Dead Apple
14 13. Mirror mirror on the wall
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Dead Apple
Author :CMRE
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14 13. Mirror mirror on the wall

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

Snow White




"That was scary." Chloe commented, they went back to their room safely but the dark aura they felt a while ago is still creeping on their skin.

"Do you know that guy?"

"Never seen him. He may be one of the higher years, if he is, I'm sure your fiancé knows him."

She nodded her head going straight at her closet when she noticed the messy clothes and things inside. Frowning at the sight she tried to look for something that is missing.

"What are you doing, Alice?" She heard her roommate asking.

"Someone's has been in our room and rummaged through my things."

Alice checked her jewelry box where it has been rummaged the most, to her relief nothing is missing. She sat down at the floor cross legged, thinking what was that person is looking for and how did it get inside. When she transferred schools or while leaving at Aria's household she never brought anything important to her, except the necklace that she always wears.

"I'll report it to Mr Falon." Chloe suggested but Alice refused.

"No need, nothing is missing. But do you know somehow who can help us look at the cctv footage?"

"There are rumors that Rain is a computer expert and can hack through anything. We can ask him for help. Why did you ask?"

She peeked through her closet, her roommate is just about to enter the bathroom.

"I want to know who entered our room except us." A creepy smile plastering on her face. "Are you game for tonight?" She asked, a plan forming on her head.

"As ready as you are."


After the practice game Eros lead their way outside the academy through a small house near the city. No neighborhoods are living there anymore, any noise, strange or not, will be unsuspected. A perfect place for crimes.

Don followed him while carrying the long bag where a man is hidden and completely bind from head to toe inside. He dumped the bag across Eros who is sitting at a black sofa, a wine goblet on his hand. He kicked the bag then a muffled grunt erupted from it, meaning that the man is still alive.

"Open it." He ordered. Don, his friend and secret bodyguard, unzipped the bag, revealing a lanky brown haired man.

He struggled from his spot, shooting daggers at his captors, but no one paid attention to him. The beast gulped at his wine while the bodyguard remained impassive across them. The latter has been watching the man who is watching Alice, and when he found him entering the girl's room he immediately stunned and grabbed him silently, with Rain monitoring the cctv and deleting the data.

Eros grabbed at fistful of the man's hair, pulling his head upwards to meet his terrifying gaze. He struggled causing Eros grip to tighten.

"I am going to remove the binding on your mouth," He stated coldly, "then you are going to answer all my questions." He nodded at his bodyguard, motioning him to remove the cloth.

The man gritted his teeth when his mouth was finally free to move, then he smiled revealing a crooked white teeth.

"My questions: What are you doing in her room?"

"What room?" Replied the man, acting innocent. The grip tightened even more.

"See that bottle?" Eros whispered in a deadly tone. "Play dumb again then I am gonna smash it on your head. Heed my warning, I make no empty promises."

The man was taken aback, suddenly his instinct is telling him to run away from the person in front of him. He can feel it, the guy is more dangerous than his bidder. The coldness of his dark eyes screams nothing but promised death.

"Either way you're gonna kill me!"

"Just answer his questions before he lose his temper." Don warned from behind.

"The necklace!" He muttered, remembering the order. "He told me to look for a key necklace!"

Eros cocked his head, remembering the necklace Alice always wears. It looks old, but one can tell that it's pure gold. It must have cost a million dollars.

"Who is he?" He asked.

The man chuckled at him. "Oh, I don't know. He wears a mask, but I heard him saying... Wait, let's make a deal."

He smirked at him. "Your life is in my hands, you don't make dealings here. Now talk."

"I-I heard him saying 'my little sister'. He called her little sister."

Letting go of the man's hair he leaned at his chair. Alicaena is an only child, she has cousins, but siblings are impossible since her parents already died. Clenching and unclenching his jaw, a thought came to mind,  Alice's father was never mentioned to him, even the records are blank. And Lilian Ludenburg is unmarried to start with.

Eros narrowed his eyes. "I am going to send you back to your master."

"Really? You're not going to kill me?" The man exclaimed, forgetting that the guy in front of him is death himself.

"You will send him a message." He clutched the gun beside him then removed the safety.

"I-I thought I am going to send him a message?"

