Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom
3 Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom-Part 3
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Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom
Author :lavidalunasanggre
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3 Guardians of the Crystal Kingdom-Part 3

Chapter 11

Rightful Home

Trevor awoke without Katy on his side. He thought he'd bring her back again to the park and mall and spent more time with each other. A paper and a small mirror beside his pillow made him grin. He smiled for he knew that it came from her "girl". He excitedly picked the letter. It read.

My Rockefeller,

I leave you for a while to attend an urgent meeting with the Council.

My presence is a necessity. Besides, it had been a few days since I took a leave of absence from my classes in the Academy. Just like you, Dili-Ingun-Natos … I mean mortals, we also have a school for the merfairies, to learn how to make potions, how to fly and swim fast, how to use our power of teleportation and also prepare ourselves for our forthcoming sports festival.

Even though I would've gone for a while, my love for you will never change. An adage goes, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." I'll bring with me, right in my heart your warm hugs and tender kisses. They're my multi-vitamins to strengthen my wings, tail and spirit.

In case you miss me, please feel free to contact me using the magic mirror I left together with this letter. Behave well, this is not a request but an order from the Elite. Just kidding. I love you, and I'll always do.

Yours Forever,


Trevor got off his bed and took a quick shower. He also needed to go back to school to submit his requirements to his professors before the summer vacation started. He asked permission from his grandmother and left the house with the mirror and the letter in his pocket.


"Hey, dude. How's the creepy vacation?" One of his friends named Luke asked Trevor while he was walking along the corridor of the university. His friends stood and walked with him.

"Dude, please tell us. Is it true that Nathaniel and Brad were taken by a creature?" Marco asked.

Trevor shrugged. "I'll tell you about it later. I need to submit these term papers first. Who'll accompany me?"

"Of course us, your best buddies."

They went to the faculty room, and Trevor handed his requirements to his professors and afterward headed his way to the canteen. He told them everything about the unfortunate event.

"By the way, who'd tell you about what had happened to us?" Trevor asked.

"The sexy Karla," they chorused.

"Where's she anyway?"

"We don't know," Norton replied.

"She hasn't been in school since the last time we visited her in her home," Luke added.

"Okay, just call me if you see her,"

"We will," Marco said.

After they'd eaten, Trevor did a friendly fist bump to his friends as a way of farewell. He went to the terminal and his eyes wandered around—a vending machine made him smile. He slid his hand inside the pocket for a few dollars to buy a can of Pepsi. He slid the paper bill in the machine and got one, and his thirst slaked. He then remembered his Mom and Dad. He got out his phone from a left pocket and dialed the number, and a voice-answering machine took his message.

While he was about to fall in line for a train, the unlikely creatures emerged, and one of them held his hand. He took his pen and wounded the creature. A hurly-burly occurred as people ran in every direction seeing the unfamiliar, ugly creatures. Few dared to take their cellular phones out and took photos while others took a video.

Trevor fought and slaughtered each one of them.

A few seconds passed, Olivia with her other creatures also came. She jeered at Trevor when the latter refused to go with her. Trevor thought he was no match to her so he took his magic mirror out. He contacted Katy while he was running for his life. Katy showed herself to him with her index finger coming out from the mirror, pointing at his forehead, and he teleported to the Crystal Kingdom—in Kate's room to be specific.

"Thanks to the Goddess, you're safe!" Katy hugged him.

"Yes, thank you."

"Tell me what happened."

"I was at the terminal. I was falling in line for a train when suddenly the creatures who'd distorted faces assaulted me." Trevor caught his breath. "They attacked me. I defeated them, but Olivia came with ten of her unlikely servants. You know I don't have a match with her so I sought your help."

"Great! However, my twin sister will do everything in her power to get you. You must be alert all the time."

"I know. Can I stay here for a while so I'll be safe?"

"Of course, I'll inform the princess you're here."

"Is our relationship safe with her?"

"It is. She's on our side. No worries."

"How about my Grandma? Is she safe there?"

"Don't worry. She's the Great Oracle. Olivia can't touch her unless she leaves the perimeter of her place."

"Good." Trevor looked around and saw how spacious and modern Katy's room was. The walls were entirely gleaming glasses. She'd the purple blinds shut. A spiral with intricate butterflies-and-precious-stones-designed chandelier hung the ceiling. In the corner of a queen size bed with a canary yellow bed sheet was a side table with a three-foot golden statue of a woman, much more of a goddess on it. The splendor of the bed invited him to rest, and he jumped to it. He winked at her and invited her to join him. She neared him, and they hugged each other while he caressed her back and hair.

"How about you? Tell me what you did since you left me in the house." He rubbed his nose against her.

"I've attended a meeting with the Council and found out the shield of our kingdom was poisoned. I set off on a journey together with my friend."

"A friend? Male or female?"

"Gay. He's a merfairy gay." She chuckled.

"Okay continue, my beautiful lady."

"I journeyed to the mermaids' kingdom to talk to the Queen and asked permission to seek help from her merman—a mergay to be precise."

"Another mergay, huh? I thought gays only exist in our world." Saintly gay.

"They do exist in every world. If I may continue?" She asked. Trevor nodded at her. "I and my two-gay companions traveled to the land of the winged-snake women and asked for the antidote. Along our way, the Leomen, half-lion, half-winged men attacked us, but the winged-snake women came to our rescue and defeated them. In short, we went home with the antidote. "

"Great! You're not only beautiful but also brave." Trevor kissed her on the cheek. Katy mouthed "thanks." He pinched her nose tenderly, and she jiggled. When they were about to kiss each other, a few knocks rang on the door.

Wrong timing. Trevor's inner god rolled his eyes.

She stood and asked who was knocking. It was the Academy Minister. She asked Trevor to get off the bed and hid behind the door while she opened it for her.

"Madam Marsette, you're here," Katy said in a low tone.

"I've been looking for you since yesterday, but you were nowhere to be found." Minister Marsette said with grace and confidence, her chin up, and her voice authoritative.

"May I ask why, Madam?"

"You're a member of the Council while I'm not. I'd like to ask you if the Council is doing something about the shield. As far as I know, once it is attacked, it has a tendency to be poisoned."

"With all due respect to the Council Madam, I think the members are doing something."

"Thank you for that. I'll go ahead."

"You're welcome, Madam. Thanks also for the visit." Katy locked the door and sighed as a relief.

Trevor came out behind the door. He came close to her and lifted her to the bed. Katy chuckled by his action. He would've kissed her when they heard several knocks again on the door.

"Oh, man. Another nosy merfairy. Is this how your people behave when we are going to kiss each other?" Trevor complained. Katy chortled.

He put Katy down, and her girlfriend moved toward the door but was surprised when the door swung open. It was the Defense Minister with his guards.

"I'm sorry Elite for the intrusion, but this is all about our security reasons. The system has found out someone from the other world came to the kingdom, and the system directed us to your room. Who's he?" Minister Hagak asked.

There was poison in his voice. Trevor's inner god and Katy's inner siren squirmed.

Minister Hagak rumbled.

"Search the area and bring her guest to the royal palace for interrogation."

When the search was over, the guards handcuffed Trevor while Katy persuaded Minister Hagak that her guest was harmless. Unmindful to them, a familiar figure followed them. They stopped at the royal throne where the princesses chit-chatted. The living thrones had three huge golden wings on its sides; each wing had a glaring green eye. On top of the throne roosted a large winged-cat statue. When Trevor glared at it, it turned into a living animal, its left eye winked at him, and it jumped off to Princess Manara's side.

