Adventures of Sarah Stevens
7 Busty Blonde Nobel Laureate
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Adventures of Sarah Stevens
Author :Ritzzzer
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7 Busty Blonde Nobel Laureate

The head went in only an inch or so and then stuck like a cork in a bottle. I twisted and squirmed around desperately, but there was no way I was going to get that cock into my pussy without some more preparation. I pulled up off of him and got down on my knees. I took his big cock in both hands and started to lick it like an ice cream cone.

"It's just too big for my little pussy, Bud." I told him, between licks. "I'll have to get stretched out before you can put it in me. OK?"

"OK," he groaned, disappointed. He rolled his hips back and spread his knees to make it easier for me to get to his fat dick. I kissed it up and down and licked the head all around.

"I want you to cum for me, Bud." I said. "I want to taste your cum. Please cum in my mouth. Pleeeeease." I whined, like a little girl begging for a treat.

Bud slumped back in the chair and pushed his ass up off the chair. He moaned like he was dying and I clamped my mouth over the head of his cock. I started sucking wildly, trying to coax the cum out of his balls. I was rewarded with a stream of cum that spattered against the roof of my mouth. It was followed by five more just as strong. It felt like I was sucking a fire hose. Bud's cum filled my mouth and I swallowed reflexively, just in time to have it fill again. The third mouthful was the last and I took my mouth off his cock and savoured the flavour. It was sweet and slightly salty, with a faint metallic flavour. I liked it. Bud was looking at me swish his cum around in my mouth. I opened wide and showed him the cum he had given me then swallowed the whole load and opened my mouth again to show him it was all gone.

I bent over his drooping cock and licked it clean, then I gave the head a final suck. I was surprised to be able to draw out another small swallow of cum. I kissed Bud's cock and stood up.

When I turned around, I saw Jim standing in the doorway. He had a football jersey in one hand and his cock in the other. It was already hard again. I smiled and took the jersey from him and gave his hard cock a quick stroke.

"Sorry, only one cum per customer right now, guys." I told him. "Put them away and come down for breakfast.

They both grinned like idiots and nodded agreement. As we walked down the hall, I pulled the jersey over my head. It fit me like a tent. I myself was 6 feet tall, Jim was 6 inches taller. His jersey barely covered my bottom. I think it was a calculated move on his part to not offer me pants.

The short sleeve left my hands bare and the neck was so wide that it slipped off one shoulder, leaving it bare. Both boys seemed to think it was the prettiest thing I had ever worn, judging from the looks they gave me.

"Do you have plans for tonight?" I asked them on the way down the stairs.

"Lori and Sara Henderson are coming over about seven." Jim said. I knew the Henderson girls. Lori was Jim's age and Sara was the same age as me and Bud. They were both very attractive brunettes with good figures.

"You mean you two have dates?" I asked with a tone of mock surprise. "Well good for you!"

"Yeah, you could say that." Bud answered, shyly. "We were just going to hang out, though.

"Well, I have a date too, I'll have you know."

"Who?" Both boys asked together. I didn't care for the note of jealousy in their voices. But it was nice to hear that they felt possessive of me.

"Do you know Alex, from up the street?"

"Yeah?" Jim said. "She's a fox! But she's way shy," he continued, "She hardly ever talks to anyone. Why?"

"She's my date." I said. Bud and Jim looked at each other, but, to their credit, neither said a word.

"What?" I asked, trying to get them to open up. I wanted to know how they felt about me dating Alex.

"Well," Jim said hesitantly, "she's a girl."

I stopped on the landing, blocking their way, and crossed my arms under my breasts. "So am I. Do you have something against girls, or was that your point?" I asked.

"Uh, no. I mean, yes. Oh, shit."

I gave them both a second to think it over. If this was going to be a problem, if was best if we got it out in the open now. I decided to lay it out for them.

"As you say, she's a fox. I am attracted to her and I think she feels the same way about me. Later on, we might get a little physical. Is the sight of two girls necking going to gross you out? Are we going to have to hide up in my room?"

Their unease with the situation vanished as soon as the mental image of a certain redhead and a certain busty blonde locking lips next to them on the couch came into focus.

"She has a point," Bud said to Jim. "Actually, she has two of them, and they are attached to a fantastic body."

"Darn right," Jim said. "And she is perfectly free to date anyone she chooses. I have no problem with that at all."

"Thank you very much, Bud. Your sucking-up has been duly noted." I turned to Jim.

"So you think Alex is shy, hunh? I tell you what, I bet you that I can get my date out of her clothes quicker than you can get Lori out of hers."

