Adventures of Sarah Stevens
3 Popping the Cherry
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Adventures of Sarah Stevens
Author :Ritzzzer
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3 Popping the Cherry

"Don't you dare cum until I tell you to!" Sarah said channelling the dominatrix in her.

"Oh my God! Oh, jeez. Oh, I mean... sure. Whatever you say."

"Good girl. See you tomorrow. Bye now!"
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As I hung up the phone, I felt like a nasty bitch for telling Alex she could not cum until I told her too. At the same time, I wondered if she would be able to keep her hands off her pussy for longer than ten minutes until 6pm Saturday. She sounded like she was about to cum right there on the phone. I knew if someone told me I could not cum for 24 hours, I would never make it. My pussy was already getting damp from thinking about what I was putting poor Alex through. I planned to make it up to her, though. I was going to make her cum until she begged me to stop.

After calling Alex I was on my way to the restaurant. Dinner was perfect. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. My waiter kept my glass so full that I lost track of how much I had had to drink and I had to run to the restroom to pee. On my way there I noticed that I was attracting a lot of looks but I was too desperate to get to the ladies' room to pay any attention.

When I finished, I checked myself over carefully in the mirror. Everything was where it should be. I pulled my pants up into my crack again to make sure that they covered my hair. Some of my girlfriends had told me that they hated thongs and g-strings because they could not stand the feeling of having something up their crack. I couldn't understand that because I loved the sensation of having something against my sensitive parts. I couldn't wear underwear with the clothes I had on, but having the seam of the pants riding up between my cheeks and my pussy lips was even better. I smoothed the pants out so they clung to me like a second skin.

The jacket was cut so that only the sides and front of my breasts were covered. The material was sheer enough to show the outline of the parts that it covered and in a good light, like the bright light over the mirror, you could make out the outline of my nipples. On impulse, I opened the jacket and pulled on my nipples until they swelled up. Then I closed the jacket again with my breasts hiked up even higher, so that my nipples were just covered but their outline was clearly visible through the jacket. Leaving the restroom, I walked slowly back to my table.

This time I looked around so I could appreciate the looks I was getting. I was surprised to see so many people stop eating to look. Some of them even pointed me out to their dinner companions. It seemed to me that I was attracting just as much attention from the women as the men. I had been afraid that my clothes would be too much for this fancy restaurant, but I saw many women who were showing just as much skin as I was. Some of the most admiring looks I got were from the women I would have considered competition.

Even girls who were envious of me would find me attractive. I was going to have to learn to relate to people completely differently. It was clear that I was going to attract attention. I could probably have walked through the restaurant wearing a burlap bag and still attracted attention. Wearing clothes that showed off my figure would attract more, but I refused to dishonour this wonderful gift by covering up the magnificent result.

I wondered if that made me egotistical. I didn't feel that way. I felt like the proud owner of a beautiful work of art. I wanted to show it off so everyone could enjoy it. I thought perhaps the other women who were looking at me so admiringly understood this. I smiled back at the next woman who looked at me admiringly and I nodded to her. She looked me right in the eyes and for a second I felt that we connected, that there was a sense of shared experience.

It seemed that I arrived back at the table way too soon. I wanted to make another trip around the room. I smiled at the impulse. Although I hadn't exactly been a wallflower, I had never been that much of an exhibitionist before; but I was certainly turning into one. As I sat back down, I remembered the construction workers in the truck watching me cum. Knowing that someone was watching me added a lot to the experience, as though I were sharing my pleasure with them.

Before, I had thought of sex as a personal, intimate thing. This may have been because the average number of people who had been involved in each of my sexual experiences was equal to one. As my sexual horizon broadened, I understood that my sex life would be far more varied; way more interesting; and probably a good bit more public than I had ever dreamed. As far as my appearance was concerned, I may as well have been carrying a big flashing sign saying 'LUST'.

I was excited to see how my roomies would react to this latest development. Anyway, I was planning a sexy surprise for them when they come back tomorrow. Rather, I would be a sexy surprise.

I did meet a woman in her late 20's or early 30's, at the restaurant. She had black hair down past her shoulders, light grey eyes, pale skin and a lovely, heart-shaped face.

"Hi," I said, looking into her gray eyes. I was still trying to think what to say to her.

"Hi, yourself." She grinned.

"I am Sarah."