"Your Highness." Minister Hagak bowed. "I bring to your attention the undesirable action of the Elite. She puts the entire kingdom at risk when she takes in her guest … a Dili-Ingun-Nato in her room." He said in an accusing tone.

If this is just my world, I'll challenge you for a duel. You, bald man. I know that hair, it's not natural.

Princess Merfara winked at the lovers while her older sister, Princess Manara questioned Katy.

"Is this true, Elite?" Manara's voice was sweet rather than accusing.

"Your Highness, let me explain. This guy beside me isn't an ordinary Dili-Ingun-Nato. He's the Oracle's grandson so that makes him a half-merfairy, half-mortal," she explained matter-of-factly.

"Not. A. Full-blooded. Merfairy," Minister Hagak snapped emphasizing every word he uttered.

But still, I'm a merfairy. What's your problem, huh? Bald man!

"Your Highness, may I continue?" She asked, and the princess nodded while Princess Merfara kept on grinning at them. "I save the Oracle's grandson because Olivia and his servants attacked him."

"How did you save her?"

Katy remained silent for a while. "Your Highness, I gave this guy a magic mirror. When he was in danger, he contacted me so I saved him."

"Your Highness?" Minister Hagak barged in again.

I'll take that wig off your head if I get a chance. Holy bald man!

"Yes, Minister?"

"It's obvious the Elite and this guy have a special relationship. A merfairy won't give her magic mirror unless she deems this Dili-Ingun-Nato significant in her life."

Princess Merfara arched her eyebrows while Minister Hagak kept on spilling the beans. He pontificated. "The law in our kingdom forbids any merfairy to have a contact with a Dili-Ingun-Nato more so to have a relationship with him. If found guilty, both will be sentenced to death."

So what if we have a relationship? I love Kate. Get one and get lost.

"However the guy is not just a Dili-Ingun-Nato. He's a half-merfairy. In his veins run the Oracle's blood. He might be useful to us." Princess Merfara defended, her eyes aflame with exasperation.

That's right, dragon. I mean, princess. Save us, and I promise, I won't call you a dragon anymore.

"We can't put our kingdom at risk with this uncertain issue. We're talking about the thousands of merfairies whose lives are in danger with the presence of the unfamiliar being." Minister Hagak snorted.

If only I'd be released now, I'll strike your right ear, bald man, with my long fingers until it reddened.

The arguments between Princess Merfara and Minister Hagak continued while the lovers rest their case. All of a sudden, a voice spoke, and they directed their attention to her.

"Your Highness, if I may speak?" It was Minister Marsette. The princess' face alight with hope, giving her a cue that she granted her permission to speak. "The guy is called a Halfling. Based on my readings, a Halfling will come to our kingdom to help restore balance and peace. He'll even assist the Chosen One fulfill her destiny when the right time comes. A Halfling comes from the Oracle's lineage."

Everybody gawped, their eyes glowed. Minister Hagak had eye-ball rolling, and his wig fell on the floor.

Laughing out loud. I'm right all along. We controlled ourselves from laughing while Minister Hagak picked his wig. Holy wig!

Hagak excused himself and vowed to make their lives a living Underfireworld.

Trevor and the rest of the beings in the royal palace broke into laughter.

Katy moved toward Trevor and hugged him while the guards unshackled him.

"Welcome home, Halfling," Minister Marsette grinned.

"Thank you, Ma'am," Trevor said with an exhilarated look enough to light up the entire Crystal Kingdom.

Chapter 12

The Halfling

Trevor became an instant celebrity in the Crystal Kingdom—every merfairy greeted him with a smile when he accompanied Katy to the arena. A few of them asked him if they could take a photo with him. He nodded, and flashes of the magic mirrors hit their faces.

Delighted, the female and male merfairies on their teens posted the photos on their MerFytweetInstabook and WeTuber accounts with the caption #IandtheHalfling."

A reporter approached Trevor for a short interview, and he permitted him while the videographer rolled his film.

"Hi, thank you for this ambush interview," the reporter with a large nose and wide forehead spoke with eloquence.

"You're welcome."

"Take us back to the moment you were handcuffed by the Defense Minister's guards. How did you feel?"

"Honestly, I was scared a bit. But with Katy's presence, I felt relieved. I knew she won't allow anything bad to happen for me."

"Okay. When you were brought to the Royal Princesses for interrogation, what was the feeling like?"

"Well, it was terrifying. I know they're powerful, and all I could do was to be man enough to face the accusation for both of us."

"Were you questioned by the Royal Highnesses?"

"No, I wasn't. It was Kate whom they interrogated. I remained silent throughout the hearing."

"I heard Princess Merfara defended you both. How did it feel?'

"I felt happy I and Kate found an ally in her."

"So when the argument between the princess and the minister heated on and Minister Marsette came in and explained to them matter-of-factly your true identity, what was your initial reaction then?"

"Well, I'm delighted with what she said. I knew already who I am. My grandmother who happened to be your Oracle revealed it to me. But what stunned me was she said I had a great role to play for I'd be the one to bring back the balance of the Crystal Kingdom. I don't know what she meant by that, but I'm grateful to her for saving us."

"Well, you must be lucky you have Minister Marsette and Princess Merfara on your back."

"I guess I am."

"You're the Oracle's grandson? How does it feel?"

"I'm proud. I'm happy."

"Yes, you must. She was the Great Oracle then. "

The reporter would've asked Trevor for another question, but Katy whistled. "I thought it's only a short interview, but you're making it long." Katy chuckled.

"Oh sorry for that, Elite, but please I'll have to ask the Halfling a few more questions. This is my chance to be promoted for I surmise I'm the first one to interview him. Please?"

Katy shrugged. The reported went on.

"So is the Elite your girlfriend?"

Trevor looked at Katy before he answered. "Yes."

The reporter screamed as if she was swooning. Katy went red.

"When and where did you meet?"

"We were childhood sweethearts. We met in the river."

The reporter became curious. "How did it feel she's your girlfriend?"

"I'm blessed to have her in my life."

"So touching. Let's move on. Now, that you're in our kingdom, are you planning to stay here for good?"

"I think so. Olivia is hunting me down so I guess this is a safe place to stay."

"Okay, well, you'll have my support. I'll broadcast this in our MerFyNetwork, and you'll see your face on television and broadsheets anytime today. I'm thrilled to share this interview with the rest of the Kingdom. Surely, their eyes will glue on their televisions."

"Okay. Thanks."

"No, I'll be the one to say that to you, thank you for giving me your time. It's my honor and privilege to meet you. Thank you very much."

"You're welcome."

The reported left them with smiles on her eyes.

Katy told Trevor she'd practice her routine on synchronized swimming and flying with hurdles so she'd leave him for a while. Trevor sat on the long glass bench. He was lost for words as merfairies kept on flying to and fro, and was awestruck that they'd their school called the Sarvard Academy.

"Enjoying what you're seeing handsome?" A voice said.

"I think so. I have great fun here. By the way, I'm Trevor and you are?"

"Call me Raffa, the beautiful merfairy gay." Truly, he was beautiful with short, curly dark brown hair, a well-chiseled face, hazel brown eyes, Greek nose and standing five feet and nine inches tall, he was a stunner with a gleaming purple scarf on his neck.

"Oh, so you're Kate's close friend?" Trevor asked. Raffa nodded. He offered his hand, and Raffa accepted it.

"How does it feel to be famous, Halfling?"

"Oh, it doesn't sink into me. I don't know how to react. Everybody seems to be friendly." Except for the bald Minister.

"You'll get used to it."

Trevor smiled.

"So what did you get?"

"Excuse me?" Naughty fairy gay. I know that's a doubled-meaning question. I'll pluck your scale one by one. You want?

