21st century girl
1 Temporary school life
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21st century girl
Author :vaishu15
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1 Temporary school life

Lily goes to school everyday she's is very intelligent , she's always at top of the class , always get excellent stamp on her notebooks , that made her skip a grade and her teacher directly promoted her to 1st standard , lily made her first best friend her name was Ani . Ani was a good girl and they had lots of fun , the head teacher usually punish them for chatting during the learning time , they participate in every activity of school and outings together , but one day her best friend said-" Lily I want to tell you something."

Lily said (confused tone) -"what's the matter Ani ?" Ani said -" I am sorry my parents want to me transfer school at the end of the year , I will miss you. "

Lily wants to cry but she hold her self for the first time and said - "it's ok, don't be sad."

and then they both separated , Lily was left alone again back to her regular life , her grade started to drop often .....

It's a new year for school and a new class Lily entered 2nd standard now lots of things had happened but still she's optimistic about making friends.
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