Adventures of Sarah Stevens
5 State of Continuous Climax
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Adventures of Sarah Stevens
Author :Ritzzzer
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5 State of Continuous Climax

The world came back in bits and pieces. A sound here — a feeling there. Slowly, like a song heard faintly in the distance that gets clearer as you approach the source, the world came back. I slid sideways into awareness. The single pure note of pleasure remained, but it no longer contained me, now I contained it. The feeling of total pleasure, or total arousal remained, but I could see and hear and feel other things as well. It was a unique sensation. I was cumming, I was still in the middle of a climax, but it seemed to have crystallized. The unwavering intensity of it dominated my thoughts, but now I had thoughts. I waited a while for the feeling to change, to fade, but it did not. It was if the orgasm switch in my head had got stuck in the 'on' position.

I felt so good, I was worried about how good I felt. I know that makes no sense, but it did to me at the time. It was fantastically invigorating to be able to feel this much pleasure and still be able to function. I almost hated to move or to try to speak. I was afraid to do anything for fear of jarring myself out of it. I decided to just go with the flow. There were certainly worse fates than being in a state of continuous climax.

I got up on my elbows and looked down my body. My chest was flushed all the way down to my navel. My nipples were engorged and red and super-hard. I did not dare touch them. I knew the sensation would be so intense that it would be painful. Looking down below my abdomen, I could see my clit standing straight up almost a half inch out from my body. I didn't even want think about what that would feel like to touch.

The dildo was still inside me and Jan was still on the other end. She seemed to have fallen asleep or passed out. I listened and could hear her breathing. She was so deeply asleep that it was just on the verge of being a snore. I really had worn her out! I hated to disturb her, but I was so energized that I just had to get up and move around. I carefully moved her legs so I could slide away from her. She did not react at all. She kept snoring faintly. I flexed my knees and planted my heels on the bed and slid my rear away from her. The dildo came with me, still tightly wedged in my pussy.

As I pulled the plastic shaft out of her, Jan moaned and I saw her lips move, like she was talking, but no sound came out.

Making sure, I would not bump into Jan, I walked my feet over the bed and carefully slid them off the edge. When they were on the floor, I stood up and tried to walk around the foot of the bed. The double-headed dildo swung between my legs and slapped against my thighs. The sensation of it twisting around in my pussy was mostly masked by my ongoing climax, but it still added to it nicely. I spread my legs and wiggled my hips. The dildo squirmed inside me like it was alive. I took hold of the dangling part and stroked it, fantasizing that I was a boy and it was my cock. I imagined that I was fucking a girl with my big dick, thrusting and pushing my hard cock into her soft wet pussy. In my mind, the girl was Alex. That image very nearly sent me to my knees as my climax threatened to draw me back into a state of oblivion. I decided to forego the fantasy for the moment. The reality would be along in only a few hours.

I hated to take the dildo out. I had got used to the wonderful stuffed feeling it gave my pussy and I suspected that when it was out, I would feel very empty. Still, I could not very well walk around with it dangling between my legs. Or maybe I could. Who would care?

As much as I was enjoying the dildo, I decided it was time to move on. I tried pulling it out, but my knees started to buckle again. I waddled over to the vanity and sat down gingerly in the chair. Taking hold of it with both hands, I unscrewed it from my horny hole. As soon as the head popped out, I had an almost overwhelming desire to stuff it back in again. Holding the dildo in one hand, I closed my eyes and waited for the urge to pass. My pussy was screaming for it and I knew that nothing was ever going to feel as good as having my pussy stuffed totally full. I decided that I would have to make it a top-priority to get myself around a real cock as soon as it could be arranged.

When I opened my eyes again, I felt like I was being watched. I looked over at the bed and saw that Jan was awake and had rolled over to watch me.
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"Well, hi there!" I said. "Have a nice dream?"

"Fantastic dream! Oh, God. It was wonderful!" she moaned.

"You seem to like my toys," Jan said.

"Oh, yes. Having something inside me is the most wonderful thing I have ever felt. Speaking of which — do you know, I'm still cumming. I have been a walking orgasm since we did it with the dildo. Look at my clit. It's sticking straight up!"

She knelt down beside me and bent over to look at my hugely engorged clit.

"That's wild!" she said. "It's almost half an inch long. What does it feel like to touch it?"

"I haven't had the nerve. I can feel the slightest breeze on it."

"Poor baby! How did this happen?"

"The second time I came on the dildo it started really slow and never peaked. I can walk and talk, but it's like my body is on overload."

"I've never heard of this. Have you experienced anything like it before?"