"I mean, what's your power?" Raffa almost broke into laughter after he'd realized his question had dual meaning like a doubled-edge sword. Well, if you must. You can say how big your manhood is. Emegesh! My friend will surely pluck my eyelashes if she senses I'm advancing to her boyfriend. Behave, slutty gay!

"Oh, nothing except for my pen that will turn into a spear." Trevor got the pen out from his pocket and showed it to him.

"Your pen?" Raffa's eyes popped out.

Trevor smacked Raffa's forehead that made the latter say "Ouch."

"A magic pen!A gift from her?" Raffa asked.

"Nope. The old man in the mortal world gave this to me." Trevor explained.

"May I hold it?" May I hold yours, too? Sorry, a light smack is enough. I don't want to be punched by this hunky guy.

Trevor handed it to him, and the gay's eyes lit up.

"A princess' magic pen!Interesting!" Raffa would've asked him further when the Academy Minister came. He gave it back to him.

"Halfling, may I talk to you?"

"Yes, of course, Minister Marsette. I'm Trevor and thanks for saving us yesterday."

"You're most welcome. I prefer to call you, Halfling." Minister Marsette turned to Raffa and spoke. "Will you excuse us for a while?" She asked. Raffa stepped back."Now, Halfling, I want to inform you you'll undergo training to protect yourself from the enemies. I'll put you under my care. I've already been granted permission by the princesses."


"I'll teach you how to fight using the weapons since I presume you don't have powers, yet. I don't know when it will happen. I've seen your pen, and I know it's magical. We'll use that instead. I'll assign Professor Nudge to teach you on potion-making, Professor Budge on mind control, Professor Dodge on shapeshifting and request the Elite, your special someone, to teach you on teleportation. Understand, Halfling?"

"Very well, Madam."

"Well, see you tomorrow then." Minister Marsette disappeared leaving him with sparkling specks of dust that made him sneeze.

"What did she say?" Raffa's curiosity kicked in.

"Later, when Kate comes to us," Trevor said as Katy neared them.

"I saw the Minister talk to you. What did she say?"

"She said she liked me," Trevor observed their reaction especially when he said it in a serious tone. Their eyebrows rose. "Just kidding! She said she'll train me together with Professors Nudge, Budge, Dodge and you."

"Me?" Katy asked.

"Yes, on teleportation."

"Okay, I think I like it. Shall we begin now?

"No. The training shall commence tomorrow. Don't get excited to be with me. I'm yours forever. We have all the time to do whatever we like." Trevor pinched her nose that made Katy's inner siren bite her lower lip and lick her upper one while Raffa was lying along the corridor, swooning over, like a kid who had been given merfairy cookies by her crush.

A creepy voice suddenly halted their moments.

"Catty," she said. Katy whirled around.

"Katy, Professor Divina." Katy corrected her cross-eyed professor wearing her signature frayed-Venus-cut dress.

"Oh, yeah, Elite Katy. I forgot." Professor Gracia Divina clapped her hands to her mouth in amusement. Her untrimmed fingernails made Raffa mutter, "Yuck". "Sometimes, I have a poor name recall."

"It's okay, Professor. I do understand. How are you?" Katy asked as she elbowed Raffa to greet the professor.

"I'm very much okay. Thanks for asking. I'm expecting you to attend our class next week. Without you, our class is as dull as the graveyard. Your high level of perception is a joy."

"Thank you, Professor."

Professor shifted her gaze to Raffa. "Oh, Pappa, my dear."

"Raffa, Professor Divina. Raffa is my name." He rolled his eyes.

"Whatever." She smirked. "I have a gift for you in your coming birthday."

"Oh, no need, Professor. I'm okay." Raffa's tail shook for he knew whatever the professor would say would only spoil his happy day.

"I insist. A gift of advice. Stay away from boys. Your peril is at their hands." She sneered, and then her eyes caught Trevor.

"A half-mortal. Yes, a Halfling, indeed. What's your name, young man?"

"Hi, I'm Trevor, Professor." Trevor smiled.

"What a handsome name. Perfect for a naughty one." She giggled. "I'll go ahead, my dear Elite."

"See you around, Professor." Katy said.

Professor Divina sashayed with her tail but turned around before she could make a step further. "Halfling, be careful. I see terrible danger ahead of you." Before anyone of them could speak, she lost to their sight.

"What did she mean by that?" Trevor asked.

"Oh, don't mind the lunatic old professor." Raffa quipped. "Out of her ninety-nine forebodings, only one came true."

Katy chuckled. Raffa went on. "I don't know why she's our Divination professor."

"Uh-oh. Show a little respect, sister."

"Gosh." Raffa shook his head. "I'm stressed with the moment-breaker cross-eyed."

Trevor rubbed his temple, his eyebrows creased.

"Trevor, are you okay?" Katy asked.

"Yes, I am. As long as you're with me, I'm fine."


"Hold your spear tightly, Halfling. If you loosen your grip, you'll be killed by an enemy," Minister Marsette ordered Trevor while Kate was watching on their training set on a vast green field.

"I will Madam," Trevor said as he prepared for her attack. This woman is strict. Holy angel!

Minister Marsette thrust her sword against him, but he blocked it with his spear. They'd fought until her sword was in his throat.

"Focus, Halfling. Focus!" Minister Marsette drew her sword again, and it was on Trevor's throat for the second time. "Are you, okay? It seems you're distracted."

"Does Professor Divina's statement bother you?" Katy interrupted.

"I guess," Trevor replied.

Minister Marsette laughed. "You have nothing to worry about. Her prediction oftentimes fails." She flicked her hand, and a glass of dark chocolate syrup floated. "Drink this to dispel your worry."

Trevor sipped the chocolate drink, and in an instant, his worry had been unfogged.

"Ready?" Minister asked.

"I am," Trevor replied.

Minister attacked him again, but this time Trevor scurried and parried her attack until her sword fell on the ground. "Great! You're a fast learner, Halfling."

Trevor half-smiled on her praise, and the Minister spoke.

"This is enough for now, Halfling. Rest for a while, then your training with the Elite shall commence. I'll be back in a few minutes." She said and disappeared.

He came to Katy and sat beside her.

"This training is hard," he said.

"It is," she agreed. "But don't worry, I'm here to support and strengthen you."

"Thanks. I'm a Halfling as always emphasized by the Minister, but I don't have that strength … I mean the strength like of Hercules or Perseus."

"I don't know what you're saying, but this is just a start. For a beginner, you did a great job. You defeated the Minister."

"Oh, I feel it was just a chance. I don't have that high confidence to attack her. You get what I mean?"

"Yeah, I get it."



"I'm a half-merfairy. Does it mean, I'll also have my wings or tails or both?"

"Nice question. But I don't have an answer for that. Let's try to ask Madam Marsette later."

"Okay. One more question."


"Is there any way my strength shall be increased?" Tell me fishheart, I implore. You keep on biting your lips. Can I bite it too? Holy lips!

"Well, there is … if you drink a potion."

"Really?" His eyes sparkled.

"Yes, you'll learn it from Professor Nudge."

"Great! I need that so I can defend you."

"I can take care of myself."

"Why? Don't you want to be protected by me?" His voice was a little upset, thinking she didn't need his protection.

"Oh, I don't mean that way. Of course, I want it … especially from you." She held his hand. "But I want you to think of yourself first, your training. It's not easy to defeat an enemy. It's not easy to fight in a real battle, so you must think of yourself first before thinking of others. Understand?"

Trevor nodded, and Katy kissed him on his cheek. He would've responded to her, but the Minister came back. He tipped his forehead while smiling, regretting a chance to kiss her back.

