Adventures of Sarah Stevens
4 Fun with Toys
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Adventures of Sarah Stevens
Author :Ritzzzer
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4 Fun with Toys

I peered down over her shoulder, into the big walk-in closet. There was a large collection of sex toys in there. They were all shapes, sizes, colours and types.

"My goodness! It's a whole store! How many do you have?"

"A lot. Oh! I have a better idea," she said. She walked back into the closet and brought a long black double-headed dildo. "We can use this one and do each other together."

"Oh, wow! That's big. Is that going to fit my little pussy?"

"If you're trying to get me hot again, that kind of talk will certainly do it. Let's get back on the bed so we don't get rug burns."

We rubbed our pussies together some to get the juices flowing again. It didn't take long for me to get well-lubricated. Jan pushed one end of the dildo between us and twisted it around, getting it wet. When she slid away, I spread my knees and grabbed my ankles to hold my legs apart. She stroked my pussy with the tip of the dildo until my labia spread apart and my opening was running with juice. She pushed the head of the dildo against my little hole and it slowly slipped into me. The feeling was a totally new experience. I had never had something that big inside me before. The dildo she had used to break my cherry was much thinner than this. I could feel this one pressing on the inside of my vagina all the way around. I was being stretched for the first time and I totally loved it.

After every inch she pushed it in, she would stop and work it around, loosening me up before pushing in further. She had four inches of it inside me when I felt my vaginal muscles start to close around the big dildo in response to the intrusion.

"Just try to relax," she coached me. "You will get used to it in a little while. Try to remember the feeling of which muscles are working, so you can do it yourself, later. These are the muscles that you use to squeeze a real cock when you get one in you. It will drive a man crazy when you grab his cock with your pussy."

Even though I was almost delirious with arousal, I tried to focus on the muscles in my vagina. I could feel them move, and after a few tries, I could twitch them a little when I tried. I still could not make them stop when I wanted, though. It seemed as if my pussy had a mind of its own and I could only make suggestions about what I wanted it to do.

After a few minutes, they seemed to stop on their own. When she saw me relax, Jan pushed some more of the dildo into me. Gradually, about eight inches went in. The next time she pushed I felt a totally different sensation. It was sort of like pain, sort of like pressure, and made me really hot. My mouth dropped open and my eyebrows shot up my forehead.

Seeing my reaction, Jan said, "It just hit your cervix. That's as far as it will go until you get stretched out more. With practice, you can take bigger and longer cocks. Some of the biggest are over a foot long."

"NO WAY!" I said, incredulously. My experience with the things boys carried around in their pants was extremely limited and mostly from rumour, but it seemed unbelievable that they could grow that big. It was even more unbelievable that I might be able to get something that size into my little pussy.

"I said 'over'. A very few men have cocks up to sixteen inches long. That's twice the size of your vagina at the moment. They get thick, too. My Ex boyfriend's was as thick as a soda can. It took me quite a while to get stretched out so I could take that monster, but I managed it and it was a lot of fun getting there."

All this talk of giant cocks was making me hotter than I had ever been. Imagining men with huge cocks ramming them into me over and over had my juice practically squirting out of my pussy around the dildo Jan was twisting in me.

"Do you like feeling it touch your cervix? Some women do, but some say it hurts."

"Oh, God! I like it. It feels... like it's trying to get into my womb!" I had lost control of my vaginal muscles completely. They weren't even taking suggestions anymore. They were just spasming all over the dildo, making it twitch in random directions. I had thought it was Jan twisting it, but it was just me.

"Hang on a minute," she said, seeing how I was so into this, "let me join you." She took the other end of the long dildo and slid it into her own pussy. It went into her much easier than it had into me, but she still had to pause a couple of times before it was all the way in. I heard her gasp each time. Finally, she had it all the way in and we were each impaled on opposite ends of the big black dildo. There was still about an inch of plastic showing between us. If we wanted to rub our clits together, we were going to have to work at taking more of the big rod. I started working my hips around to see if I could squirm more of the dildo into me. Since I was tighter than she was, I had the better grip on the dildo. Every move I made was echoed on the other end. If I pushed down, it shoved the dildo into her. If I pulled back, it pulled out of her. It was as if I had grown a cock and was fucking her with it. I wanted to try to make her cum first, but every time I moved, I got lost in the sensations in my own pussy. If we were going to do this, some teamwork would be necessary.

