissa glistened.

"Okay, you say so. I'll just stay here watching you. Go on, Enchantress."

And Oprah gave him a wink, and she began chanting.

"I say right, I say left." She stomped her right and left feet when the words hit "right and left." Trevor chuckled. Not that Oprah had the voice of a frog—in fact, she'd a nightingale's tune. But on his mind, he was saying, "You must be kidding me. Is this some kind of a joke? Chanting while dancing, seriously?" But he continued watching her—since Oprah was serious, no sign of amusement seared on her face.

"I say right, I say left

White Witches are great!"

Among the leftists, you're the best.

Thirteen White Witches are the greatest.

Come forth, witches,

Come forth, witches,

Please help the Enchantress,

witches, witches, witches,

Thy power, thy power's the best.

Come forth, thirteen witches,

and help the Enchantress. "

Oprah swayed her hips and wiggled her tail. And every single time she did it, her keel and pectoral fins released stardust. Trevor almost broke into laughter when Oprah finished her chant.

Exhausted, Oprah caught her breath for she chanted and danced a couple of times.

"You're amazing, Oprah. I can't believe this, you're a good singer and dancer." Trevor clapped his hands while grinning.

"Thank you, master."

"You're welcome."

A gust of wind swooped over their hairs. Trevor readied his lightning spear. Oprah halted him.

"They're coming."

"Are they? Did your chant work?"

"I believe so. I think they're here. Bow down before them."

Out from nowhere, the Thirteen White Witches emerged in white cloaks. They had long, white hairs that hung down their waists and had angular and sunken faces with sapphire-blue eyes and lovely Greek noses. Each wore a golden tiara, and on their right hand, each held a long, black wand.

Trevor dropped his mouth open. He didn't expect that the witches were as beautiful as the merfairies. What he had in mind was each witch had a nauseating-effect face with furrowed-frowning-red eyes, crooked-pointed nose, and a long chin that could slice a black forest cake in a second.

"You summon us, Enchantress. May I know why?" The leader of the White Witches asked. She spoke with eloquence and grace. Oprah kicked Trevor to bow down.

"Yes, you're right, Merylmelba Foresthouse." Oprah said in a low voice. "Look above you, and you know the reason why."

The Thirteen White Witches gazed on the sky and saw the Dimunes with its pentagram of fire.

"The yucky-crooked creatures," Foresthouse said. "Well, we will help you, in one condition."

"Go ahead," Oprah said, and she slowly collapsed. Trevor attended to her.

"Oprah, are you okay? Does something hurt you?" Trevor asked as he bent to caress Oprah's head.

"Oprah weakens when she summons us. It costs her strength. The selfless Enchantress. Always ready to sacrifice herself for others," Foresthouse replied to Trevor's question.

"But she's okay, right?"

"She is. She's not called Enchantress for nothing. She'll regain her strength later," Foresthouse said. "And as for you half-mortal, you must answer our question so we can help you."

"Can't you help us right away?" Trevor stood. "You need to help us. Oprah's sick."

"Foolish and impatient. Common traits among the mortals." The sweet voice interrupted. Trevor looked at her. And the owner of the voice had a face that could launch a hundred duels among young men. Gorgeous beyond description. But what remarkable about her were the glistening-triangular mark on her middle forehead and a five-wand hand forming like fingers.

"Who am I?" the Witch asked.

"I don't know." Trevor quipped.

"Oopps. Last two tries." She grinned.

"Master, remember the name I told you. That's her name." Oprah horned in, and she closed her eyes.

"Oh, okay. Let me try. Duschentucksiegeltuchchan … Coke?" Trevor smacked his palm against his forehead. Oprah sighed, shaking her head. "I'm sorry."

"One last try, and we'll leave you."

Trevor looked at the helpless Enchantress. He must not put her efforts in vain. He tried to remember well the name until the right name came on his head.

"What's my name?"

"Duschentuchsiegeltuchchankukvildelucifkahuk," Trevor replied.

Duschentuchsiegeltuchchankukvildelucifkahuk scintillated a syrupy smile. "Well done."

Oprah opened her left eye and smiled. The Thirteen White Witches' cloaks sparkled. And they all beamed at him. They got out from the bubble and waved their wands into the air as they cast their spell.

"Obice abierunt." The Witches recited, and in an instant, the pentagram of flames disappeared.

The Dimunes yapped and left them, screeching.

Trevor left the magic bubble and mouthed a word of gratitude to the Witches.

"You must go now, half-mortal," Foresthouse said. "Leave the Enchantress with us."


"You're back, and you bring home your weapon," Naruha said.