"Oh, did I come back just in time?" Minister Marsette asked.

"Yes, you are Madam," they both replied and stood.

Yes, you do. In time I shall kiss Kate. Second time in my stay here. Killjoy!

"Elite, it's about time to teach the Halfling on how to teleport." Minister Marsette beckoned Kate to near him.

"Yes, Madam I will."

"Forget you're lovers … for now. Elite, consider him as your student."

"Okay, Madam." She directed her attention to him. "Trevor, I want you to close your eyes and think of a place in this kingdom that you'd like to go."

Trevor followed her. He visualized he was at the hallway of the royal palace. "I've already done it."

"Okay. Where would you go?"

"To the hallway of the royal palace."

"Now I want you to concentrate. As you do, put your index finger to your forehead and imagine yourself you're there. Do you understand?"

"I'll try." Trevor focused his imagination on the hallway and placed his index finger on his forehead, but nothing happened.

"Concentrate more." Katy moved closer to him and then guided his finger on his forehead. "Remember, you're a half-merfairy. You can do it. Now, do it again."

Trevor tried again for the second time, and he evanesced. She followed him and saw him in the crystal beam of the ceiling. He shouted at her to help him down. She flew toward him and brought him down while laughing.

"Nice try."

"You're laughing at me, huh." I'll lick your nape. You want, fishheart?

"I can't help it. But that's a great start!"

Trevor pinched her nose. He loved to touch it. It would make her wobble in swoons. He would've tickled her, but she held his hand and teleported back to the green field.

"Good job, Halfling. You made it."

"Partly yes."

"What do you mean?"

"I appeared in the ceiling's beam, not in the hallway."

The Minister pressed her lips to keep herself from laughing. That was the first time he and Katy saw her amused. "Well, that's a good start. Continue your training."

Oh, so you're almost laughing, huh, Minister? It's nice of you. Keep it up!

"Think of another place within the premise of this kingdom."

This time, he imagined he was in the arena. He concentrated hard and teleported there. He stayed there for a while and saw other merfairies flying back and forth. Meanwhile, Katy waited for his return, but he didn't come back so she followed him.

"Thanks, Kate, I did it. Thanks!" His eyes glittered with his little success. He came closer to her and lifted her.

"Put me down, they're staring at us." Her lips pointed to the young merfairies who were smiling at them.

"Don't mind them. Just think of us. Just us."

They kept on beaming, and in between their smiles, they kissed each other. They received warm applause from the merfairies.

"Let's go back. The Minister is waiting for us," she said, and they teleported back to the Minister.

"I did it, Madam! I did it."

"Yes, I know. Congratulations! Have your last training for this day."

Trevor visualized he was in Katy's room. He smiled naughtily.

"So where are you heading?"

Trevor whispered to her. He disappeared and Katy too. A soon as she appeared in her room, he kissed her. He loved to let her feel how much he loved her. And every time, he kissed her, his body temperature shot up.

However, he controlled himself.

"This is not the right time, baby. I wouldn't let you have a sore …" he looked at her down-under-thing but censored himself. "Oh, never mind."

"You're naughty." Katy pinched Trevor's nose.

"Am I?"

"Yes, you are."

"I'm not just naughty, fishheart, but I'm also horny." Trevor winked at her. Katy's supple breasts hardened.

Chapter 13

The Younglings' Death

"I know what you did both yesterday?" The voice said.

They turned their heads. It was Raffa, their friend.

"What do you mean?" Katy asked.

"I know you know what I meant, naughty sistah."

"Excuse me? Be direct to the point. I'm sorry. I'm clueless."

"You and he had momol yesterday."

"Momol? What's that?"

"Hello? Momol … means make out, make out love, duh." Raffa rolled his eyes.

"Dirty-minded! We're not doing that." Katy pinched him hard by his side.

"Ouch! I don't believe you."

"Believe her. She's telling the truth. I respect her, and I can't afford to do that with her without asking her hands from her kin," Trevor convinced him.

"Okay, I believe you both."

"What made you think we're doing it?"

"Who would not think? You left the Academy's Minister in the green field alone."

They felt sorry for the Minister.

"Was she mad?" Katy asked.

"No, she wasn't. I entertained her when she told me you were both gone and didn't come back for the training. She enjoyed when I emulated a few girls in the Miss Merfairy Universe beauty pageant."


"You're welcome."

"So where are you going?"

"We're heading our way to Professor Nudge."

"Great! That means we don't have a class with him."

"I don't think so. You know him."

They went to Professor Nudge's class. He was about to start his lesson when they arrived. Katy got inside and talked with him. He nodded and gave instructions to his class. He went to his cabinet not far from his table, got some ingredients and handed them to her. They went out heading their way to the library. Raffa followed them.

"Are you part of the training?" Before Raffa could speak, he silenced him with a flick of his hand. "Go back to the classroom and spearhead your classmates. You'll be more productive there rather than accompanying us. Understand?"

Raffa grumbled and went back his way while Katy and Trevor continued walking, smiling.

They reached the library. Minister Marsette waited for them at the long glass table. The Minister introduced him formally to Professor Nudge, and he greeted him. The training commenced right away.

"As you know Halfling, potion making is a little bit complicated. One missing ingredient or not having an exact amount of it gives you a useless potion. So, let's start basic training. Mixing one parsley leaf, a slice of lemon, a pinch of cinnamon and a lion's hair will make you a strong merfairy, stronger than a hundred lions. Watch and learn," the professor said. He mixed all the ingredients and loudly uttered an incantation, "Magicae album dea lunae exaudi desiderium meum omnipotens potionem istam virtutem convertat quis in sagacior centum leones." Purple lights slanted the ingredients and suddenly turned into liquid. He wrote the incantation on the glass board using the powers coming from his index finger. "Now, repeat after me as I point my stick to every word, Halfling," Professor Nudge said.

Trevor read the words and had a hard time pronouncing them.

"You must say it correctly otherwise the incantation doesn't work."

He read it again for the second time, the third time until he mastered its correct utterance.

"Now, say it Halfling."

"Magicae album dea lunae exaudi desiderium meum omnipotens potionem istam virtutem convertat quis in sagacior centum leones."

"Perfect!" The professor lauded him.

Katy cheered on him quietly while the Minister was grinning.

"Now it's about time to mix all the ingredients all by yourself. When you're done, say an incantation loudly."

Trevor did what the professor had said and come out with a potion.

"Well, it seems you're doing right. Let's test it. Drink it." He also drank the potion he made, and his eyes became orangey-brown, resembling the colors of the lion's eyes while Trevor drank the potion he mixed. Slowly, his eyes turned similar to the Professor's.

"Let's have an arm wrestle." Professor Nudge positioned his arm on the glass table, and Trevor did the same too. They wrestled, but no one's arm fell on the table. Their strength was equal. "Great, Halfling! You did it."

The professor continued his lecture. He taught him how to make potions to create wind and animals like lion and eagle. He enjoyed doing them and did each perfectly.

"Congratulations, you're doing great! Your Grandmother Oracle would be very much proud of you."

"Thanks, Professor."

"I think this is all for now. See you in the next sessions." Professor Nudge directed his attention to the Minister and spoke. "Madam Marsette, I'll go ahead."

"Thank you, Professor Nudge."

The professor grinned while touching his mustache, then, he headed to the open doorway.

"Halfling, your training with Professor Budge will commence tomorrow. You're free this afternoon."

"Thank you, Madam." He dashed toward the door together with Kate.

"I have an idea," Katy said.


"Why don't we go to the Dili-Ingun-Natos' world? I miss the park and food."

"Yeah, sure. So you miss the ice cream, huh?"

