God of creation with sins
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God of creation with sins
Author :The_Mad_Tinker
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It has been a little over 6 months since he went looking for Moka at this rate he thinks he will only find her when she is already sealed and in middle school.

On a good note he managed to upgrade and get his powers unlocked from the Rosary which he will now be calling the purgatory lock. At first he added gravity body increasers also pressure seals to make it really hard to move which was and understatement when he had trouble moving not even a one mile in almost half a day at first and that was only on setting 2 out of 100 for now.

Next he added ice and fire or hot and cold flares to his body so its constantly changing which was like hell especially for his age which now that was said has not been motioned Mason is at the right age of 9 years old 2 years before middle school yay not but lets continue on.

After upgrading the purgatory lock he add a voice recognition to the purgatory lock with 3 different levels level 1 to be unlocked would give enough of his power so he could deal with normal monsters or in case of falling off a cliff or guns so yeah normal dangerous. Level 2 was more of a fail safe such as injured and needs medical insistence so it unlocks most of his healing powers if not all and finally level 3 is do or die situations where life is threated be it his or loved ones.

After dealing with his Rosary and he still hadn't found Moka or for that matter the monster world he went on to build his house which was just a normal house that was shrunk as he doesn't have a strong enough body to build anything more fancy but he has some blueprint in the Journal so yeah the house contains 4 bedrooms and a master bedroom, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and finally a basement/ workshop where he has been working on combing projects from different worlds now he could do some of them with the Creators powers but that would be boring now wouldn't it.

So yeah somewhat completed 2 things from the list but there is some much more to do like working on powers at first he thought he could just make powers but they require energy or a form of it so he could just use yoki but there is certain pathway in the body for magic and chakra needs to follow or hand signs so he needs to go to worlds with them where he can add the pathways to his body so the 2nd world he plans on going to after Naruto is the world of seven deadly sins but he found an inserting fact vampires bodies can transform there blood into weapons and store items into hmm or that just him ow well he will find out later.



O.M.Y.G.O.D...… :( He so wants to rage quit right now especially after looking for so long which is more so almost 8 months for the way into the monster world to find Inner Moka why didn't he think of this sooner.

All right lets see what might he have done to be this angry someone might wonder right well it was pretty simple what is the best way to find a place in a area your are not familiar with well you just ask the locals in this case is the monsters which he has found quite a few or so by now and now he has to backtrack and grab one them.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TIME SKIP AGAIN AGAIN {1 DAY LATER}

Yup he was right after asking nicley cough*cough* what he was still mad and the monster didnt give him the location but told him to f off rude much right anwayyys he got were he can enter the monster world and it was just like in the show/Anime creepy with the greenish blue sky and red water lol anyway wohooo finally he has finally found it now the real hunt begins.


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