Adventures of Sarah Stevens
9 Yes! Darling! I'll marry you!
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Adventures of Sarah Stevens
Author :Ritzzzer
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9 Yes! Darling! I'll marry you!

"Get up, slave. I said. "And limber up that tongue. You're going to be eating my pussy as soon as your date gets here, and I want you do the best job you know how."

He got up grinning. He had thought the bet through and still could not find anything but a win/win situation. He relaxed, which was the best thing he could have done. Uptight boys are a pain. Relaxed ones are much more pleasant to have around. They even talk to you sometimes.

I put some light jazz on the stereo and sat down next to Alex. I pulled my halter over my head, exposing my breasts. I eased Alex over to me and cradled her head in my lap. I eased Alex over to me and cradled her head in my lap. She took the thumb out of her mouth and I substituted a nipple. She closed her eyes and sucked contentedly. I closed my eyes for a moment while I got used to the sensation. It felt as fantastic as I hoped it would.

Jim and Bud stared at us openly. They were trying to decide something and I knew what.

Jim cleared his throat and asked, "Feels that good, hunh?" He rubbed his own nipples in sympathy with what he was seeing happen to mine.

"It's a girl thing. Don't think about it too hard. You have the spigot, but not the plumbing or the hormones. Did a girl ever suck your nipples?"

"Ah, once."

"Did it feel good?"

"Oh yeah. But it felt... too strong? Not really sexy. Very strange."

"Multiply that by ten and you will know what it's like for a girl. It's a closeness thing. It complements sex, but it's not sex. Understand?"

"Not really. But I'll take your word for it. You are the Master."

"Jim, when it comes to girls — I'm an expert. Think about it."

"Oh. OH! Damn. I'm an idiot."

"That may be. But do you see what I have been telling you?"

"You're a girl. I don't know much about girls. I should shut up and pay attention."

"You have become enlightened, grasshopper."

"I am enlightened about something else too," Jim said with a sly smile. "I see three nipples going to waste."

It took some doing, but we rearranged everybody on the couch and the ottoman so that everyone had someone else's nipple to suck and there were no leftovers. It was beautiful.

I looked up at the clock over the TV and saw that it was almost time for the Henderson sisters to arrive. I sat up, disconnecting everyone in the process.

"Sorry," I apologized. "But we will have company in a couple of minutes and we need to get presentable.

Jim sat up with a sigh and offered his hand to Alex, whose boobs he and I had been honouring. She smiled at him and let him pull her to her feet. She seemed perfectly comfortable being naked. She certainly had the body for it. She had 36C breasts with perky nipples that pointed skyward, a narrow waist, nice hips, a round butt and wonderful creamy white skin with just enough freckles to make it interesting. When she turned toward me I could see that she had trimmed her pubic hair into a thin strip running vertically from her slit. I thought that was a pity, since otherwise it would have been a lush red bush.

Bud was the hardest to rouse. He had seriously gotten into the spirit of the thing and was enjoying being a baby so much that he did not want to come back. I leaned over and sucked on his earlobe for a second, then stuck my tongue into his ear. He was awake in under a second.

"Welcome back," I said. "Rest well?" He nodded and grinned sheepishly.
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Jim had located Alex's dress and was helping her into it. He seemed much more at ease with her now. Before, he had spoken of her so highly that I had been afraid he would be standoffish in her presence. That was gone now. In fact, he seemed to be looking at her with genuine affection. As a bonding exercise, this nursing thing was a raving great success. I was certainly looking forward to doing it again soon.

We all took turns in the bathroom under the stairs. I remembered being surprised the first time I had been in there that it was a full bath with a shower/whirlpool tub and a closet full of towels. That might be because of all the exercise equipment at one end of the family room, the weight benches, stair climber, and treadmill next to the window. If you worked up a sweat, the shower was close by.

When the doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of Lori and Sara, we all went upstairs to welcome them. I only knew Lori and Sara from school, so I was impressed by how good they looked when they were dressed-up. Their oval faces, framed by their dark, shoulder-length hair, looked remarkably similar, even for sisters. They could have passed for twins, expect for a two-inch difference in height and Lori's slightly leaner face and more mature demeanour. They both had small breasts and slim figures, which they accentuated by wearing low-cut stretch jeans and platform sandals. Both also wore similar knit tops with thin straps. Their tops were short, and left a wide bare midriff, which showed off their well-defined stomach muscles. The embroidery on their jeans and the colour of their tops were the only differences in their outfits. The similarity of dress made them look even more like twins. For them to do that, they must have been very close. Most of the girls I knew who had sisters often spoke of them more as a handicap, if not an outright nuisance. When I saw how they had dressed alike, I knew my guess about their relationship had been right

Lori turned to me and said, "Do I know you?"

I laughed. "I'm getting that a lot, lately. You really don't remember me? Do you remember Kim Blevins introduced us last year at the Drama Club's play?"

"Well, I thought it was you, but...You have certainly grown" She looked at my chest pointedly.

I could see she was referring to the horizontal and vertical development. She seemed impressed.