"And the street food," Katy added. They both chuckled. "Why don't we invite Raffa? I've promised to bring him to the Dili-Ingun-Natos' world if we do have a chance."


"Wait. I'll contact him." Katy flicked her hand, and a magic mirror came out. She pressed a few circle buttons and talked with him. In a few seconds, Raffa emerged in their midst.

"I'm here. Let's go!" Raffa said.

"Lower your voice."

"Okay. Shall we?"

"Not yet. A piece of advice, drink your potion on shapeshifting as we're teleporting."

"I will. It's in my sling bag."

They held each other hands and teleported to the park. Raffa's tail turned into legs, and his wings gone. His eyes glimmered as the shirtless men jogged, passing before him. They winked at him that made him giggle and scream. With his colorful attire and a wide brim hat, he was a head-turner. Several kids, men and women looked at him smiling too while Katy and Trevor were shaking their heads.

"Let's buy some food," Katy suggested.

"Oh, there's a problem," Trevor said.

"What?" She and her friend both asked.

"I got no money."

Raffa beamed bewitchingly. He picked a piece of paper littered on the ground and handed it to Katy and then quipped. "You know what to do, sistah, so we can eat."

Katy looked around and when nobody was watching, she turned the paper into a money bill. Raffa chuckled. They strolled to the center of the park where the ice cream vendor positioned and bought some from him. She handed a cup to Raffa, and then he licked it.

"Mouth-watering," Raffa said. "I want some more." The vendor handed him three cups of the ice cream, and he binged on them. Trevor and Katy gave him thumbs-up. They also bought some street food. Raffa chose the hotdog while Katy and Trevor preferred the quail eggs. Raffa half swallowed the hotdog and twirled his tongue around it. The lovebirds looked amused at him. Trevor grinned on the sensual thought that came to his mind.

"What? Do you want some?" Raffa beamed while licking the hotdog.

"No, we're fine," the couple said.

"You know what? I like this food. From now on, this is my favorite food." Raffa added and swallowed it. "What do you think?"

The couple brushed off while Raffa's eyes twinkled seeing the boiled eggs the vendor placed on the basket. He ordered two of them.

"These eggs are perfect for the hotdog. Am I right guys?" Before the couple could answer, he gulped down the whole egg.

"I guess," Trevor said while Katy was shaking her head.

"Sistah Kate, thank you for bringing me here. I'm having fun."

"Really? How about going to the business center?" Katy asked.

"A mall," Trevor corrected her.

"Yes, a mall indeed."

"I like that. Let's go," Raffa said.

They rode on an Uber car. Raffa kept on inspecting the insides of the vehicle pondering on how the car ran and how the driver maneuvered the wheel.

"Don't get too obvious that this is your first time riding on a car. Or else…" Trevor paused.

"Or else what?"

"The driver will charge us high."

"Really? Okay, I will."

"Yes," Trevor said while Katy controlled herself from laughing. She knew her boyfriend was just joking.

The car pulled to a halt. Katy handed the driver their fare, and they clambered out. Raffa's eyes sparkled again as he saw how huge the mall was. They entered it, and the guards transfixed their eyes on them—especially on Raffa as they checked their bodies through a portable scanner. The three roamed to the different boutiques. They, except Trevor, put on different clothes—one after the other and enjoyed each moment when they got out from the fitting room. They also dashed to the play station where they played several games like gun shooting, ball throwing and dancing. They'd so much fun while Trevor watched them with amusement.

The fireflies started lighting up the night when they decided to go back to the Crystal Kingdom.

"Thanks sistah for the experience. I'll never forget this."

"What are friends for?"

They were hovering at the hallway when they heard screams and cries from the merfairies. The best friends flew swiftly while Trevor walked fast. A commotion occurred when some merfairies were flying nonchalantly with fear on their faces.

"What's going on there?" Katy asked.

"An evil merfairy attacked our Academy," one of them replied. "Fly away from here. She's too powerful to handle. Not even a few professors can deal with her."

They went straight to the Sarvard's corridor, and the dead bodies of the helpless younglings lying on the floor made their heart bleed. They glared at the merfairy's figure who waived her magic wand, struck and beheaded every young merfairy she saw on her way and made the adults motionless.

"Olivia," Trevor said, his teeth gritted.

Without a word, he took the pen out from his pocket, and it turned into a spear. With all his might, he threw it to her back, and he hit her. Candy red apple blood dripped from her skin. Olivia groaned in pain and whirled around. She gazed at Trevor and his company with fury in her eyes. She knew it was him who hit her. Furious, she readied to attack him, but her back throbbed badly she decided to leave.

Cries of lamentation echoed throughout the kingdom as piles of dead younglings lined on the floor. The parents brought their lifeless children to the center of the arena. Six hundred and sixty-six blue butterflies started to flutter around the corpses—their duty was to bring them to Nirvana, a final resting place for the good merfairies.

Every merfairy raised his or her both hands and bowed as they paid respect to the dead ones. On the blink of their eyes, the younglings were gone together with the butterflies, and their existence in Nirvana would add color to the rainbows in the sky.

Still puzzled, the merfairies thought hard why only the younglings were slaughtered, but whatever reason Olivia had only she knew it.

"You must pay for this with your life, evil freak." Trevor's jaw and fist clenched.

Chapter 14

Mind Control and Shapeshifting

"Olivia must be captured alive and put on trial," Madam Ludilyn, Head of the Council said. She and the rest of the council members were in a conference room enough to fill sixty-six people.

"There's no need for a trial. She's guilty for the crime of multiple murders," Minister Hagak said.

"She must be put to death," the other member suggested.

"She must be beheaded too," the rest chorused.

"How shall we do it?" Madam Ludilyn asked.

"We'll assault her. We need to avenge the loss of our kin and our fellow merfairies."

"We'll tear her into pieces," a few members suggested while others argued each other.

"Order! Order!" Princess Manara tried to pacify them. "I truly understand your sentiments because few of your kin died in Olivia's assault. This is the most horrible day in our kingdom. The innocent, helpless young merfairies departed us in their untimely death. Murdering the children is the greatest crime any immortal or mortal could ever commit. And beheading them is an act of treason, unforgivable beyond a sound comprehension. Only a being without a spirit or soul could do it, let alone she. As one of the rulers of this kingdom, I won't let this pass."

"Thank you, Your Highness," they all agreed.

The princess continued. "However, attacking her is more dangerous. We're putting the lives of our soldiers at stake. We must plan our revenge so we can assure we'll win in the battle."

"I agree, sister," Princess Merfara said while the others supported the princess' words by raising their right hands.

"What shall be the plan?" Madam Ludilyn asked.

"Conduct intensive training for our soldiers after our meeting. Equip them with the latest weapons we bought from the Dolphin's Realm. In three days at dawn, we'll have a surprise attack against the evil merfairy in her isolated cave," Princess Merfara ordered.

"We'll do it, Your Highness. We'll call our troops and prepare them for war," Minister Hagak said.

"Your Highness?" Madam Ludilyn asked.

"Yes, Head Council?"

"We'll never forget the heroic act of the Halfling. If not to his bravery, more lives had been taken. I believe that he'll be given due recognition."

"Absolutely," both princesses agreed.

"The Halfling will be given honor. His fortitude is unbelievable. I think we can use him against our enemy. His training with the Academy's Minister paid off," Princess Merfara said.

They continued their meeting until they heard knocks from the non-transparent glass door.

"Scan the door so we can see who's behind it," Princess Merfara commanded. One of the members flicked his hand, and it revealed to them it was the Minister of the Academy. "Let her in."