Jim looked like he was tempted to decline the bet. He knew he should have, but I had tweaked his male ego and he had to accept or lose face.

"You're on." He said. He looked like he knew he was going to lose, but he was going through with it and take his beating like a man. "Ah, what are we betting?"

I thought for a minute. I had already established that I could make them do anything I wanted, so making Jim suffer for losing the bet seemed petty.

"OK, here it is." I told him, trying hard not to smile as I gave him the bad news. "If you win, I have to suck your cock right there in the room in front of both our dates. If I win, you have to eat my pussy."

The look on Jim's face was priceless. I could see the wheels turning in his head as he tried to find the downside to the bet. He was still thinking about it when we got to the dining room.

"It was hard. But I finally got both of you to come." Sarah sighed.

"Yeah you did." Both of them replied with a smirk.

"I meant for breakfast"

"Sarah, when did you start having cum for breakfast." Jim asked innocently.

"Ha Ha. Nice one. Now shall we eat?"

"But you already ate right? I even gave you so much." Bud joined his brother.

The ringing of the doorbell crudely interrupted our sexually charged banter. Jim opened the door to the delivery boy, who turned out to be a Chinese kid named Louis Wu that I recognized from school. He worked weekends running deliveries for his family's restaurant. Apparently, he didn't recognize me at all.

Jim accepted the large paper bag with one hand and set it on the table. Bud, meanwhile handed him a bill large enough to cover the total plus a very generous tip. Louis expressed his gratitude at the tip and was just turning away when I swung my arms straight up in the air, pulling the jersey completely over my head so I could look through the neck-hole and see Louis' reaction. He looked at me and his eyes almost fell out of his head. His mouth fell open so far, I thought his jaw would bounce on his chest. It was one of the best surprise-reactions I had ever seen.

Jim swung the door shut on him and we three collapsed on the floor, laughing so hard our stomachs hurt.

"I think our delivery time from Wu's Restaurant just got cut in half," I gasped. Jim and Bud could only nod. They were laughing so hard no sound was coming out.
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"You blew his mind. After that, he'll be lucky to find his way back to the restaurant." Jim said, as he wolfed down his sandwiches. Bud and Jim had finished their sandwiches, cleared their plates from the table, and went back upstairs by the time I was halfway through my fourth sandwich.

I was hungry as a bear. But these should hold me for now. I stuffed a couple of chips also into my mouth.

Last time I went shopping I forgot to buy shoes so today after the breakfast I went on a shoe expedition. It was a great success. In addition to new walking shoes, I got some loafers and comfortable casual shoes. But most of the shoes were to go with my new clothes that Mr. Norton had said would be ready on Tuesday. They were mostly strappy flats in a variety of colours and styles. My favourites were a pair of Roman sandals with straps that wrapped around my calves all the way to my knees. I thought they would be a nice balance to my breasts in my toga outfit.

A couple of pairs had really tall narrow heels. I thought they were uncomfortable and I could hardly walk in them, but I would get used to them and that they really showed off my legs and butt. After looking in the mirror, I could not argue with that. The shoes made all the muscles in my legs and butt tighten up. They gave my ass-cheeks a great set of dimples. Most importantly to me, they made me several inches taller.

I spent a long time trying to figure out what I could wear to show them off. I finally decided on a pair of skin-tight silver shorts and a top that was a single polychrome-spandex strap covered that looped twice around my back and over my boobs, just barely covering my wide areolas. The whole thing was designed to show the maximum amount of skin without me being actually naked.

This would be the ultimate party outfit. Although I had never been to a party where this sort of thing was worn. Probably I would be invited to a much better class of party than I had been used to. There was a big demand for girls like me to go to parties just to stand around and look pretty.

I was excited for the today evening but I had a lot of schoolwork pending. It was after four when I finished my schoolwork. I went over all my assignments carefully to be sure I had everything correct and I even read a chapter ahead in my textbooks so I would be able to better understand the new material we would cover in the following week. I also made notes of things that were unclear to me so I could ask questions about them in class.

I knew that a lot of people were going to assume that my IQ was inversely proportional to my bust size and being blonde just added to the misconception.

I didn't want my secret identity to be a dumb blonde with big tits. Would I'd rather be an ugly, flat-chested, brunette, Nobel Prize-winning scientist? Nope. I compromised on beautiful, blonde, Nobel Prize-winning scientist, with big tits.

The Nobel Prize might never actually hang on the wall, but it wouldn't be because I had slacked on my schoolwork. I actually regretted that I hadn't had this kind of motivation a lot earlier. Who knows what I might have been able to do?


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