Adventures of Sarah Stevens
10 Sarah loses the bet…
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Adventures of Sarah Stevens
Author :Ritzzzer
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10 Sarah loses the bet…

Lori pulled her panties down and stood naked in front of everyone. She crooked a finger at Jim and he leaned forward within reach. She took his head between her hands and pulled it between her legs. Jim immediately stuck his tongue out and pushed it between her outer lips. Lori moaned and pushed her hips toward Jim.

Sara's astonishment turned to amazement and then to envy and then to desire. Bud had been transfixed by the scene between Lori and his brother, but he became aware of Sara's hot breath when she turned her head to stare at him. When he tore his gaze from her sister and looked at her, Sara didn't need to say a word. Bud started unbuttoning her top for her, but she became impatient and took it off herself. She was out of her jeans and panties and had her back on the sofa almost as fast as Alex had taken her dress off. Bud bent over and started gently kissing and licking her breasts, slowly working his way down to her stomach. Sara whimpered in frustration and tried to push his head lower, but he grabbed her wrists and pulled them underneath her before resuming his slow excursion toward her pussy. I nodded. Bud was learning that the longer the journey, the bigger the reward at the end. By the time he got to her navel, she was almost cumming from the anticipation.

Alex and I watched all this and fondled each other. When I could not stand it any longer, I said, "Well, it looks like I'm not going to get my pussy eaten after all."

"Silly Sarah." Alex said, pulling my dress over my head. She took her own off as well and pulled me down on top of her in a 69 position. When I felt her kiss my pussy lips and run her tongue through my slit, I knew this was going to be fun. I let her take the lead and I copied her as closely as I could. Knowing that everything she did to me, I would in turn do to her made it doubly exciting for both of us.

The music ran out and the room became quiet except for the low moans, gasps, whimpers, and licking sounds. The ambiance was so erotically charged that it would have been impossible to listen to it and not become aroused. For me, it was exhilarating.

When I snuck a peek at the couples on the long side of the couch, I saw that Lori had lain down next to her sister so that they were kissing each other's breasts while having the boys eat them from opposite ends. It looked incredibly hot and I almost lost it right there. Alex paused and I felt her mouth leave me. I suppose she looked too, because a second later she was back and her tongue was moving like a wild animal through my slit. Again, I copied her. I knew that I would not last long like this and that the first girl to cum would certainly trigger everyone else's climax.

Perhaps predictably, the first to pop was Sara. She came with a squeal and a shriek and almost instantly set off her sister. Alex and I came together a few seconds after that. The sound of so much cumming all at once was music to my ears. I wished I could have made a recording of it to play back later.

While we were recovering, I noticed that Jim and Bud both had massive erections that were about to tear through their jeans. All the noise we made must have got them hotter than they had ever been. I knew something had to be done for them and soon, or they would be hurting.

Jim saw me looking his way and asked, "So, who won the bet?"

"I think you did." I laughed. "Get ready for your reward." Jim carefully unzipped his jeans and pulled them down over his hard cock as I untangled myself from Alex and crawled over to sit on the floor in front of him. He shoved his hips forward so I could get to him easily and then he lay back on the cushion to enjoy the payoff of our bet.

I took his incredibly hard cock in my hand and stroked it. It felt like velvet on steel. I could not feel a pulse, as I had the last time, I had his cock in my hand. He had got so hard that blood was no longer being pumped in, it was just all trapped there, making him as hard as it was possible to be. I tried using both hands to stroke it, but there were still a few inches sticking out above both my fists. I leaned on his knee and started to lick the purple head. As soon as my tongue touched his cock, Jim moaned loudly and grabbed hold of the cushion behind him. I thought he might cum right then, but he had been holding back so long while he worked on Lori that it would take more than that to bring him off.

I closed my eyes and started licking up and down his shaft. When I got to the base, I also licked his balls. On the way back up, I was surprised to run into another tongue working its way down. I opened my eyes to see that Lori had joined me in working on Jim. I smiled at her and she smiled back. We proceeded to have a tongue-battle for possession of the choicest bits of Jim.

With two hot mouths working him, Jim started to moan and flex his abdomen. I felt his cock jerk and I put my lips around it so it would not get away. At the same time, I heard a similar moan from Bud. When I looked at him, I saw that Sara and Alex were giving him the same treatment that Lori and I were giving to Jim. I thought that the cocksucking partnerships had worked out about right. I had enthusiasm and a good amount of empathetic contact, and Lori looked like she had a map of the most sensitive spots on a cock already worked out. I started to copy her moves and was rewarded each time when Jim tensed at my touch.

