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Blade of Determination- An Undertale Retelling
Author :The_Typing_Kid
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1 Blade of Determination

Footsteps can be heard in a large, empty corridor with nothing but large windows and pillars. The sun was shining into the room and it was scorching hot. Even so, they still had chills going through their spine. They looked worried, but also had a villainous grin on their face.

Their name was Frisk. Frisk chose to take the path of the first fallen human. The genocide route. They realised now, that it probably wasn't the best choice. Welp, too late now.

"You actually made it to the Judgement Hall," said an unknown voice. "After all that killing I thought you had done enough harm to the underworld. I was wrong. You managed to come here… AFTER. ALL. THAT."

Frisk was slightly confused and raised up their bushy eyebrow. They tucked in their blue and purple striped shirt, and rubbed their knife on their loose shorts. They were ready to strike.

Then appeared a skeleton out of the darkness near the end of the Judgement Hall.The skeleton wore a blue jacket with black and white striped shorts, and pink sneakers. He also had a glowing eye of rage.

He held his head down in sorrow. He looked angry and agitated, and maybe slightly disappointed too. The skeleton's name was Sans, a former friend of Frisk's, that was before they killed his brother. After that they didn't hang out together anymore. Frisk was always suspicious about what he was doing, but now they finally found out. He had been waiting here for them to come all along!

SWIPE! Frisk swept the knife with strength. Sans was NOT going to take the hit. He stated, "It's a beautiful day, isn't it? The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming. And kids like you… SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL."

"Come at me, dirty brother killer." Frisk striked with the blade again. No luck. They kept on swishing the weapon in their hands, trying to kill the skeleton with the blue jacket.

Swipe after swipe.

"NOW ITS MY TURN!!!" He menacingly laughed, using his powers to make bones magically appear out of thin air and directed them at Frisk.

Frisk dodged the attack and used the bones that missed to their advantage. They climbed and jumped from bone to bone. After a moment of throwing bones and slashing, they were tired. "Frisk," the skeleton called, "Why did you have to turn out like this? Back then I thought you were just another human that fell into the underworld, like the rest of them. But, it turns out, you were avenging the first human, weren't you? You are a follower of Chara, aren't you? Now, answer those questions and I will let you through. But if you don't, I'LL KILL YOU RIGHT HERE AND NOW."

Frisk didn't move an inch. They kept their mouth shut. Their knife was glimmering, and they were determined to kill Sans.

"Tell me, Frisk, please! Why would you do such things?"

Sans tried to convince Frisk to give him an answer. No sounds.

He added, "I can see by the way you are holding your blade to your chest, that you are determined to kill me. You want to. You are temptated to. Like a blade of determination."

That blade of determination was already covered in blood from past assassinations.

"But that determination, your motives, are bad. Theyre just not right."

"Tell you what," Sans mumbled, "If you come closer over here, I might spare you."

Frisk slowly and doubtedly walked up to Sans with the knife still in their hands. Sans wrapped an arm around them. It soon turned into a hug.

"Like I WOULD spare you."

He grinned with the glowing eye. He then created a a large bone and stabbed it through Frisk's back. It went through them. Millions of blasters were also made by him.

He sat still, hugging Frisk and blasted the corridor. He watched the Judgement Hall crumble into pieces, taking him and Frisk along with it.

That was the last sight they ever saw.


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