"Yes, thank you, Great Mermaid. I wouldn't get this without your help. I can't say thank you enough."

"You're most welcome, Halfling. Go to your room, and tell your partner the glad tidings you bring."

Trevor would've have gone when Katy neared and hugged him.

"You're alive. Thanks to the Goddess," Katy said, her eyelashes were wet of tears of joy.

"I am. Thanks to the Goddess too," Trevor said.

And together they said. "Thanks, Naruha."

"You're welcome," Naruha said and designed a vortex. "In case you leave, the gateway is ready for you."

Trevor nodded. Katy smiled. And Naruha said, "Was that okay?"

"It was not okay. It was excellent." Trevor replied, yawing a genuine smile. "Like a fine wine, your brilliance has aged to perfection."

Chapter 19


Trevor and Katy fluttered to the Apdis Land, where the princesses and their loyal allies dwelt temporarily. They saw them settle on the rocks near the water.

The soldiers in full battle gear positioned to fight against those who were up in the air. Minister Marsette halted them for she recognized who were coming. They landed near them.

"Welcome back, Halfling and Elite," Minister Marsette said.

"Thank you, Madam," they both said, and he transformed back to himself. The princesses and the rest of their allies had their jaws dropped to their tails when Trevor landed before them as a winged-wolf.

"I'm glad you come back both," Princess Merfara said.

"Thanks, Your Highness." Trevor grinned at her. "I'm happy you're all safe."

"Have you been successful in your journey, Halfling? Where's your lightning spear?" Minister Marsette asked.

Trevor opened his right palm and showed her a lightning spear mark.

"Come out, my lightning spear and show them your power." The weapon came out from his palm and emitted flashes of lightning, and his eyes glittered in white rays too.

Their eyes sparkled in amazement.

"Truly magnificent and powerful your weapon is!" Minister Marsette and Princess Merfara said.

"I'm ready to use this against Olivia. Her reign must be put to an end."

"We must plan for our attack," Madam Ludilyn suggested.

"I agree," Princess Manara said.

"Your Highness, I'm just wondering how Olivia did it? If only for the Defense Minister's help, I don't think she'd defeat you all."

"I sense dark power inside her. I think someone was controlling her," Princess Manara said. "She was too powerful to handle."

"I sense it too, Trevor" Princess Merfara mumbled. "I believe the Spirit Witch Queen possesses her body."

"Well, I think, Your Highness, we better start our plan on what strategies we're going to use so we can penetrate easily into the kingdom. For sure, every passage is fully guarded."

They gathered in a circle, and they started their discussion.

Meanwhile, Nympha watered her plants. In seconds, flowers grew on it, and she picked one of them. She muttered an incantation, and the flower shimmered in purple lights. She came nearer to her refugees and sat with her legs crossed on the pearly-white sand. When she sensed the meeting was over, she gave a mystical rose to the Elite

"Use this to charm the guards. When they see this flower, they'll fall into a deep sleep."

"Thank you, My Lady," Katy said.

"I wish for your success."

"Thank you."

"We thank you, My Lady, for the kindness you've shown us. You allow us to use your sanctuary as our fortress. I and my people are grateful to you," Princess Merfara cut in.

"You're most welcome. I always side with the good ones." When Nympha saw the lightning spear mark on Trevor's palm, she smiled. "I sense your victory."

"What made you think so, My Lady?" Katy asked.

"Because of the mark … the lightning spear mark."

"Curious, My Lady," Trevor said.

"I and the great one-eyed mermaid once foretold that anyone who gets the lightning spear will have tremendous power and can exhume his enemies in seconds. No weapon yet has been created to match its power."

"Thank you, My Lady, your words give us encouragement to win this battle," Trevor said.

Nympha sighed. "I just hope there'll be less bloodshed. Merfairies versus merfairies … not a good idea to think of, but you're left with no choice but to do it to take back the kingdom from the maleficent one."

"Your mystical rose will be of great help to make it less bloody, after all, it would make the guards fall asleep."

"The power of the rose works only for the guards outside the palace. Once you're in, its power loses."

"I understand, My Lady. Can I ask a few questions?"

"Go ahead."

"Why is there so much hate and evil in any corner of the world? Is it because we have different faith?"

"My child, hate doesn't come from faith, it springs from the emotionally retarded. Evil? It's as old as me. Learn to fight it with love. It may not vanish, but it won't progress."

Trevor smiled at her wisdom. "Thank you, My Lady."

"You're most welcome."

He spun around and directed his attention to his girlfriend. "Kate, please create a shield to protect Apdis Island."