"Your Highness, my apology for my interruption." She curtsied.

"It's okay Minister Marsette. We're almost done with our meeting."

"Thank you, Your Highness."

"Before you speak your concern, I'd like to congratulate you on your apprentice, the Halfling. He did great! Extend my warmest gratitude to him."

"Thank you, Your Highness. I will. My concern is all about the Halfling. As you know, the evil merfairy is getting stronger and more powerful. I believe a Halfling can help us defeat her."

"I agree. He has proven himself to us yesterday. So what's the point?" Princess Manara said.

"With your permission, I'd like to embark him on a journey so he can get a powerful weapon to be used against the enemy. As you know his magical spear was gone with Olivia."

"And you're talking about?" Minister Hagak interfered.

"I'm talking about the lightning spear, Defense Minister."

"The lightning spear? That's impossible!" Minister Hagak upended his glass chair, giving Madam Marsette a mock smile. "It's just a legend. It doesn't exist."

"It does, Defense Minister. Believe me, according to the magical purple book, only a Halfling can summon its powers."

All other members bewildered on the Academy Minister's remarks.

"Where can he get it?" Madam Ludilyn asked, shaking her head in amazement upon hearing the weapon's name.

"The Halfling must seek knowledge from a one-eyed mermaid."

"Well then, I permit you. I don't know with Princess Merfara," Princess Manara said.

"If it's good for our kingdom, permission is hereby granted. You may go with our blessing."

"Thank you, Your Highnesses." Minister Marsette bowed before them and left the room.


Minister Marsette teleported to Katy's room. As she sprouted in the corner, Katy and Trevor sat beside on a bed next to each other as they watched a news report about the younglings' death teary-eyed. The crystal screen hanging on the wall kept on flashing the reports about Olivia's attack, the younglings' death and Trevor's heroism. They didn't notice her presence since both glued their eyes on the screen. She eagle-eyed on them and felt the sadness on their hearts.


"Madam Marsette, you're here," Trevor said, surprised to see her in their room.

"What brings you here, Madam?" Katy asked.

"My apology for my presence. I might've interrupted your melancholic moments."

"There's nothing to apologize, Madam. We do understand," Trevor assured her.

"My coming here is urgent, Halfling. Before I forget, the princesses have extended their gratitude to you for saving lives by hitting Olivia. And I've sought permission from them for you to travel to the fourth kingdom and seek help from the ancient mermaid."

"On what reason, Madam?" Trevor asked.

"Halfling, you must get your weapon … a lightning spear." Madam Marsette said. Trevor's forehead crinkled.

"A legendary lightning spear, Madam? So it is true?" Katy asked.

"It is Elite."

"What's a lightning spear?"

"Halfling, it's a mighty weapon you can use to defeat Olivia and the rest of our enemies. It's very powerful, but only you can summon its powers."

"Me? I mean why me?"

"Because you're a Halfling. According to the magical book, only you can do it."

"Well, then I'll get it."

"Yes, but you must complete your training first so that you'll be ready for a perilous journey." She then turned to Katy. "You know where the fourth kingdom is, Elite?"

"Yes, I know it, Madam. I've been there once."

"Madam, can I ask you a question?" Trevor asked.

"Go ahead."

"I'm a half-merfairy. Does it mean I can have my wings and tails just any of you?"

Minister Marsette gave him a why-you-are-so-smart look. "I haven't read that yet from the magical book. But don't you worry I'll try to research on that."

"Thank you very much."

"You're very much welcome. Meantime, we'll go quickly to the green field. You'll have your training with Professor Budge on mind control and with Professor Dodge on shapeshifting. Let's have no delay so you can go there tomorrow … early morning." She, together with the lovers teleported to the wide training ground. Professor Budge was already there waiting for them. He moved the huge rock from one place to another.

"Good day, Professor," Minister Marsette said. "I'm pleased to introduce you to our hero, the Halfling."

"Hello, Professor. I'm glad to meet you." Trevor reached out his hand to shake his.

"The honor and pleasure are mine to meet the Halfling. I'm Professor Budge." He spoke with a British accent. He accepted Trevor's hand. Just like Professor Nudge, he was wearing a medal—a symbol of distinction—on his neck. He was in his late forties but still looked impressive. He'd an oval face, set of gray eyes and an aquiline nose with thick eyebrows and eyeglasses. He stood five feet and nine inches tall.

"You can call me Trevor, Professor."

"Okay, Trevor. Let our training begin. Mind control is a complex system of persuading and manipulating one's individual, animals or object to do your bidding or desires. It enables you to influence their decisions and behaviors. It requires a total concentration to do it. Are you ready?"

"I guess I am, Professor."

"Have you seen the rabbit over there?"
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"Now, I want you to look at me closely as I use my power to control his movements." The professor gazed at the rabbit. When it was about to hop, it froze into the air for a few minutes before it landed on the ground. "See that?"

"Yes, that's amazing Professor!"

"I know. For you to do it, you must gaze straight or indirectly to your target's eyes or head if he's a living being. Eyes and head are very important here. Understand?"

"I do, Professor."

"No, let's try. Look at the rabbit intently and say mentally the thing you want it to do."

"I'll try." Trevor stared at the creature while it was feeding itself with green grass. He wanted it to hop. "Hop, hop, hop, rabbit." He mentally spoke to the rabbit, but it continued eating. Bad rabbit!

"Try again, Halfling."

This time, he gaped at its eyes with a strong desire to do its bidding. His forehead emitted soft rays of light, and the rabbit hopped and hopped and hopped. It turned around and around as he mentally uttered the things the rabbit would exactly do for him.

"Great, Trevor! You did it. Now, I want you to move the huge rock not far away from the rabbit."

Trevor looked at the huge rock and began saying to his mind he wanted it to whisk from one place to another. The rock moved and lifted itself and transferred to a few meters away from its original location. He smiled as the things in his mind happened as he exactly wanted them to be.

"Amazing, Trevor! You're a fast learner. Truly, the blood of the merfairy runs through your veins."

"He's the Oracle's grandson, Professor," Madam Marsette broke off.

"No wonder, you're skill is natural. I'm impressed."

"Thanks, Professor."

"You're welcome. I guess your training with me is finished. Just continue practicing it so you'll become adept with your new power."

"I will, Professor. Thanks again."

"Thank you, Professor Budge. I'll just wait for your brother for his session with the Halfling." Just as Minister Marsette was finishing her talk, Professor Dodge came in a purple smoke while Professor Budge left them with golden specks of dust.

Professor Dodge tilted his head. "Am I late for the training?"

"No, Professor. You've arrived in time. By the way, haven't you reconciled with Professor Budge?"

"Not yet, just like you and your half-sister." Professor Dodge replied. Aside from being witty, he'd a square face with beard and mustache, brown eyes, aquiline nose and had the same height and age as Professor Budge. He looked good except for his rat-like teeth.

Minister Marsette gave him an "oh" remark. She didn't know the Professor knew her misunderstanding with her half-sister. She hated herself for asking him—her question boomeranged her.

"Are you the Halfling?" Professor Dodge shifted his attention to Trevor.

"Yes, I am. Trevor is my name."

"Okay. Let's begin your training on shapeshifting."


"Shapeshifting is the ability of one being to transform himself or herself into another creature. It's easy to do it if you know the spell. Isn't it lovely?" Professor's personality radiated with coolness and exuberance.

"I think so."

"Don't say I think so. Say it is."

"It is."

"Now, I want you to listen to me as I recite the spell. Deam luna aliquis det mihi cupiditatem facti sunt." Professor Dodge transformed into a gigantic hummingbird.

Trevor was gobsmacked, his mouth formed a letter O.