"Today Morning. After I came in the car, it was like my horny-switch was stuck in the on position. I couldn't think straight. I don't even remember how I reached my place."


"It's weird. I feel separated from my body. It's like I'm not really connected, you know?"

"I think I know what's happening. Apparently, Indian mystics can put themselves into a trance-like state that allows them to endure great pain and not be affected by it. I think you have found that state by accident. Only, instead of enduring great pain, you are enduring great pleasure."

"Yes! I think I remember something about this in a TV science special I saw. They claimed to be able to walk on hot coals and lie on beds of nails. I thought it was a trick. I guess there was something to it after all. But how do I get back to normal?"

She shrugged, "I don't know. If you get there by concentrating, you must get back the same way."

"I think you're right. It's like putting your body on autopilot and stepping out of the cockpit. Let me see if I can recreate the feeling."

I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes. I let myself drift as I had before. I concentrated on clearing my mind and just focused on feeling the orgasm again. I felt like I was floating and falling at the same time. I remembered the slipping sensation and I imagined myself sliding back the other way and then WHAM! My back arched and my hips jerked and my legs thrashed and my eyes rolled back in their sockets. I had re-joined my orgasm, already in progress. My heart felt like it was going to explode. My clit pulsed with my heartbeat and my nipples burned like they were being branded. The wave of pleasure that washed over me drowned every other sensation and drove all other thoughts from my head. I don't know how long it went on, but when I was able to open my eyes again, I saw that Jan was leaning over me with a hand on either side of my body to keep me from falling off. I thought I must have been thrashing around pretty good.

"Wow!" I croaked. I was still twitching and my hands were shaking. I had lost that feeling of separation and I was back to normal again.

"Well, that must have worked," Jan said as she released me. "That was very impressive. You have learned to do something in only a few days that the mystics spend years trying to master. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you have other talents that you are not aware of, too."

"Like what?" I was dumbfounded to learn that I could separate my mind and body. If there were other undiscovered abilities I might have, I wanted to know.

"Supernormal control of the body can be manifested in several different ways," Jan quoted. "There are people who can slow their metabolism to a crawl and allow themselves to be buried alive or sealed in airtight boxes for long periods of time. Control of normally involuntary bodily processes, like blood pressure, pulse rate, bleeding. Extraordinary muscular control. Strength. Endurance. I doubt you will be able to levitate. That's generally thought to be a myth."

"You're kidding!"

"No. I am not."

Do you remember the last time you had a cut?"

"Last week I got a paper-cut on my finger from one of my books. Does that count?"

"Did it bleed?"

"Oh yes. It bled pretty good for a few seconds, then it stopped, of course."

"What do you mean, 'of course'?"

"Well, cuts only bleed for a little bit. Then they stop. Right?"

"Hmmm. Maybe yours do. The rest of us have to rely on pressure and bandages."

I didn't know what abilities I had or if these were the result of changes, I had been experiencing over the last three months. I was suddenly seized by a need to find out what else I could do.

"Do you see that small mole on my hip?" I asked Jan. "I've had that all my life."

"Yes. What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. Just watch the mole." I lay back and returned to what I now understood to be a trance state. It was getting easier to get there and I was becoming more comfortable about it. I visualized the mole. I tried to see it in my mind in every detail. I pictured it shrinking. I saw it fade to nothing and disappear under smooth, unblemished skin. I waited for a while and tried to make myself calm. Then I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Jan was still looking at my hip. I sat up and looked for myself.

"It's gone," she said, visibly impressed. "It just went away."

"What else do you think I might I be able to do?" I asked. "Challenge me."

"All right," she agreed. "It would be nice to get an even tan."

"Let's see. Dark Tropical? Deep Brown? Golden Honey? Light Coffee? Pale Blonde?"

"I think something light with a hint of gold would go nicely with your hair." Jan said. I nodded. Two minutes later I was lightly golden all over. No tan lines, no shadows, no creases. I also got rid of any moles I could find and smoothed out anything that looked like a blemish. After thinking about it, I decided to try to stop the growth of any hair that wasn't on my scalp.

"This is going to be fun," I said. "Hunh? Oh! No makeup. If I want red lips, I can make my lips red. If I want rosy cheeks, long lashes, or eyeliner I can do it myself. And if can be as permanent as I want it to be. This is so neat!"

"Don't get carried away, OK? I know this seems like magic, but it's just you. Don't try to do too much, too soon or you will wear yourself out. Right now, I bet you're very hungry, right?"

"Yeah, now that you mention it. I'm starved."


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