Adventures of Sarah Stevens
2 Exhibition and Prohibition
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Adventures of Sarah Stevens
Author :Ritzzzer
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2 Exhibition and Prohibition

" I am Alex."

"Alex? That's a cute name."

"It's really Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex."

That settled it. There was a red-headed Alexandra in my class. It's funny how you sometimes don't recognize people when they appear out of their usual place in your world.

"So... Alex, did you see something back there in the booth?" She dropped her eyes and nodded, hesitantly.

"Did you like it?"

This time she found her voice. Her eyes flicked up to look at my chest. "Oh, yes! They're gorgeous!"

"Would you like to see them?" Suddenly we're back to nodding. I raised my top and leaned over the waist-high counter. Alex's eyes got really wide. I could see that I had her hooked.

"Kiss them," I ordered, to see if she was as playful as I hoped. Alex was on them on a flash, kissing and licking. After only a few seconds I pulled my top back down and said, "OK, that's enough." The look of disappointment on her face almost broke my heart. "Why don't you give me your phone number?" I asked.

Alex grabbed the receipt off the counter and wrote her name, address, phone number and even her email address before I could get the paper away from her. I crooked a finger at her to lean closer and when she did I gave her a quick kiss.

"I'll call you," I said, stuffing the piece of paper in my pocket. "Oh, one thing — Do you like boys too?" Alex nodded again, with her eyes on the counter. The shyer she acted the cuter she looked. I'd always heard that the shy girls were the wildest under the sheets. This one was probably a tigress in bed.

All I had up to now was a bunch of rumors, old wives tales and half-baked theories about sex. Here was an opportunity to check out some things for myself. Alex seemed interested. I was interested and curious and horny.

"Perfect!" I said. "We can have a lot of fun, then. Bye now!"

All the way back to the car, I tried to get the smile off my face.

'When I went back in, her face lit up like she was so happy to see me. It was like it was her birthday and I was her present. Could I have sex with anybody I wanted?'

'It seems I can't turn it off. I am like a magnet and men and women are drawn to me like moths to a flame.'

Driving back to my place I started feeling the familiar urge. A feeling that if I don't cum soon I'm going to die.
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I was driving along a public street and the rush hour was just getting started. There were cars all around. I looked out my window and there was a man in a blue sedan driving beside me.

Slowly I pulled down the shorts I was wearing and my thong as well. Now I was naked below my chest. Anyone looking down into the car would be able to see I was bottomless. I pressed my thighs together and squirmed my butt around on the leather seat. My pussy felt like it was burning up.

I parked the car nearby and pulled the crop-top over my head. My breasts were just below the level of the window. Anyone in a truck or a van could look down and see all of me.

I tossed everything over into the back just for the heck of it. Now I could not cover myself unless I crawled over the back of the seat to retrieve my clothes. The fire in my pussy was spreading all over my body. I could not sit still. I squirmed and pressed my legs together, squeezing to try to put out the fire.

I spread open my legs as far as I could in the front seat. My knees were pressed against the door and the center console. My pussy was soaking and my nipples were as stiff as wood.

I pulled my pussy lips apart and skinned back the hood of my clit. It stood up, hard and pink. I pressed down on either side of it and it throbbed and got bigger and harder. When I took my fingers away, it continued to stand up. I could feel it throb with my pulse.

I rubbed my breasts, squeezed them, stroked them and caressed them. I rolled my fingers over my nipples and pulled on them. I stuck my fingers into my pussy to wet them with my juice. When I touched my clit it felt like I had touched it to a live wire. I closed my eyes and arched my back. My clit was too sensitive to touch it directly, so I rubbed all around it. I stroked my labia. I curled one finger into my pussy as far as it would go would go. I forced a second finger inside me almost to the second knuckle and fucked myself with two fingers. I was so wet I had a hard time keeping my fingers in me. My pussy seemed to be trying to squirm away from my hands. My ass wriggled all over the seat. My legs banged into the dashboard and the door as I thrashed around. I moaned. I squealed. I cried out, "Oh, God! Oh, Damn! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, fuck! OOOOOOOWWWWW!"

Gradually, I got to the point where I could sense my climax was really close, but I was so hot and feeling so good that I didn't really want to cum. I had reached a place where I felt like I was floating. My eyes were screwed tightly shut as I savored the feeling. My whole body was doing a slow burn — a burn that would burst into an inferno if I let myself reach climax. Every muscle in my body was tensed. My butt was up off the seat and I was supporting myself on my shoulders against the seat and my knees against the door and the console. I felt no sense of effort to stay in this position. It seemed like my pussy was pulling me up off the seat.