Jim was clearly about to cum, so Lori and I concentrated on working the head. We bathed it in our saliva over and over and then sucked it dry. When Jim tensed up and started to shake, I knew he was going to blow. Lori started flicking her tongue across the skin just below the tip and I did the same just above his balls. I felt his balls drawing up under my chin and he grunted and started to spurt.

I rolled my head away so his cum would not get in my hair. He shot long streamers high into the air that fell across my breasts and spattered up under my chin. He spurted so much cum that I felt like I was taking a shower in it. I squealed with delight at being covered in hot cum. I looked at Lori. She was watching me and grinning. She had hold of the base of Jim's cock and had aimed the thing so I would be the one to get splattered.

When Jim ran down, Lori put her mouth over the end of his cock and sucked it dry. Jim jerked violently at the sensation of having his sensitive cock attacked again right after his orgasm. When she had cleaned Jim off, she crawled around to me and started licking the huge amount of cum off my breasts.

By the way, what did Jim call you? The Master? What's up with that?" Lori asked

Jim decided to stick his two cents in at this point, "Because she is The Master. She's freaking amazing. She can get anybody to do anything she wants. She's also the toughest mofo you never want to cross."

Bud was flopping his head back and forward on the sofa cushion. He was torn between wanting to watch what was happening to his cock and surrendering to the sensation of having two girls blow him. The indecision was the only reason he hadn't already cum. As we watched, the choice was taken away from him. Alex reached up and pushed his head back and then ran her hand down his chest.

Sara had decided to try and deep throat Bud. It was a pointless attempt, since the girth of his cock was obviously way too big for her mouth, much less her throat — as she was finding out. Still, she deserved points for trying. She still had her mouth wide open on his cockhead when Bud climaxed. His cum blasted the back of her mouth and ran out her nose. She tried to pull off, but she had wedged herself onto his cock and was momentarily stuck. Bud gave her the whole load before she could get free.

When his thick cock popped out of her mouth, she was in distress. Cum was dripping from her nose and she was choking on some that had gone down the wrong pipe. Lori handed her a towel and she coughed up a good bit of Bud's cum. She blew her nose and tears ran from her eyes.

"Way to go, Sara!" I said. The girl deserved an A for effort if not for execution. She would know better next time. Alex and Lori also congratulated her and Alex patted her on the back. She smiled at the complements. She couldn't have given that many blowjobs and she deserved to be encouraged. I remembered how many I had given and thought that this one might have put her ahead of me.

"Is there any soda left?" Sara asked, pitifully. She badly needed something to wash down all the cum clinging to her throat.

"There's lots in the fridge," I said. "Come with me and we'll get you some."

I started toward the stairs, but Sara stopped to pull in her jeans and top first, so I put my dress back on as well. Even though I was comfortable in just my skin, I figured that it would be better to humour her. People can be funny about things. She seemed quite comfortable with an audience watching her choke down Bud's cock a moment ago, but walking to the kitchen in her skin made her uncomfortable. Go figure. Seeing the two of us get dressed, everyone else put their clothes back on, too.

At first, I was disappointed about this. I thought it was a step backward in the relaxed atmosphere I wanted to have for a party that had gotten off to such a great start. When I thought about it, I understood that my thinking about nakedness being sexy was wrong. Skin is boring. It's the same skin all the time and you get used to seeing it and it's not sexy anymore. Clothes are sexy, because they can be changed to hide or show skin in different ways and in different combinations.

I let Sara pick out her brand of soda while I got her a cup and some ice. She had just started gulp it down when there was a knock at the side door. I tried to warn Sara, but she pulled the door open before I could stop her.

The two men who pushed their way into the kitchen were certainly not invited or expected guests. I think Sara guessed as much when they grabbed her and put a hand over her mouth and a knife to her throat.

"Well, well, looky what we got here, Leon. Ain't these two a pretty pair?" The man holding Sara growled.

"Looks like we hit the jackpot, Bubba."

If not for the knife that the man called Bubba held to Sara's throat, I might have screamed for help or turned and run to get away. As it was, I could not leave her in danger or put up a fight without risking her life. I felt I had to play along with them until an opportunity to get us both away from them came along.
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"Please don't hurt her." I begged.


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