"Oh, I get it. I went through a growth spurt a short while ago and this was the result. I'm still trying to get used to them. Would you like to come in?"

"Growth spurt, my ass. Those can't be real!"

"Oh, they're very real," Alex, the voice of authority, piped in. "Take my word for it."

Jim stepped up and put his arm around Lori. "She is The Master," he said. "Lori, I'd like you to meet my roommate."

"Come on in. Pizza is waiting." Everyone headed back into the house at the suggestion of food. Alex stayed back and walked on the other side of Lori as we walked back.

"Lori, I hate bring up an indelicate subject, but since I am responsible for what happens tonight, I need to know — are you... protected?"

She laughed at the deeply personal question coming from a stranger. "Yeah," she said, "little miss hot-pants over there got caught with a boy in her bedroom. Now, we're both on the pill. That's why the double-date business. I'm supposed to be her chaperone."

"Well, there is likely to be a lot of sex at this party. I just wanted to be sure you were down with that."

"Oh, yeah!" she said, warming to the news. "I am definitely down with that. But if Jim is my date, and Sara's with Bud, aren't we a few cocks short of a coop? Who's your date?"

"You are." I said, squeezing her hand. She jumped like I had hit her with a joy-buzzer. "She is." I said, nodding to Alex. Alex reached out and squeezed Lori's behind. Lori jumped six inches in the air. "Jim and Bud are Alex's dates, and mine, and yours, and Sara's. Sara is my date and Alex's. You are... am I confusing you?"

"Um, not really. I guess I just wasn't expecting... you know... gosh!"

"Don't be coy. And don't tell me that you and Sara haven't 'you know'ed each other in the privacy of your own room."

"How did you...?" she began. Then she laughed. If I hadn't known before, I did now. She looked at Alex. "Hi there, Alexandra Morgan," she said in a sultry tone.

"Call me Alex. Now kiss me." She did. I had to drag them inside before the neighbours called the cops.

"Lori?" I said, when the clinch broke. "I have a bet going with Jim that involves you. I'm sorry, Alex; I'm sorry about using you the way I did."

Alex started giggling. She obviously wasn't going to hold it against me.

"Anyway, Lori. I bet Jim that I could get Alex's clothes off quicker than he could get you to take your clothes off."

"Oh, my God! You rat!" Lori said to me. She looked at Alex, who was struggling to stop laughing. Alex was certainly taking this better than I hoped. "OK, how long did it take?" Alex doubled over. She gasped for breath. She held up one finger.

"One hour?" Alex shook her head. "One minute?" Alex took a deep breath and stopped giggling long enough to say, "One second."

Lori looked at me and smiled, knowingly. "Unhunh. You two set that up."

I shook my head.

"Well it was setup somehow. You two carry on like you've been friends forever."

Alex caught her breath and reached out her hand to me for support. "Met her yesterday," she told Lori. I pulled Alex to me and we put our arms around each other's waist.

Lori looked at us and thought it over. "I think I want to join this club," she said. "What do you want me to do?"

"Whatever you want." I said. "It's all up to you."

Lori asked, "Well, what was the bet?"

"If you don't strip a second after Jim asks, he has to eat my pussy in front of you."

Lori grinned from ear to ear. "You devil! What if I don't?"

"Then I have to suck his cock. Either way, you watch. It's your choice."

"Oh my God! Let me think about this. Oh, this is so good!"

"Makes you wet just thinking about it, doesn't it?" I asked.

Lori looked at Alex. Alex nodded. "Now you know what happened to me. This minx got me so hot that a hard look would have made me cum."

"Play it anyway you like, Lori. Surprise me."

We demolished the pizzas in no time and returned to the big L-shaped sofa in the family room. Sara and Bud sat together. Lori and Jim sat together, and Alex and I sat on the short side with my arm around her waist and hers around my shoulders. Alex and I stared at Jim. Jim turned bright red. His eyes darted all over the room as if he were looking for a way to escape his predicament. Finally, he summoned the courage to speak, knowing that it meant certain defeat.


"Yes, Jim."

"I, ah, I. I mean."

"Yes, Jim?"

"I want to ask..."

"Oh Jim! I thought you'd never ask! Oh this is wonderful! Oh yes! Yes! Darling! I'll marry you!"

"NO! I mean, I ah..."

"WHAT? You don't want to marry me? Oh God! Oh the disgrace! The shame. What will I do now? How could you humiliate me like this? How?" Lori jumped to her feet and stood directly in front of Jim. His mind was so blown he couldn't have spelled his own name.

"Well, I ah..."

"There is only one way you can make it up to me. Just one way. Will you do it?"

"Hunh? What?"

Lori put her hands on her hips and ran them down her thighs. "Eat my pussy, Jim."

Jim was almost catatonic. Belatedly, I realized I should have been watching Sara. From the look on Sara's face, her sister had neglected to let her in on what was going on. She was even more stunned than Jim.

Lori unzipped her jeans and peeled them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and unbuttoned her top and took it off. Her nipples were small hard points on her chest. She had had time to think about it and she had decided that if anyone were going to get any sex here, it was going to be her. I smiled. She was going to fit right in.


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