I had a finger on either side of my clit. I tugged gently every second or so to keep myself on the orgasmic plateau I had reached. The longer I stayed there, the harder I knew my climax would be. Even as I tried to stay in that place, I was being drawn closer and closer toward climax. I was riding a wave that was rushing toward the shore, one that would sooner or later crash over me and send me tumbling into ecstasy.

I was so consumed by what I was feeling that I had totally lost track of where I was. I slowly relaxed my eyes and opened them. Outside the window I could see a double-cab pickup truck stopped right next to us. The lettering on the door said Brownville Construction, Inc. and there were three men hanging out of the windows, watching me stroke my clit and wave my pussy in the air.

I was so hot I discovering that I had an audience kicked my arousal over the edge and sent me spiraling into a climax. I arched my back even further and pushed my hips even higher to give them a good look at my pussy. As I stared back at the guys in the truck, I felt my orgasm spark in my clit and rush out to the rest of my body. I needed no more stimulation on my clit, so I grabbed my breasts and squeezed them. As my climax exploded in my head, my eyes shut by themselves. I shrieked as loud as I could so the men could hear me cum as well as see me, then I lost myself in my climax.

I don't remember starting the car back up nor driving all the way back to my place. The next thing I knew I was pulling into the driveway, my fingers were back in my pussy, and I was heading for another climax. I was finding it easier to reach the place where I was so aroused that I could just float along with the least amount of stimulation to my hard clit or my engorged nipples.

It was like spinning up a top so that it would stand on its own. I could keep humming along on the verge of orgasm with just a tweak here or a squeeze there. It was wonderful. I supposed it was like being drunk, which I had never been, but there was a fuzzy mental haze and a sense of relaxed euphoria that I thought must have been like that. There was also a sense of excited anticipation of the orgasm that was just about to hit me. I started to wonder if I could walk around like that, just coasting along on a pre-orgasmic high with my clit bulging out between my pussy lips.

I got out, went around to the trunk to carry the bags. It wasn't until I was inside that I realized I forgot something in the back seat. My clothes were laying on the car seat and I was standing in the driveway completely naked. I had been so fuzzy when I got out of the car that I hadn't thought about my clothes. It never even occurred to me to be shocked at standing outside in the nude. I picked up my clothes and folded them neatly before carrying them into the house.

I hadn't eaten anything the whole day and my belly was protesting the state I left it in. I put on one of my nice outfits. It had a nearly sheer white jacket with a lace pattern that fastened at one point below my breasts and left my cleavage and my stomach bare. The pants were flared low-riders in red lycra that looked like a second skin. I could have worn a thong under the pants, but there was no way it wouldn't show and I think having your underwear hanging out looks tacky. When I had to pull the pants up into my crack to get them high enough to cover my pubic hair, I decided I really had to start shaving down there so I would not have to worry about that problem any more.

I didn't get me any shoes when I went impromptu shopping, so I had to wear my walking shoes. They were white, so they matched, but I thought some strappy heels would have looked better.

I fished out the receipt from under all the clothes and called the number written on it. Fortunately, it was answered on the second ring.

"Hey , this is Sarah."

"Hi Sarah, that was quick." Alex's voice came over from the other side.

"I wanted to call as soon as you got in. Actually, I wanted to talk to you some more this afternoon, but I had to go. I'm sorry about that."

"Oh, don't worry about it. I know you were in a hurry."

"So, would you like to get together sometime?"

"Oh, yes! Whenever is good for you."

"How about tomorrow night? Are you busy then?"

"No. Tomorrow is great. Wow."

"I don't have anything special planned, I'm afraid. I just thought we could kind of hang out and get to know each other, you know?"

"That's great, really. When and where?"

"Well, would you like to come over to my house? I can come get you if you need a ride."

"No, I have a car. My parents bought it for me on my birthday. I have to pay for the insurance and stuff myself. That's why I work in the afternoons."

"Great! I am on Ridgeway Court. Do you know where that is?"

"I should. We live there."

"WHAT? Which house?"

"110. Where are you?"

"115. The house at the end of the street. This is so wild. You're only three houses away!"

"Oh!!! What time should I be there?"

"Come on over about 6 in the evening. We'll eat here. OK?"

"Fantastic! What should I wear?"

I was about to say 'jeans', instead, I said, "Do you have a short sundress?"

"Uh, yeah. I have a pale green one. I wear it over my suit when I go swimming. Is that OK?"

"Yes. And Alex? Don't wear anything else. I want to be able to get you naked in a second."

"Oh, God! Uh, all right. Sure. Oh, wow!"

"Great! See you tomorrow, then?"

"Oh, yeah! Six. I can't wait."

"Oh, one more thing."


"Don't you dare cum until I tell you to!"


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