"I am too horny for niceties. Your place or mine." I was as honest as possible.

"My place is nearby", Jan said

We were soon driving to her place. She guided me to her room and closed the door after me. We sat down together. I put my hands around her cause it felt good to have my hand against her naked skin.

The situation was so unexpected that I started to giggle. When I did, so did she. She had a high-pitched laugh that reminded me again of a little mouse and we both gave in to a giggling fit that ended with both of us lying on the bed in each other's arms. I was very attracted to the stranger, on impulse, I kissed her. I figured I was entitled. After all, I had her naked and in her bed. She kissed back. I decided I liked her on the spot. She must have liked me too because she kept kissing me. I pulled my head back to break the kiss, but I kept my lips a fraction of an inch from hers.

We kissed again. She was a good kisser. Without thinking about it I put my hand on her breast and cupped her nipple in my palm. She moaned and I felt her arm around my back pull us closer. She broke the kiss this time. I kept my hand where it was.

"Hey, by the way, you are old enough right?" Jan asked hesitantly.

"No, I'm only five. I'm just very advanced for my age. Also, would you stop if I was not?"

"You are funny… And stop pulling my nipple if you don't want to get raped."

I sat up and straddled her hips, pinning her to the bed. I grabbed my top with both hands and pulled it over my head. Lowering myself over her, I let my breasts press into hers. "But I'm just a little girl!" I said in a childish voice. "Please don't **** me!"

"Oh, jeeez," she said. "Those are really nice. You're fantastic. You're beautiful. Going to jail is worth it."

I was so looking forward to getting my cherry popped that my pussy juice had run down my legs to my knees. I stepped out of my pants, hopped onto the bed and started rubbing my pussy.

"You know Jan, I am a virgin." I continued in the childish voice.

"Seriously!!!??" Jan asked clearly surprised.

I nodded. Seeing me nod seemed to set her off in some way.

Jan undressed quickly. She must have been nearly as aroused as I was. She ran to the bathroom and came back with a bath towel that she stuck under my ass. I realized that this was to keep my blood off the bedspread and I got even more excited. I was about to be changed from a girl to a woman.

I watched Jan as she went into her big walk-in closet and come back with a pink plastic dildo attached to some straps. She stepped into the straps and pulled them up around her waist and her legs. When she tightened the straps, the dildo stood straight out from between her legs. It looked like she had a pink cock. She squirted something from a small clear bottle into her hand and rubbed it over the head of the dildo. When she came over to the bed, I got so excited that I started to breathe hard and fast.

I must have looked scared, laying there on the bed, waiting on her to stick that big pink think in me and make me bleed. She took my hand and put it on the dildo. She started fucking the dildo through my fingers. I could feel the slick lube on the plastic. The dildo must have been only about six inches long, but to me it seemed gigantic.

I had one hand on the dildo and one on my pussy, stroking both. I slowly started to pull the dildo toward my small opening. Jan responded to my pull. She pulled my legs toward her so that my rear end was almost hanging off the edge of the bed. She put the head of the dildo into my pussy, slid it in until she felt the resistance of my hymen and looked me in the eyes.

"Last chance," she said. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

I was breathing so fast I was close to fainting. My clit was so hard I would have cum if she blew on it. The feeling of the dildo in my pussy was pushing me quickly over the edge into another climax. I nodded and said, "Do it. Fuck me!"

She grabbed hold of my ass and braced her legs against the bed frame. She pulled back her hips a couple of inches. Before I had a chance to change my mind, she rammed her hips forward, driving the dildo into my pussy.

The sensation of the base of the dildo grinding into my clit fired off my orgasm. My legs went around Jan's butt and locked. I pulled her into me and held on as tightly as I could while I came all over the dildo inside my pussy. She lay down on top of me and put her arms around my arched back, riding me as I bucked like a wild horse on the bed. I was so keyed-up and my orgasm came so quick after she pounded the dildo into me that I didn't feel any pain at all. It wasn't until several minutes later when my orgasm had faded, that I felt anything other than pure pleasure.

Jan pushed herself up off me and slowly pulled the dildo out. I felt a slight sting, but nothing like the pain I had been expecting. When it was out, I could see a couple of smears of my blood against the plastic before she wiped it off on the towel. Then she pulled the towel up between my legs like a diaper and closed my legs over it.


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