"Like it?" The hummingbird spoke. He transformed back to himself. "Now I want you to recite the spell with conviction. Conviction is the keyword here. Do it, Trevor."

Trevor recited it with certainty, and the professor grinned on him. "As you recite it, think of an animal you wish to be."

Trevor smiled and recited the spell and lo, he became a turtle.

The professor smirked at what he became. "Nice try, but you can never defeat an enemy with a sea turtle."

"Consistent." Katy chortled while Trevor pouted his lips on her.

"How can I go back to myself?"

The professor recited a reversal spell, and Trevor transformed back to being him. "Think of a stronger animal."

Trevor recited once again the spell, and he became a gigantic raven.

"Good one." The professor reversed the spell, and Trevor was back to himself. "It's time to chant the reversal spell. Listen to me carefully, you must pay attention or else you'll never go back to yourself. Luna deam ad me convertiri tribuat mihi."

Trevor recited the chant and perfectly uttered it.

"Now I want you to think of another creature and then transform back to yourself alone."

Trevor thought of a striking creature with sharp teeth and claws, and he recited the spell.

"Wow, you scared me. I've never done it for myself. Clever boy!" Professor Dodge said with a smiling face. "Impressive."

Saintly wolf. Trevor howled and began flapping his wings, and aviated up high. He surveyed the vast green fields. His senses became more sensitive to the sounds of nature and the merfairies even if they were down there. He heard what they were chatting.

"Amazing, I like this being a gigantic winged-wolf!" Trevor flapped downward, and as he landed, he recited the spell mentally, and he came back to his human form.

Professor Dodge, Minister Marsette and Katy applauded as they neared him.

"Great job!" Minister Marsette lauded him.

"Excellent learner!" Professor Dodge praised him.

"You're simply the best, Rockefeller." Katy commented, and she hugged him.

"Thanks, everyone. I can't do it without your support."

"Well done, Halfling. I think you're ready for your journey. You'll go with the Elite tomorrow morning to the fourth kingdom," Madam Marsette congratulated him with a handshake while Professor Dodge gave him a tap on his shoulder.

"We will," Trevor promised. Madam Marsette and Professor Dodge left them, but the Professor came back.

"A piece of advice, don't overuse your ability on shapeshifting or you'll be weakened." He vanished again and never came back.

Trevor turned to Katy.

"Will you ride with me, beautiful?" Can you ride with me, fishheart on a bed? Just kidding.

"My pleasure."

Trevor transfigured again into a huge winged-wolf, and Katy hopped on his back, and they winged up the sky. He kept on smiling with his new ability. He thought without his magical pen, he'd be useless in the Crystal Kingdom, but there he was, savoring every moment of his new power with the lady she adored. He was blessed to have people who were more than willing to unleash his inner abilities, and he vowed himself to use it for good purposes, for the common good of every merfairy.

"Trevor, are you sure you're okay of this?" Katy asked after they'd landed on a treetop that looked like a helipad.

"What do you mean?" Trevor asked her back after he'd transfigured back to himself.

"Doing all these trainings to help us fight for our enemies."

"Of course I do. I love doing this just to be with you."

"It would cost your life."

"Fishheart, wherever I may go, there's always a danger."


Trevor trammeled her with a kiss. "It's my great honor to serve our kingdom. And what greater honor there is for a man than to lay down his life for the sake of others."

Chapter 15

The One-Eyed Mermaid and the Basilisk Lizard

"Who dares to intrude my silence in this early morning?" The voice asked.

"Ancient mermaid Naruha, it's me again." Katy curtsied while Trevor bowed before her. "I come here again to seek your help."

"Certainly, certainly. On what reason?" Naruha asked. And the anchovies surrounded her with exhilarating looks.

"The Academy Minister told us only you can tell us about the lightning spear."

"A lightning spear!" Naruha said. "It's a long and perilous journey to get it. Not impossible for a brave and determined heart."

"Who needs it?"

"I need it, Great Mermaid." Trevor smiled for he didn't forget Katy's instructions on how he'd address the one-eyed mermaid. Cyclops, is that you? Joke!

"Oh, you're the Elite's lover. So he's well since you both come here. I believe he's a Halfling because he enables to breathe underwater without his tail. Oh, the Halfling has come to fulfill his destiny."

"You're right, Great Mermaid. I am what you say I am. "

"The Mesha?" The anchovies chorused. "Great! You're here. We are at your service." The anchovies surrounded him.

"I'm blessed to see you," the old anchovy said.

"Thanks to the Great Goddess, I've seen you before I die," the older one said.

"I'm ready to die even now," the oldest of them all said.

"Oh, certainly, certainly, you are. The Halfling has come to fulfill his destiny. Oopps, I say it again." Naruha said, half-smiling. "I was right then a long time ago. Don't you know I've waited for a thousand years for you to come to my abode?"

"Really? That's great to hear. So will you help us?" Trevor asked.

"Certainly, certainly, but you need to pass the test. Get inside the huge shell, Halfling."

The fair, the fairer, and the fairest anchovies held Trevor's hands with their sparkling-emerald-green fins and guided him to the shell.

Trevor got in. A few black bubbles emitted from its hole. Katy sobbed for she knew her boyfriend would be trapped there forever. The ancient mermaid sighed while the anchovies cried. Seconds passed, and the black bubbles turned into white. He got outside the shell and stunned his girlfriend.

"Wow, you've got new looks!" Katy said.

Trevor glared at himself shirtless, displaying his six-pack abs, his well-carved chest, and his body glittered like gold, and his biceps had gold bands. A golden v-cut-shape cloth covered his lower torso, and his feet had golden sandals on them.

"A demigod! Certainly, certainly, you look like a demigod," Naruha said.

"Thanks, Great Mermaid. I don't know your shell has the power to turn me sexy," he grinned.

"Hi, there handsome," the fair, the fairer, and the fairest of them all swayed their gill rakers with sparkling eyes while the other anchovies laughed at their sisters' flirtatious behavior.

"Hello, gorgeous," Trevor winked at them. The flirty anchovies quivered with swoons. Laughter filled Naruha's dominion.

"I heard you cry, Kate. What's wrong?"

"Oh, never mind it."

"So are you ready to set off to your long journey?" Naruha asked.

"I am. I mean we are," Trevor said giving her girlfriend a wink.

"No, you must go on your journey alone. The Elite can't accompany you."

"But I can," the fair one interrupted.

"Me too," the fairer said.

"Same here," the fairest said.

"Please, stop it sisters." The tiniest said. The three anchovies jerked their lower gill arch in dismay at him. "The three of you will just be a burden to the Mesha."

"Okay," they chorused. "You say so, sir." They rolled their eyes and twirled their fins.

Trevor asked. "Why not, Great Mermaid?"

"This is your quest. To fulfill your destiny, you must set to a journey alone and prove yourself worthy for the most powerful weapon in the Fantasy Land and WonderWorlds. For you to get the lightning spear, you must get a gigantic winged-sea horse to travel to the ice dragon and fire dragon tribes where the lightning spear can be found. Only the mythical creature can pass through their shields. However, it's not easy to capture an elusive winged-seahorse. You must charm her. You must get a mother-of-pearl necklace from the bottom of the sea and a pendant from the other side of the world. First, travel to the sea and by the time you reach the place, looked around and get it, but please be careful because it's guarded with a large electric eel."

"How can I defeat it?"

"Use your skill. I know you've prepared for this." Naruha created a large-swirling vortex. "Get inside the hole, and it will bring you to the bottom of the sea."