The captured shifted from where he kneels, nervousness finally crawling on his whole system. He never thought that accepting the money from his bidder will only lead to his death, he thought it will be an easy task but never imagined that he will be facing the most dangerous man.

Eros scratch his temple with the end of the gun. "Yes, you will do that, but you can only do that when you're dead."

That night, three consecutive gunshots echoed at the small house, hurling the sleeping birds away. Then everything went dead silent, it was back to a peaceful neighborhood.

"Let's go see Rain."


They sneaked out after the lights out, bringing only one flashlight with them. Alice managed not to panick at the utter darkness and stick herself to her roommate. They passed through the center of the building through the left wing, then they came searching for Rain's room. Room 301 was what Chloe said, asking how she knew it, the cheerleader only shrugged her shoulders.

Alice knocked at the door then it opened immediately as if Rain is expecting them to come. Shock crossed his face when he realized who the night visitors are.

"Hi." Alice smiled, "Can we come in? It's really dark in here." The opening widened then they come inside.

"What are you doing here? Have you forgotten that I am the president of the student council?" He started saying. "I can ground the two of you for sneaking at night, especially at the boys' wing."

Chloe rolled her eyes. "School hours has ended. You are just a regular student now."

"And will you ground the person you are expecting to come tonight?"

"What?" He asked Alice, confused.

"You open the door as soon as I knock, then your expression changed when you saw us and not the person you are waiting for." She stated matter of factly.

"Oh my gosh!" Mouthed the cheerleader. "You are having a night affair!"

"Say that again I'm gonna kick you out of my room." Rain muttered, his jaw clenching. "What do you want?"

Alice smile broadened. "I need your help. Someone's has been in our room and I want to know who that person is."

"Why won't you get help at the headmaster?"

She shakes her head. That's what she doesn't like to happen. "I don't trust him. Besides from the room residents the headmaster is the only person who has access to the rooms. Someone entered ours without breaking the door, either that person an expert on picking locks or he has a key to safely enter."

"Okay." He nodded, "The answers lie beyond that mirror."

Both girls looked at what Rain is pointing, a large mirror on the wall. Chloe neared it tapping the thing for any secret device that will come out of it, but nothing happened.

"You have to say mirror mirror on the wall." Rain instructed, his face dead serious.

Alice glared at him. "Really?"

"Yeah." That's when Chloe said the magic word, then there was a pregnant silent at the room. Alice avoiding her gaze, and the room owner suddenly bursting into laughter.

"Liar!" Chloe yelled at him when a knocking at the door interrupted them. "Here come's his affair." She smirked.

Eros entered the room with a stone cold face. He nodded at Rain then his eyes flickered at the two unexpected visitors. Her fianceé managed to avoid his gaze while the other remained rooted near the mirror. His brows knitted together, waiting for an answer.

"They want to see the cctv footage." Rain shrugged. "And I haven't told them that it was already deleted."

Alice stands up, shock crossing her face.

"The footage is deleted?! I risk going in here for nothing?!"

Eros eyebrow lifted a centimeter. "We already handled the matter. If you are looking for the man inside your room, he's dead."

Chloe took a step back, darting her eyes from Alice to Eros, then Rain to Don.

"Dead?" Alice deadpanned, "You killed him?"

"Eros has been looking after you since the day someone sent you a box full of apples." Don said. "He is keeping you from being killed."

"Who is after my friend?" Chloe interrupted, her mind a cloud of complicated thoughts.

Eros only glanced at her then his eyes diverted to Alice who has been quite for some time.

"I think you are the only one who can answer it. I had a talked with the thief. If you want to know who is after you then be honest with me." He stated, coming closer to her seat. "Do you have any siblings?"

Silence. Everyone waited for the answer, but Alice lips remained shut. Her eyes darting from one to other while thinking of an escape, yet she knows that the silence she is giving them can be an answer to the question.

"I don't have any." She finally uttered "I am an only child."

"How about on your father's side?"

A cold water splashed over her face, or so she thought. Her face went pale at the question.

He is a mafia. The lie could go smoothly on someone else but not on him. Sooner or later he will discover everything. She thought, fiddling her fingers.

He is a mafia and he can help her.

"Who is your father, Alice?"



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