We each got a good hold on the other's legs and began to pull and push on each other. This allowed us to anticipate the motion and get a rhythm going. I quickly realized that I would not last very long at all doing this. The sensations were just too intense. Every time we pulled together, the head of the dildo would hit my cervix and I would almost get pushed over into a climax.

Somewhere during all this the extra inch of the dildo disappeared and I could feel Jan's pussy touching mine. The feeling of our labia rubbing together around the dildo was too much for either of us to take.

"Oh, this is wonderful!" Jan cried out. "I'm going to cum. I can't stop. Oh! Cum with me!"

I was right there with her. I gasped, "Me too! Oh-oh-oh-oh! Oh Yesssssss!"

I lost my hold on her legs and just flopped onto the bed twitching and jerking as the second climax took over my body.

I abandoned all attempts to keep control and let myself go completely. The contractions in my pussy grew very strong as I came. I felt Jan's legs intertwine with mine, locking us together. My orgasm went on a long time, mostly because every time either of our pussies tugged the dildo, the motion would be transmitted through the shaft to the other. This way, we shared everything the other felt. It was a fantastic experience. I wondered how much better it would be to actually have a real live hard cock throbbing in my pussy. I thought the feelings of shared intimacy must be amazing.

We lay on the bed with the dildo connecting us while we recovered. I felt limp, excited, tired, energized, and high; all at the same time. As my pulse slowed to a more normal rate, the afterglow washed over me. I noticed that the feeling of euphoria and well-being that I usually had after an orgasm was different after the second one. If I came and then let myself fully recover, it was a golden glow of slowly fading pleasure. If I came again before it faded completely, the next was much stronger and there was more of a feeling of a prolonged climax than a pleasant glow. I wondered what it would feel like if I came a third time in a row.

As I idly stroked Jan's legs where they wrapped around my torso, I focused on the muscles in my vagina. They had finally stopped contracting on their own and I tried to see if I could get them to flex under my control. I closed my eyes and let myself drift as I tried to talk to my pussy. After a few wrong moves, I found the right channel. It was a tenuous connection at best, but I knew it would get better with practice. I knew I had never been able to do this before because it would have been impossible to get the right feedback without something filling my vagina. While I was playing, Jan raised her head.

"What on earth are you doing?" She asked. "I was just coming down and here you are getting me worked up again."

I had forgotten that whatever I did on my end, she could feel on hers as well. "Just testing something." I told her. "Do you want me to stop?"
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"Noooooo. You keep going. I'll just tag along for the ride, if you don't mind. Girl, you have enough stamina for a room full of women."

"OK, you just relax. There is something I want to know." I wrapped my arms around her legs and started working my stomach, my hips, and my pussy. I danced on the dildo like a belly-dancer. Instead of pushing and pulling, I concentrated on squeezing and flexing muscles that until now, I did not know I had. As I worked myself toward another climax, I heard Jan begin to moan with pleasure at the sensations I was sending through our plastic connection. Soon, she began to whimper and shake and I knew I had worn her out. She had gone completely passive and was just letting herself be carried along to another climax.

By just concentrating on my own pleasure I was able to work myself into a frenzy of arousal in only a few minutes. It was deliciously liberating to be able to focus entirely on reaching climax. I put my whole attention and my entire being into making myself cum. Even though Jan and I were as together as two people could be, allowing myself to be completely selfish with the pleasure I was feeling made it possible for me to reach a much higher level of arousal. I felt like every nerve in my body had a direct connection to my clit. The sexual power I was generating felt almost like a physical thing. I felt radiant. I felt glorious. I felt like I was crackling with electricity.

Where most of my orgasms came on suddenly and hit me in a rush, this one crept up slowly, building to a higher level than I had ever felt before. I reached for it. I welcomed it. I merged with it. I surrendered to it. There was no peak, no jolt, no rollercoaster-drop feeling this time. I just kept going higher and higher into a purer sensation of ecstasy than I had ever felt. The climax pushed everything else out of my head and completely took over. I was totally detached from rest of the world. Thought ceased and I became pleasure itself. My whole world was one pure, clear note of ecstasy and my body rang with it.

I have no idea how long I stayed in that place. The sensation was total and absolute. Time did not exist. Thought did not exist. Change did not exist.


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