Trevor went inside it, and like a roller coaster ride, he found himself in a well-lighted place where colorful corals and fish abound. He searched the area to check if an electric eel was there, and he found it guarding the mother-of-pearl necklace in a scallop. Its body emitted bolts of current. His lips trembled. If he was not careful, he'd be electrocuted to death. He thought of a brighter idea on how to mislead the sea creature.

When he approached the electric eel guarding the precious jewelry, the eel had been delighted by his presence.

"Goodness gracious, you come back to our sanctuary. I've been dying to see you, younger brother," the electric eel said and gently touched his head to his. His excitement made him release flashes of current on his body, but they didn't hurt him.

Trevor was shocked the eel had a long, lost brother. He might use it to his advantage. He cleared his throat.

"Me too, brother," he lied. Jesus, forgive me. I know liars go to hell.

"It's been two decades since you left. Mother Eel and Father Eel had been sick with your absence, and eventually, they died. I've promised them I wouldn't get married unless I see you. Now I can be happy with my fiancée. After all, I'm tired of guarding this nonsense jewelry. I don't even know its uses." He protruded his snout in disgust. "Since you're back, it's your turn to do it."

"I will."

"Wait for a minute brother, your voice has changed. Are you okay?"

"I'm okay. I got a sore throat."

"I see. I'll visit you here when I get a chance." He gently rubbed Trevor's snout and slithered away from him.

When the eel disappeared from his sight, Trevor sighed and transformed back to himself. Without delay, he took the necklace, donned it on his neck and would've teleported back to the ancient mermaid's place when he heard a thunderous growl. When he turned his back, an unimaginable, colossal creature caught his eyes. It opened its huge mouth, enough to devour ten killer whales in one strike, and it slavered a water ball against him.

With its single strike, Trevor was marooned to a deserted island.

"Wake up! Wake up, mortal!" The squeaky voice shouted as it pinched Trevor with its fingers. But Trevor didn't wake up. It kept on pinching him, but its efforts didn't work. "What shall I do with you?" Then it grinned. "This will work." It slapped Trevor's face with its five-fingered arm as hard as it could until the young man's poor face reddened.

"Ouch." Trevor grouched. He opened his eyes and saw the green lizard settling on his face. He shouted at her while the lizard screeched as it sprinted away from Trevor's face. Its long, sprawling hind legs served its purpose. "A lizard? A talking lizard? Why did you do that?"

"To wake you up, of course. A simple thank you is enough." The lizard smirked as it stood. "You said lizard as if I'm a disgusting creature. I'm not." It planted its arms on its body. "By the way, I'm Lizander."

"I'm Trevor. And thanks. Where am I?"He asked as his eyes wandered around. Like a desert, the island didn't have any plants and trees. If not for the pearly-white sand and the golden-huge rocks, the island would've nothing to boast.

"You're in LevOs' island."

"LEvos? Who's he?"

"You said it wrong. It's LevOs, not LEvos."

"Oh, Christ.A fault-finding-linguist lizard." He whispered.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing. You said LevOs. Who's he?"

"You don't know him? Stupid! I thought you're special." Lizander spawled at his side. "You're here by mistake."

"Would I ask you if I know him?" Trevor retorted. "Stupid."

Lizander laughed boisterously. "I've found my match. Well, to answer your question"—he walked to and fro as he sized up Trevor. "LevOs is a very powerful and the mightiest, gigantic creature in the WonderWorld. No one can match its power. Its mouth spews fires larger and stronger than any other dragons'. Its feet and arms can smash a hundred islands in one strike. And its body is invincible. No weapons can hurt him." And his voice saddened, his face sank. "And I'll remain his prisoner forever."

"So you're LevOs' prisoner?"

"Do I look like his guest?" Lizander grinned wryly. "Stupid."

"No. You look like his … disgusting servant." Trevor teased him.

"I'm not disgusting. Stupid!" Lizander gnarled. "One more say of that word, and you'll find an enemy in me."

"Oh, I'm scared." Trevor acted as if he was frightened. Lizander gave him a sharp look. "I'm sorry. Okay, I won't say it again. I think you're a cool, smart lizard."

"Am I?" Lizander's eyes glistened. Trevor nodded. "Yeah, many of my kind say I am. Friends?"

"Friends." Trevor grinned. "So how can we escape from here?"

Lizander rubbed the pale wedge around his mouth. "Why don't you ask your pearl necklace?" And he beamed an intriguing smile.

"Stupid!" Trevor smiled. He knew Lizander was just making fun of the jewelry on his neck. Lizander guffawed. "Seriously, how can we escape from him?"

"Well, I run fast on the water." Lizard wiggled its tail and stomped its feet and flexed its hind legs.

"You do?" Trevor asked with curiosity.

"You want proof, stupid?"

"Sure, make your daddy proud, stupid."

"Watch and learn, stupid," Lizander yelled. "Water, here I come." And he raced to the shore. Trevor quickened his steps to see him run. "Now, don't you blink, so you won't miss me. Okay?"

"I won't."

"I'll just run on the shallow part of the water. See that golden rock? That would be my finish line." And before he jumped to the water, he warmed up by scratching his feet to the sand and flexing his legs.

Trevor stood astonished as he saw Lizander float on the water. And before he knew it, Lizander scudded to the golden rock like a flash of lightning. It was like a 300-meter dash, but Lizander ran screaming back and forth effortlessly. Trevor's mouth formed a circle in awe.

"Holy wow! You're amazing, stupid." Trevor said as Lizander scurried toward him. He gave him a high five.

"I know it, stupid." Lizander smiled broadly flashing his saw-like teeth. "That's one of my talents."

"Oh, common. I can't wait to see what else you got."

"Later, stupid." Lizander sat on the rock.

"If you run that fast, you can surely escape from LevOs."

"Well, I may escape from LevOs but not from his Pyrans."


"Yes, they're flesh-eating fish. And thanks to the Goddess, they weren't on the shallow water or else I might be their dessert."

"Okay, like piranhas in our world."

"Yes, they're Pyrans in every world. They just go in different names. A few of them are two-legged creatures. Well, they're scary as their master is. And even if I ask my seagull friends, they couldn't rescue me."

"And why not?"

"Their wings are powerless."

"So an escape is impossible? Let me try." Trevor said. And he transfigured into a gigantic winged-wolf.

Lizander gasped.

"Holy bird. I knew it, you're one special mortal. LevOs won't bring you here if he didn't see special abilities in you."

Trevor growled. "Want to ride with me, stupid?"

"Sure, let me fly with you, stupid. It's one of my wildest dreams to fly, and now it's coming true." Lizander jumped as Trevor lowered his wings.

Trevor howled once again as they glided skyward hovering around the island. Lizander squalled as he prepared to sing a song in which the tune and melody sounded like a "A Whole New World" to Trevor, but the lyrics were different. Lizander stood, belting out the song with his arms wide open.

A whole same world

A gloomy place I always know

I wanted to escape,

I wanted to take a break

But I'm just dreaming, oh, oh

But now it's clear

I'm riding on the wings

I'm leaving this whole gloomy world.

Trevor smiled at his new-found friend. "Yes, we're leaving now." And he flapped his wings heading past the black water below them, but when he was at the middle of the sea, the strong gusts of wind hit his wings. He tried with all his might to go against the wind, but the more he fought the stronger the resistance would be, losing his strength to fly; until he decided to go back to the island.

"Some other time, stupid," Trevor said as he transformed back to himself. Lizander settled on his shoulder.

"It's okay. There's no harm in trying. The experience of trying and failing is still an experience. It gives us a chance to try and fly again, so we must not give up until we succeed." Lizander quipped.

"That's the spirit, stupid." Trevor caressed Lizander's head.


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