Katy whispered an incantation, and a shield that looked like a huge crystal ball enveloped the island while Trevor opened his palm, and the lightning spear came out and emitted flashes of lightning toward the shield, and it doubled its protection."

Trevor sighed. "I think we can rest without worrying about our enemies."


Katy awoke when she heard someone was singing. The voice was sweet and soothing. She checked the surroundings, it was still dark, but the seagulls had already started shrieking and hovering around the island.

In an hour or two, the sun would peep out. She thought. She flew toward the edge of the island and found the princess sit on a rock while singing.

It was yesterday when I held you

It was yesterday when I was with you

I realize now that you're gone

Your importance in my life

I long to be in your loving arms

In your embrace I find peace

In your kisses I find happiness

I love you, I always do

No one can ever replace you in my heart

You're the only one, my love, my only one

When will be the time that our hearts

meet again and continue our halted love story?

It was yesterday when I held you

It was yesterday when I was with you

I realize now that you're gone

Your importance in my life

I long to be in your loving arms

In your embrace I find peace

In your kisses I find happiness

You and I in this world

are fleeting like butterflies

I know that time will come that you will be mine

I know that there's forever between you and me.

The princess wiped her tears while throwing pebbles to the water. Katy moved toward her.

"Your Highness, you're crying."

"Yes, I am," Princess Merfara said.

"May I know why?"

"I just miss him … and the Crystal Kingdom."


"Time like this, I've realized I need special someone to comfort me, to hug me. A princess does cry. I'm just a merfairy, not a goddess." She paused for a while and continued. "And no matter how powerful or rich I am, there's no guarantee I'll be in the pedestal forever. Maybe this is my bad karma because of what I did to you."
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"Your Highness, don't ever think that."

"I guess this is the right time to say it. I'm sorry Elite … for conniving with Olivia … by switching your golden tail with her black one when we were kids.

"You were a kid then, Your Highness. I truly understand you."

"Do you accept my apology?"

"Of course, Your Highness."


"Do you want to visit him? I'll accompany you."

"Yes, I want to." Princess Merfara hugged Kate. "Thank you, Elite."

"You're welcome, Your Highness."

"Friends?" The princess extended her hand to Katy.

"Yes, we're friends."

They flitted to the Dili-Ingun-Natos' world and visited an old man in his house. The man slouched against the door—he'd wrinkled face as the years had passed, and his lean yet muscular body during his younger days turned slender. His grey hair symbolized his years of experience and wisdom, and his handsome looks never faded in spite of his age. When they landed, his face lit up, and they neared him. The man sang in his baritone voice.

My heart longs for your presence, my love

I've dreamed of this day

That you will come to me

To embrace you in my loving arms

And kiss you tenderly with my lips

Only yours forever will be

How happy I am to see you once more

My heart is filled with gladness

I thought I won't see you anymore

The princess sang with him as she came closer to him.

My love, I've come to your place

I also long for your embrace

I miss your kisses and caress

Life is fleeting, I know it is

I miss our love like the old days

I love you with all of my spirit

You're the greatest memory, the Goddess' gift

I've treasured and will never forget

They sang together while holding their hands.

I love you forever

You're my everything

You're my heart, my other half

I long to have you back

Can we just stay like this forever?

My love, my only one

They kissed and embraced each other, and he led her inside while Katy misted her eyes with tears. Her tears of joy streamed upon seeing the lovers who longed to see each other again and savored every moment they had but a little sad for them because kismet won't permit it to happen for long.

"I miss you, my love," the old man said.

"I miss you too, my only one," the princess said.

"Thank God you showed up to me. It had been forty years since the last time we saw each other."

"I know. Although I didn't show up, I've come to you sometimes and left you with my gifts."

"I know. You haven't changed all along. You're still young and beautiful."

"Thank you. I'm a merfairy. I don't age fast."

"However, I do." He paused. "I'm waiting for my time to pass away in this world."

"Don't ever say that. You're not as old as you think you are. Only your physique changes, but your pure heart never does. I'll try to do what I can to amend the laws in our land. When it happens, you and I will be together forever in the Crystal Kingdom.

"I'm waiting for that time."

"Thank you for your loyalty. You never find any woman in this world to be your partner."

"No one can replace you in my heart. No one can. You're my only love."

"And you're my only one."

They stayed in each other arms for an hour until Katy called the princess.

"Your Highness, I'm sorry for my interruption. I know you both are sweet as honey, but I think it's time to go."

The princess nodded at her.

"My only one, I need to go. See you soon," Princess Merfara said.

"Okay. I love you, my only love."

"I love you too, my only one."

They kissed each other with so much passion hoping someday they'd be together in a place where they could spend their everlasting love, like an eternal flame burning forever.


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